Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: O is for Orgasm

Wicked Wanton Wednesday is pre-empted in June for the Spanking Blog Challenge

Today is O for Orgasm, Spanked to Orgasm to be specific. 

Shannon is taken to task in the back of Gideon's Lexus smack dab in the middle of the UCLA parking lot.  Woo Hoo.  That man know what he wants and goes for it. 

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Gideon's Redemption 

 Shannon Hughes’ worst nightmare comes true when her rock star boyfriend, Gideon Eli, appears to be cheating on her. Upon learning that she is pregnant with Gideon’s baby, she hopes to salvage a friendship, but those hopes are quickly dashed after she receives from Gideon’s manager a check for $25,000 and a note telling her to move on and leave Gideon alone. Seeing no other choice, she starts out on her own as a heartbroken single mother. 

It is not until nine years later, when a chance encounter brings her together with Gideon once more, that Shannon learns the truth. She discovers that their split was based on a terrible misunderstanding, but worst of all, the situation was made possible by her lack of trust in Gideon. Resolved to make them a family after all, he promises that nothing will tear them apart again because things will be different this time. This time, he will be in charge. 

Her world is turned upside down when she begins her new life in Gideon’s plush Malibu beach house, and Shannon soon realizes that Gideon’s dominance is very real. That dominance includes the frequent baring of her bottom for a sound spanking, but even after he has spanked her hard and long and assured her that he forgives her, Shannon’s remorse for the nine years she spent away from him is almost too much for her to handle. Can Shannon forgive herself, move on, and begin to live a full and joyous life again, or will the scars of the past never heal? 

Publisher’s Note: Gideon’s Redemption is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

He pulled her squirming, protesting body over his lap with little effort. To her mortification, she felt the air brush her thighs where her skirt had conveniently risen in her struggles. She knew she lay exposed, with her upper thighs bare and her thin, pink lace panties the last barrier between him and the imminent spanking. She felt his warm hand brush over her bottom, pushing her skirt higher as he went. She stiffened when his fingers curled into her waistband.

“No, Gid. Someone will see.”


“There it is again. I don’t particularly like that word coming out of your mouth, Shannon.”

“But someone will see.”

“Hardly, the windows are tinted.”

“Well, someone will surely hear.”

“They might wonder but won’t know for sure.” His hand swatted her bare bottom several more times.

“Are you really spanking me here on the UCLA campus because I told you ‘no’?”

“Yes. And because you were listening to those haters on online and calling this glorious ass fat and getting sassy and joking at my expense, but most of all, because I want to.” He punctuated each reason with a forceful, stinging, exacting whack. Then he paused, his fingers testing the heat between her thighs. “Ah, so wet already, my sweet girl. That’s the other reason I’m doing this, because you want it too.”

She groaned when she felt two broad fingers slide between her wet folds. As he entered, his path was made easy by the gushing moisture his punishing attention had created. She shamelessly spread her legs, arching back into his hand, beyond caring where they were and who might be watching.

Gid, attuned to her responses, knew exactly when she gave in to her passion. He encouraged her further, his husky voice inciting her lust. “That’s my girl, surrender to me. It doesn’t matter what the bloggers or haters or paparazzi think or say about us. You and me—what we have together—that’s all that counts.”

“Oh Gid, that feels so—”

“Show me how good it feels, baby. Come all over my hand.”

With unrestrained hunger, she writhed against him, riding his fingers until she did just that. She came all over his fingers in a stunning, quivering, shattering orgasm.

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