Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: Of course; A is for...

A is for Andrew. 

Andrew Arrandale, the Ninth Duke of Sommerville from Surrender Your Grace, of course.  How naughty of you. What A did you expect? 

My usual blog viewers will know what to expect of me, newbies read on. You may find you are pleasantly surprised.

Surrender Your Grace

The Blurb:
This Victorian Era romance brings a pair of unwilling aristocrats together in an impromptu marriage.  As this couple grows to know each other as husband and wife, they face challenges and dangers that threaten their union. 

He is a dominant Lord who has firm ideas about how a wife should behave and even more firm ideas on how to provide correction if she doesn’t.  She is an innocent young woman, sheltered by her parents, well-educated and well-bred.  She is the very image of a demure and docile woman and society expects once married for her to stay at home caring for her husband, hearth, and family.   But if she is such a docile bride, why does she keep finding herself over his knee for much needed correction? Will she learn to surrender?  Can he exert his dominance without breaking her spirit. 

The Excerpt:

The sound of his hard palm meeting her taut flesh echoed through the study as swat after stinging swat fell in a steady pattern. Soon her bottom and upper thighs were a uniform pink shade. Andrew stopped to rub her warm flesh softly, his eyes locked on the steady stream of juices running down her cleft to her tight bottom hole. He used two fingers to trace over her from the tip of her firmly protruding nub to the tight hole below. Tracing over the pink puckered skin, he spread the moisture evenly before pressing into the forbidden entrance with his fingertip.

Cici squealed in alarm, panting for breath, she managed to rasp, “My Lord that is most improper.”

“Ah, but we aren’t the proper Duke and Duchess right now. We are Cici and Andrew, two lovers who are locked away from the judgmental world behind a stout oak door. We are free to explore the pleasures of the flesh without anyone to tell us otherwise.” He pushed in deeper to the first knuckle and stopped, his other hand moving to the top of her notch. “Open your legs and bend your knees to your chest, I want access to all of you.” 

When she was in the requested position, her cleft spread wider and revealed the glistening pearl at the top of her slit. She groaned a perfect sound of surrender as his finger slowly worked the distended nubbin while the other finger slid into her bottom hole completely. Her tight muscles clamped down on his finger clinging to him as he withdrew.

“You like that, don’t you, Cici? Nothing is forbidden when it comes to us as long as it brings us pleasure.”

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