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A-Z Blog Challenge: The final edition... Z is for Zing!

As I searched for a Z to write about, I realized there is a lot of Zing in my stories. 
Defined as a quality that makes something exciting, interesting; zesty.  Okay, I might agree with that, but I really meant a lot of  ...zing.  Here are the ones I found in my upcoming release. 
and finally ZINGED
Unbind My Heart, Club Decadence Book 4
Release Date:  July 5th
His girl liked the new flogger.  Never one to be overly eager for impact play, with Lexie, he had a new appreciation for the art.  Combined with his ropes and restraints, she was aroused to a fever pitch.  She was so perfect for him and he thanked heaven he had found her and later been allowed to keep her.  He had promised himself he would always take care of her, relentlessly, until the day he died.  God, how he loved her.

            Getting back to the task at hand, he stepped it up a little, throwing the falls just a bit harder, though still light and teasing across her skin.  At the top of each stroke, after it whooshed through the air, he would stop. The momentum would carry the falls toward his target, but the velocity would change, allowing a soft brush of the tails on her bottom. That did the trick.  The sound tricked her brain into feeling what she expected, when it was actually a much lighter stroke.  She reacted as if it had been harder.  Amazing how the psychological forces played into the physical aspects of the game. 
Lexie’s constant groans turned sharper as he landed a few light, upward strokes right along her weeping pussy.  She canted her hips backward, asking for more, and he delivered.  The flogger zinged over her inflamed nerve endings until she shattered, crying out in a beautiful release. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge: Y is for Yes, Sir!

Next to last post for the A-Z Blog Challenge!  It has certainly been that... a challenge, but fun.  Especially digging through some old excerpts and re-visiting with old friends from early books.

I only have one problem...  what the heck am I going to post for Z???  Ah, but I'll think about that tomorrow. 

Little Light of Mine, Club Decadence Book 3

The Blurb...
Elena Lopez has changed.  Not only her outward appearance, but also inside where she struggles with her own personal demons.  She tried desperately to cope with her horrible secret, but couldn’t.  So she ran, leaving her friends, her family and the only life she had ever known far behind.  She also left Dex, who she knew was the love of her life. 

Since returning from the war Dex is different, no longer the outgoing, gregarious, extrovert he once was.  He is now remote, cool and distant.  But it isn’t the war that plagues him, instead it’s personal.  He hasn’t gotten over the loss Elena, his true submissive the perfect counterpart to his innate dominance.  Will he ever be able to put the past behind him and move on?  And if he can’t how will he ever exorcise her from his heart and mind.  How will he make his body stop craving hers?   

Neither one of them has been able to move on.  Elena is unable to control her longing for him.  She misses Dex and the lifestyle including the sights and sounds of BDSM, and even the spankings.  So, while home dealing with a family crisis she decides it’s finally time to deal with her past and face her demons.  Elena knows that she must get Dex to forgive her somehow.  She is determined to reach him in order to reconcile with him no matter the price.  She will yield to his dominance, submit to any demands, and surrender to any punishment if she can just make it right with him again.     

He seemed to read her thoughts and moved around to stand between her spread thighs. “Look at me.” 

She looked into his beautiful sky blue eyes.  He looked like her Dex on the outside, but she had wounded him terribly.

“You’re trembling, sub.  Are you afraid of me?”

“I’m nervous, Dex.” 

“A little anxiety is good, but remember you have your safewords.  I expect you to use them if you need to.  I also expect you to respond respectfully during our time together.  If I give you a command or ask a question, I expect you to answer me appropriately.  You will refer to me as 'Sir' during play.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”  Elena whispered her response softly.  She realized that a lot had changed since he collared her long ago.  Most of all, that he didn’t want her calling him Master anymore.  That wasn’t what this was about.  

“Excellent.  Place your hands behind you and offer me your breasts.”

Saturday, June 28, 2014

SatSpanks and the A-Z Blog Challenge: W is for words.

SatSpanks meets the A-Z blog challenge, plus promoting a new release when I'm not limited to eight lines.  Hot damn!  This is my kind of Satspanks.  Sorry, it isn't a SciSpanks snippet.  But if a BDSM club, rope bondage, and sexy Dominants are your speed, plus danger, intrigue, suspense and mystery... and did I mention spankings?  Then read on.
W is for Words.  What is an author without words?  We love to use wonderfully descriptive words to set a scene, powerful and evocative words to express emotion, and vivid and imaginative words to create a lasting impression in your mind.  With all that, who needs TV?  
Here are several words from my upcoming release.
Unbind My Heart; Club Decadence Book 4. 
Watch for it July 5th from Blushing Books.
The Blurb:
Unlucky in love and gun-shy after the epic failure that was her marriage, Lexie Berry is looking for nothing more than a girl’s night out as she joins her friends for drinks and good music at Club Decadence. She didn’t plan on sexy Master Jonas capturing her eye and sparking more than her interest. He’s a Dom though, and she hasn’t had sex in six years, not since her ex-husband violently attacked her in a drunken rage. But Jonas is tall, ripped and handsome. He’s also an expert at rope bondage, her guilty fantasy that she’s kept secret for years. In fact, he teaches classes in Shibari at his new MMA studio and asks her to be his model. Can Lexie move beyond her traumatic past and be brave enough to explore with Jonas? Can he be the one to earn her trust and help her break free from the bonds of her constricted and wounded heart?
Stopping in the doorway, she looked around at the brightly lit smaller studio.  Her eyes scanned the blinds on the windows and then rose to the ceiling where she gaped at the network of cables, pulleys and chains. 

“What do you do in this room?”

“This is where I’ll be holding my Shibari classes.”

Her breath caught as images flashed before her of Jonas’ binding her in intricate ties and suspending her from his rigging system.  She walked farther into the room with her heartbeat accelerating, palms sweating, and other more private parts dampening as well.  She tried to play it cool, although she’d already disclosed her fascination with ropes thanks to a trio of lemon drops.

“I think I may have mentioned that a photographer friend and I are working collaboratively on a book.  The topic is Shibari; not a how-to, but an artistic representation of how beautiful rope art can really be.”  He walked up to Lexie and gently pulled her face down from where she was staring upward, transfixed by the bevy of ropes and pulleys in the ceiling.  “I was hoping you would be my model.”

“Me?  Why me?”

“My usual assistant for demonstrations is pregnant and unable to participate.  She also isn’t quite the image I want to portray in the book.  I need someone who is flexible and has the endurance to be tied and posed for long hours at a time.  With your beauty and grace, along with your background in gymnastics and modeling, you’ll be perfect.

 Lexie was intrigued and extremely excited by the prospect.  To be tied up and displayed for this man was a fantasy come true.  She knew she didn’t have to worry about friends and family seeing the pictures and being offended.  Her only family was in the lifestyle and most of her friends as well.  “What if I don’t like it?”
“Being tied you mean?  I was planning to do an introductory class this weekend.  You could be my demonstration model.  This will be a beginner’s class, so everyone will be new and nervous.”
She thought about it for several minutes.  “Like a test run.  Okay, I’d like to try.”
“Shibari can be a relaxing, sensual experience.  I think you will enjoy it.  I hope I can open your eyes to the true beauty and power of the experience.”  Jonas took a step closer and brought her face up to his.  “I’m very attracted to you, Lexie.  Ever since the first night, I’ve wanted you.  Tonight was a first step in building something between us.  Shibari will bring us even closer together and be a giant step toward a deeper relationship, ultimately easing you into the BDSM lifestyle, as well.” 
Jonas’ words and his thumb grazing along her plump lower lip had her melting.  His touch was magnetic, and she seemed to be pulled closer, the attraction irresistible, his lips compelling. 
“It will be an exciting and very satisfying journey for us both.  Does that sound like something you’d like?”
“Yes, Jonas, I think I’d like that very much.”   

“Excellent.  That means as of now, I am your Sensei."

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A-Z Blog Challenge continues with V is for Victorian

Who doesn't love the Victorian Era?  

Spanning the 64 year rule of Queen Victoria, from 1837-1901, this period is known for its outwardly prudish moral strictures; the key word being “outward”, because we know that behind closed doors the Victorians weren’t quite as prudish as they wanted folks to believe.  They did like their bare bottomed discipline, after all.
I love this era for so many reasons.  There was the dominant man who was the ultimate head of household, his submissive woman who was revered for purity and femininity but quickly had her skirts lifted, split drawers parted and bottom bared for an infraction.  The fashion of the day leads to naughty thoughts although that wasn't there intention I'm sure.  Thinking of corsets and split drawers was sure to make any Victorian man randy, just like today.   Of course, there is also Victorian slang, which is a whole other post unto itself, the rituals and etiquette, and the prevalent use of domestic discipline.  See… there is so much to love, fantasize and write about, it is a spanking romance author’s dream come true.
If you like all those naughty things, here is a glimpse back to the day with an excerpt from Surrender Your Grace.  In this snippet, Lord Andrew, finds it necessary to discipline his new bride for the very first time.  Hold onto your bustle, Cici, this won't be the last time you are over his knee.  Enjoy!  
Surrender Your Grace
“Owww!”  She kicked and squealed in alarm.  So quickly she had abandoned her promise of silence.  That really hurt, but it had also caused a tingling sensation low in her belly.     

“Settle down. This is too mild a spanking for you to be carrying on so.  I think that first swat shouldn’t count.”

“What is that?  It burns like fire.”

He held the implement in his hand down low near her face so she could see.  He was using her own wooden hairbrush to paddle her bottom.  The indignity was almost too much to bear.  “This smooth wooden surface makes an excellent paddle for a naughty wife.  Now be still while I finish here.” 

Thwack upon resounding thwack echoed through the chamber as her husband landed smack after burning smack across what he called her sit spots.  As he landed the tenth and final blow, she was sobbing and wailing as if he had shot her.  He pulled her up to sit on his lap, the woolen material of his trousers abrading her tender skin.  This caused her to hiss and stiffen in pain.  Hugging her tighter he rolled her slightly to one hip so his big hand could rub and soothe her bottom, gentling her.

“Hush now, that was a mere trifling of a spanking not an execution.”  He rocked her slowly in his arms until her sobs subsided and only an occasional sniffle could be heard.

“If that was a mere trifle, I’m sure I couldn’t stand worse.  I think any more would kill me.”

“Nonsense, you are being over dramatic, Cecilia.  A good paddling never killed anyone.  But, if you don’t want to earn more, I suggest you mind your P’s and Q’s.


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The Sons of Johnny Hastings blog tour and the A-Z challenge welcome Renee Rose

Bless you Renee for having a 'U' in your excerpt.  That today was 'U' was unplanned and since the letter is hardly ubiquitous, it could have been unpleasant.  Ultimately, I'm unfazed because Sam was unjustly accused of murder and saved the day for me.   

(= 8 U's. woo hoo!)

The Outlaw’s Bride by Renee Rose

Mabelle Lawson had been managing her dead sister’s ranch without help for three months. The last thing she needs is a band of outlaws showing up and pushing her around. The Curly James gang members have no patience for her sass, and when their leader attempts to strike her with his fist, one of his men volunteers to spank her instead. She wants to hate the good-looking outlaw, but he seems to have her well-being at heart, even risking his life to protect her from the other men.

Unjustly accused of murder, Sam Pride is on the run and his luck worsens when he tangles with the Curly James gang. The only bright spot is the little spitfire rancher who steals his heart with her courage and spunk. When the two set off together for Cheyenne and then Denver, sparks fly and their magnetic connection grows.

Still, Mabelle is not sure if Sam will commit and even if he does, can he clear his name before a bounty hunter shoots him or brings him in?

Padding softly to the living room, she blinked in the darkness and located his large frame stretched out on the floor. She listened to the sound of his breath, deepened in sleep. Kneeling beside him, she grasped one of the guns at his side and began to slowly draw it out of the holster.

In a flash, he sat up, gun drawn and pointing in her face.

She gave a little scream of surprise, falling back. “Don’t shoot!” she begged, realizing how foolish her plan had been.

He stood up, lifting her to her feet with a firm grip on her arm. “What did you think you were doing?” he demanded, his voice icy. “You want the bounty on my head, too?”

“No,” she protested, and tried to step back, but he held her fast.

“Seven fifty is not enough for you? You want it all? Fine,” he said, turning his pistol around and handing it to her by the handle. “Go ahead and take it.”

She shook her head. “No, I—”

“Take it.”

She grasped the gun to appease him, her hands shaking so badly it wobbled in her grip.

“Go on, shoot me. I won’t draw on you. Here, take both my guns,” he said, lifting his arm to give her access to the other gun at his hip.

She shook her head. “That’s not—”

“Shoot me, Mabelle. It is not hard. You just pull the trigger and it’s done. Go on.”

Her chin trembled, the tears coming close to expulsion. “No!” she said.

He snatched the gun back with a look of disgust and holstered it. “It is hard to take a life, isn’t it?”

“I wasn’t going to—”

“Go and get me a wooden spoon.”

She obeyed without thinking, relieved to be released from his dark gaze, but when she reached the wash tub and grasped the spoon, she stopped, guessing his intentions for it.

She heard the scrape of a chair and turned to see him settling in it, looking at her expectantly.

“You could light a lamp, too, but I don’t mind spanking you in the dark.”

“You are not spanking me!” she insisted, her voice shrill.

He said nothing, simply looked at her from across the dark room.

Her heart thundered in her chest. She realized she had little choice but to accept his punishment. Fighting him would be fruitless, and only make him angrier. He thought she meant to kill him and he intended to exact retribution.

Well, if his retribution for murder was a spanking with a wooden spoon, she could take it. She drew her shoulders back and marched over to stand before him, offering the spoon.

“Thank you, Mabelle,” he said, his voice even. “Do you want to light the lamp?”

Did she want him to have a brighter view of her backside splayed across his knees? Hell, no.

“No,” she mumbled, her glower focusing on the collar of his shirt.

“No, sir,” he corrected.


Now for a little retro Q&A:    
Q:  If you time traveled back to 1872 which modern convenience or invention would you missed most? TP, A/C, birth control, automobile, cell phone (or any phone for that matter- it wasn't invented yet). Rank and tell us why... 

Renee's A: Hmm, as a resident of Arizona, I guess I'd have to say A/C

The Sons of Johnny Hastings
 Five illegitimate sons of a profligate gambler; these half-brothers learn of their father's death, some learning for the first time that their brothers exist.  These rugged, handsome men, despite their unfortunate beginnings, grow to become strong, upstanding men (for the most part) in their own right, no thanks to their father. Still, from across the country they embark on a journey. Along with their sassy and sometimes mischievous brides, they travel to Denver for the reading of the will. For most, the will is the least of their concerns.  Instead, they have a burning curiosity to meet the other sons of Johnny Hastings.

Available for individual sale or as a boxed set which include five brand new stories by some of your favorite authors: Patty Devlin, Patricia Green, Renee Rose, Maddie Taylor (yours truly), and Mary Wehr.

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Dinah McLeod helps me with the Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: S if for Sweetheart with the Marriage Pact

 The Blog Challenge continues with S.  Dinah McLeod is my guest today and is sharing a love story about high school sweethearts.  Yes, its sweet and romantic, but also has heartache.  And... spankings, of courses.
The Marriage Pact

When Shana Davidson’s longtime best friend Brody—now her high-school sweetheart—makes an expected but ill-timed proposal right before graduation, Shana turns him down. Shana believes her refusal is best for the sake of both their futures, since neither of them has had the chance to experience life on their own yet, but Brody is hurt and angry and they part with harsh words that haunt her for years to come.

Returning home to attend a friend’s wedding three years later, though, Shana not only runs into Brody, but with the help of a bit of champagne an odd pact is formed between them: if neither of them are married in ten years, they will marry one another.

After Shana returns to her hometown again nine years later to care for her ailing mother, she does her best to avoid Brody, but her friend Becky has other ideas. Shana soon finds herself playing the role of maid of honor at Becky’s wedding, but it is only on the wedding day that she learns the best man is none other than Brody, and she is left with no choice but to confront him and to confront their painful past.

Even as old wounds heal and love begins to grow between them, Shana must face the fact that Brody is not a boy anymore. He is a strong, dominant man who is more than ready to take her in hand—and take her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking when she needs it. Will she still keep the marriage pact she made almost ten years ago?

“I said I was sorry.”

“Yes, you did. Now I want you to prove it.”

I glanced up at him. “O-kay… how am I supposed to do that?”

“That’s simple. You behaved like a child so I’m going to treat you like one.”

I hunched my shoulders at the c word—not that I could protest. He was right; the clock seemed to have turned back and instead of the mature thirty-four-year-old I’d become, I was acting more like the teenager I’d been when I’d left. “Meaning?”

“I think you deserve a spanking for the way you treated me.”

Time froze all around me and my face froze along with it, torn between a perplexed frown and a laugh. I stared at him, unblinking and he stared back. It was a surreal reminder of the staring contests we used to have as kids, which was what tilted the scale toward laughter. “Come on, Brody,” I said when I finally found my voice. “That’s not funny.”

“It’s definitely not, and I’m dead serious.” His eyes showed me that he meant every word; there wasn’t an ounce of laughter to be found in them.

I kept waiting for his grin, for him to drop that stern, commanding voice and say, “Gotcha!” or even “Just don’t do it again,” but it never happened. I felt something charging the air between us and this time, I wasn’t sure I liked it. “I don’t think I can let you do that,” I said softly, dropping my eyes once more and tugging at a string coming loose from his boxers.

“Why is that?”

This time, I did smile. What kind of question was that, anyway? “Because! Because I’m thirty-four, because I’m a grown woman, because it’s ridiculous, that’s why.”

“I believe I’ve already addressed the issue of your age.”

I could feel his eyes boring into me, but no way was I looking at him. He seemed to have some kind of crazy, diabolical power over me and I just knew if I let myself look at him long enough, I wouldn’t be able to remember why this idea was crazy.

“So why not then?”

Against my better judgment, I met his eyes. “Because it’s… because it’s the twenty-first century and you just don’t… women don’t… this doesn’t happen anymore.” I knew it. The minute I’d looked at him, I’d lost all ability to think clearly and apparently the power of speech had gone right along with it.

He shrugged a shoulder. “So your objection is that it’s not politically correct?”

“I…” Think, Shana, think, I coached myself.

“Do you think you don’t deserve to be punished?”

I was about to laugh and say no, of course not, but somehow words failed me at the worst possible time.

“Is that a no?”

Dammit, I hated him for being so perceptive and what’s more, I hated how sweet he was about it. How could you stay angry with a man like that? “You know what? I’m sorry, but I can’t. I… I’m going to head home. I’ll, uh… be sure you get your clothes back.” I pushed myself to stand, and yet, my feet didn’t move.

“I’m not worried about the clothes. Keep ‘em, if you want.”

Don’t look at him, I coached myself. Don’t look. “Would it hurt?” I asked instead, cringing as soon as the words escaped my mouth. I wanted to snatch them out of the air and keep them from his ears or at least bolt for the door before he had a chance to answer, but my feet stayed planted firmly to the floor.

“It would hurt,” he answered, as though our conversation wasn’t completely bizarre. “Spankings are supposed to hurt.”

God, if a shiver didn’t run through me when he said that. I chanced a look at him and saw, to my surprise, that he didn’t look smug or pissed, like I’d half-expected. He still looked like Brody, normal, next-door, wonderful Brody. That was what made it so much harder to run away. That and the weird tightness in my chest. “And if I don’t?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. Can I spank you for not letting me spank you?”
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Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: T is for Taylor... That's Me!

It can also be for tawse.  Yes, I have employed this very nasty little implement in a book or two.  Want a naught little taste of the tawse?  Let's ask Tony (another T) aka Captain Rossi.

Megan has been very naughty by withholding information from her Dom, something Tony won't tolerate.  He demands honesty and trust, always.  Since Master Rick was impacted by her actions, he gets to pick out the implement of her chastisement (the tawse) and witness her punishment.

Here's an excerpt from...

You Said Forever, Club Decadence Book 2
(I LOVE this cover... because it's Jimmy, of course)

She watched him pick up the leather tawse.  Both men heard her swallow in the quiet room.  The worn leather strap Rick had selected was two inches wide with two thongs and aside from the cane, was one of Megan’s least favorite implements.  Figures, Rick would pick out the most hated weapon in Tony’s arsenal. The sting of the tawse was quite severe, like a hundred bee stings.  It was also an impact instrument and gave a thud even with the well-regulated blows Tony was applying.  She could feel it deep beneath the skin and knew her muscles would be sore and her bottom would burn like fire long after her punishment was over.  She couldn’t imagine what she would feel after receiving the paddle, tawse and cane all in one session.  Holy cow!.
Tony watched her butt carefully, she had tolerated the paddling well and was only at a light rosy hue.  He knew that would change with the tawse.  It tended to leave some bruises on her pale skin, so he rarely used it.  But this was about discipline and correction, not pleasure.  He guessed if he were to check, his little Angel would be as dry as a desert.  She usually responded to the pleasure/pain of any kind of spanking with a soaked pussy and was ready to be come when they finished.  Tonight, she was racked with guilt and remorse, these emotions and the humiliation of getting a real punishment in front of Rick, were overriding her usual erotic pain response.  Tony would have to watch carefully because in her guilt, he doubted his naughty masochist would safeword, no matter what.
Lochgelly_Tawse.jpg (591×199)“Let’s continue,” was Tony’s only warning before the tawse began to rain down in steady strokes. The leather striking the area between her lower buttocks and upper thighs turned her skin quickly to a deeper red.  Tony applied the strapping at gradually increasing increments so that by the final five she was experiencing the full effect a tawse can deliver.  Despite her cries, she didn’t utter a word or ask him to stop.  She accepted the pain as her due and the round of fifteen finished fairly quickly. 

His hand checked her after each five swats for heat, bruising, or broken skin and was pleased that no stroke had come close to damaging her beautiful skin.


“Green, Sir,” Megan forced out the words between shuddering huffs of breath and her sobs.

“You’re certain?  Do you need a break?”

“No, Sir.  Please, I’d like to get it over with.”
“I’m sure you do, baby, but this isn’t a race.”  Tony scolded, then stepped to the nightstand and picked up some oil.  He gently massaged it into her tender butt and sit spots paying special attention to the few welts on her thighs.  After about five minutes of massage he stopped and picked up the cane from the bed.

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A HOT coming attaction on #SatSpanks... Introducing Pleasure Bay.

Pleasure Bay; where dreams will come true.

Today, I am happy to preview a collaborative erotic romance by me; Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks. 

Vanilla, BDSM, Spanking... whatever your flavor... whatever your kink... You name it and you can get it on our tropical island. 

Dimitri De Luca has turned his private Caribbean island into an exclusive tropical playground where fantasies are turned into reality. He has hired a crack team of experienced dominants and submissives to help him run this unique resort. One in particular is tying him in knots. While he's trying to make other peoples fantasies come true, can he make Mariah see that he is her fantasy man and that all she has to do to make her dreams come true is trust him?

In this first installment of Pleasure Bay, three couples journey to the island looking for answers.

Sydney Greene has always dreamed of a Dominant male who will sweep her off her feet and take charge. If that means a few trips over his knee all the better.

Shane Moore is a man's man, masculine, strong and successful in his construction business. He is always the decision maker, but just once he'd like for someone else to take control. He struggles with this because who he wants to take charge is a dominant woman, and he wants her to do it in the bedroom.

Jennifer Reed is an experienced submissive, after her last long term relationship ended abruptly, she was reluctant to try and get hurt again. When she learned of Pleasure Bay, she saw it as an opportunity to make her deepest, darkest fantasy come true. Once she has experienced it, she can go back to her boring dental career satisfied. At least that's what she thought until she arrived on Pleasure Bay.

Three fantasies, three couples, and three days for Dimitri and his staff to make them come true.

Snippet from Sydney's fantasy on Pleasure Bay:

Once he made her breathless and had her begging for more, he moved on. Down her belly and over her hips, around to the full globes of her bottom where he cupped a full cheek and squeezed, molding her pliant flesh.
“Fuck me!”

Words that rarely passed her conservative lips slipped free as the unexpected cry defined her need and passion. The next instant she was lifted in strong arms and towed to the water’s edge. Handling her easily, he pressed her face down, her cheek and belly lying flat against the smooth, table-shaped rock, her bottom pointing skyward, bare and on display. Then it happened. His hand blazed down upon her. Open palmed, he connected with her wet skin, the sound echoing throughout the private grotto.

Stay tuned for more sexy previews and release information.

On to the blog hop for other author snippets, have fun...