Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So naughty for teasing her man...  #Satspanks

 For mature audiences.  18+ only please.


Here I am again for another Saturday Spankings Bloghop.  You will notice that I am so excited about the spankings that I am posting early.  Plus, I don't want to be on the headmistress' tardy board again this week.  f you're a reader who likes stories with with a touch of corporal punishment, this is the hop for you.  Last week I promised another snippet from You Said Forever, Book 2 of the Club Decadence series.  I believe we left off with Regan expecting a spanking for being so naughty and teasing her man, what follows is a hot and creative round of loving.  But since it is Saturday and we are all about spankings, indulge me while I skip forward a few chapters.  In You Said Forever, Regan's sexy spanker of a husband travels some.  Here is a snippet where they are video chatting online and they get a little shall we say, amorous.  Enjoy.    

You want me to spank my own butt?”

Video sex was nothing new to them.  He had introduced her to it while serving overseas for so many years.  It was exciting and always seemed wickedly salacious to Regan, which added to the thrill. 

"OK Regan, get the leather paddle.”

With flaming cheeks she did as instructed.

“I want to see and hear hard strokes, babe.  Start with your right cheek.  I’ll count.”

Next week, I'll tease you with a little snippet from my new book, "Faithfully" which is due out this week.  As a prequel to the Club Decadence series, you'll find more sassy leading ladies, humor, BDSM and sexy dominant males who are even better when they're military men.  And did I mention spankings?

Thanks to all my fans for supporting my books.  And to all my naughty Saturday Spankings friends, if you enjoyed your spanking today, join my fellow participants at http://saturdayspankings.blogspot.com/  for more much needed discipline.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thank You Constance

A great big Thank You to Constance Masters for a fun interview on her blog Creatively Constance.  She asked some interesting questions and enjoyed it.  Check it out.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Content is intended for mature audiences.  18+ only please.


Welcome me to Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.  The following excerpt is from my new erotic romance "Faithfully" which will be coming out next week as a Kindle Select.  Watch my blog for a release date.  It will be offered free for 5 days during the next 90 and I'll post those dates as well.  

I am a new author and my books are devoted to lovers of romance.  I write about guilty pleasures and combine many of my favorite things... sassy leading ladies, humor, mild BDSM and sexy dominant males who are even better when they're military men.  And did I mention spankings?

So... If your looking for political satire or an epic like War and Peace, this probably won't be for you.  

But if you love a good romance between two committed people in a loving marriage.  And like a little sizzle and kink,  then read on... 

He was gorgeous and she loved him desperately, but dammit this was her wedding day.

“Joanna, stop acting like a brat.  I know you feel disappointed, but-”

“You don’t know Jack Squat about what I’m feeling, Peter Davis.   This was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but here I stand; no gown, no music, no cake... nothing.  And tomorrow you’ll be shipping out to God knows where and I’ll have no husband.  So excuse the hell out of me if I’m acting like a brat.  I think I have a right to. 

Oh my!  I guess we all know what happens to brats...

Faithfully is a prequel to Club Decadence.  The first two in the 6 book series are available through Blushing Books Publishing and on Amazon now.  

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Post your comments please and visit my fellow Weekend Writing Warriors where you will find excerpts from over 60 other author's current titles and works in progress.  Enjoy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

This is a work of adult fiction and intended for adults 18+ only.  Thank you.

Please welcome me to my first Saturday Spanking. 
Since this is my first time, <blush> I hope you will welcome me warmly and with an open hand... I mean mind.  Enjoy!
Welcome to Club Decadence where the Doms are hot and the spankings are hotter. 
In Book 2 of my series, I combine so many of my favorite things... sassy leading ladies, humor, mild BDSM and sexy dominant males who are even better when they're military men.  And did I mention spankings?
I also love a good romance between two committed people in a loving marriage.  Add a little domestic discipline and you've got me hooked. 
You Said Forever, Book 2 in the series continues where Captain, My Captain leaves off.  Join me in Decadence.

He patted his thighs indicating he wanted her over his lap.  Regan gracefully dropped to all fours and crawled across the floor stopping at his feet.  She knew exactly how to fuel the Dom inside him. 

Moving between his legs, she rubbed against him as she rose and climbed onto his lap.  Head bowed dutifully, she cuddled up to him, brushing her naked breasts against his muscular chest as she leaned into him.  Her lips twitched in a hint of a smile as her thigh brushed against his hard cock.

“Naughty girl,’ he chastised her gently. “Teasing your husband when he’s planning a serious discussion will get your ass spanked for sure.”

Post on my blog if you want to read more and I'll return next week for another Saturday Spanking.    

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Languishing in the Amazon Dungeon

Erotic authors, has this happened to you?  Your book hits Amazon and you are thrilled with your initial success.  You check your rankings every day and look for reader comments, likes and reviews.  Then, suddenly, nothing! What happened?  Your ranking falls from 3000 (Top 100 in erotica) to 80,000 in about 2 weeks.  The reviews are 4's and 5's.  WTF?

Dollars to donuts if this happens to you, your book has been imprisoned in the Amazon dungeon.  With Amazon's new ADULT tags, this can happen easily to you without your ever knowing.  I was alerted by my publisher who was watching my ratings tank, too.  You "selfies" might not have someone in your corner.  So, here I am, dear Auntie Maddie to help.

How do I tell if my book's in the dungeon you might ask.  Go to http://sre.novelrank.com/.  Type in the books info in the search bars.  If your title is listed with a big, bold red ADULT after it, then you my friend have been imprisoned and your book is being held captive, caged, trapped, bound and restrained by the Amazon dungeon master.  While that might sound like a yummy D/s scene from one of my novels, it is not good for any author and is in fact tantamount to the kiss of death.

There are a couple of good articles out there about the topic....

From Bethany Burke's blog @ http://disciplinedwriter.com/?cat=3

and Selena Kitts "pornocalypse"  @ http://selenakitt.com/blog/index.php/2013/05/13/survival-tips-for-the-pornocalypse-2-erotica-readers-unite/

Take a look at what landed my naughty behind in the Amazon dungeon...

Do you see it?  Look closer.  OMG the woman's fingers are in the hot guys pants.  That must mean....  No it can't be...  Say it isn't so...  Surely they're not going to have <sex>. !?!  

All kidding aside, unless the really hot guy is less than proportionate, she isn't going to be able to feel anything but some rock hard muscle.  Tut Tut... shame on you...I meant rock hard abdominal muscle.  If she feels anything else it is with just a fingertip and what good is that?  Regardless, it landed my butt in Publishing Purgatory aka the Amazon Dungeon.  It was ADULT tagged and I went into virtual obscurity blocked from recommendations, links on the other customer's bought section, and blocked from the search bar unless the exact title and author was typed in.  There is no auto fill or anything.  All due to those naughty fingers on my sweet little erotic couple who are just being romantic.  After all in the book they are consenting adults and a MARRIED couple.  UGH!  Amazon prudes.

Check out my new cover that got the tag removed.  

At least the situation is corrected and I got to keep my cover.  I love the couple, they are HOT!

Maybe I'll get over my bitterness toward Amazon when Book 3 in the series is released.  But only if they don't slap Little Light of Mine in the dungeon where the sun don't shine.  LOL

Experienced the dungeon?  I'd love to hear how you escaped.

Happy reading,  Love Maddie

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome to my new erotic fiction blog

As a new erotic fiction writer I wanted to start this blog to share ideas outside of my erotic romances.  Believe me, I have a lot of interesting and often useless things cluttering up my brain.  So, I thought why not share with my friends? 

I also wanted to have a forum to share with other new authors, some of the struggles and pitfalls I have found when just starting out.  After reading voraciously for 20 some odd years, every kind of romance and erotic fiction I could get my hands on, I thought to myself...I can do this.  So I put thoughts into words and came up with my first novel; Captain My Captain. 

Thinking it would never get published I sent it out to 5 publishers of erotic fiction on a whim.  I received exactly that many rejections.  One editor stated "our readers want to have the story unfold, not be told to them."  What????  I'm still not really sure what that means but I did a little research on the web.  I think she was referring to the use of Point Of View.  

Now that I understood what she meant, I did take expository and creative writing in college arterial, I looked back at my novel with this literary tool in mind.  There were two main characters a hero and a heroine.  I thought, why wouldn't I want to know what they were both thinking?  I am the narrator after all, why can't I share their thoughts and feelings.  There were some other sub-characters that were important to the plot and for future books in the series and if their scene was important I clued the reader in on their thoughts as well but I limited it to these characters.  So I assume I had written in 3rd person POV with multiple POVs.  However, I didn't give voice to everyone Tom, Dick or Harry in the book like the waiter in the restaurant, the cop on the street or the cat at the door.  Please, am I that stupid?

Evidently, some of these editors thought I was.  But I was stubborn and refused to re-write the whole 80,000 words in 1st person or 3rd person with only one character POV.  I did along the way pick up some other ideas for related articles such as the  http://www.writing-world.com/fiction/mistakes.shtml and http://www.netplaces.com/writing-a-romance-novel/mastering-and-choosing-the-right-point-of-view/multiple-povs.htm.   The editing was the biggest of my problems.  I considered self-publishing but there were so many questions surrounding that option.  Do I pay a professional proofreader?  What if I spend all this money and no one buys the darn book?  Do I share with friends the guilty pleasures of my dirty little mind and let them read it for me?  It is erotica after all. 

Finally, I found a home at Blushing Books Publishing.  The editor loved my first attempt and although she told me it needed "heavy editing" and that I should watch out for the overuse of the F-bomb, they warmly embraced me while reminding me it was erotic fiction, not War and Peace.  Thanks for keeping me well grounded Victoria.

Anyway, so now that I have a home I continue to learn and hopefully grow as an author with each subsequent book.  I also get to let me mind escape into the characters I have created and hope there is an audience for them out there somewhere.  Thankfully, there is.  In the e-reader era, many women and quite a few men have embraced erotica in the privacy of their kindle or nook.  In the e-book world they don't have to worry about someone asking what they are reading or tear off the embarrassing covers in order to read in peace on the train.  Once again, there is that guilty pleasure rearing its erotic head. 

So, thank you to my new fans for all the positive feedback.  Thank you for those wonderful readers at Blushing Books Publishers who embrace this genre and give me reviews and a larger scale than you can find on Amazon.  I love these women who are like me, whether they seek an escape into the pages of a steamy romantic story, a titillating spanking tale, or a fringe BDSM romance.  Keep on reading!