Monday, June 30, 2014

A-Z Blog Challenge: The final edition... Z is for Zing!

As I searched for a Z to write about, I realized there is a lot of Zing in my stories. 
Defined as a quality that makes something exciting, interesting; zesty.  Okay, I might agree with that, but I really meant a lot of  ...zing.  Here are the ones I found in my upcoming release. 
and finally ZINGED
Unbind My Heart, Club Decadence Book 4
Release Date:  July 5th
His girl liked the new flogger.  Never one to be overly eager for impact play, with Lexie, he had a new appreciation for the art.  Combined with his ropes and restraints, she was aroused to a fever pitch.  She was so perfect for him and he thanked heaven he had found her and later been allowed to keep her.  He had promised himself he would always take care of her, relentlessly, until the day he died.  God, how he loved her.

            Getting back to the task at hand, he stepped it up a little, throwing the falls just a bit harder, though still light and teasing across her skin.  At the top of each stroke, after it whooshed through the air, he would stop. The momentum would carry the falls toward his target, but the velocity would change, allowing a soft brush of the tails on her bottom. That did the trick.  The sound tricked her brain into feeling what she expected, when it was actually a much lighter stroke.  She reacted as if it had been harder.  Amazing how the psychological forces played into the physical aspects of the game. 
Lexie’s constant groans turned sharper as he landed a few light, upward strokes right along her weeping pussy.  She canted her hips backward, asking for more, and he delivered.  The flogger zinged over her inflamed nerve endings until she shattered, crying out in a beautiful release. 

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