Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: C is for Catharsis

C is for Catharsis...
To some, spanking can be therapeutic, by releasing bottled up emotions, stress and guilt.  It is also a way of atoning for a perceived wrong of some kind by earning the spanker's forgiveness.  Many of us have experienced the healing effects of a good cry. How better than experience it while over a strong knee getting something to really cry about.
In today's, cathartic excerpt, we go way back to March 2013 to my first novel,
Captain, My Captain.
Potty mouthed Megan, despite repeated warnings, is taken over Captains knee for a well earned spanking.  Enjoy!

“You can take it, baby.  I won’t ever give you more than you can take.  Now, settle down because these are the last ones and they are going to hurt.  There will be absolutely no more F bombs or cussing or you’ll find yourself back over my knee for more.”

The four remaining swats came firmly and quickly down upon her sit spots.

Alternating cheeks, Tony quickly finished up and pulled Megan into his arms.  He angled her into his chest while she buried her wet, tear-stained face into his neck as she cried and cried.  He rubbed her tender cheeks soothingly.  Although he had said no rubbing, as the Dom, he had the prerogative to give comfort when he chose. He knew that the tears weren’t from the paddling alone.  This was a dam breaking, a catharsis of sorts.  The turmoil of the past few days had caught up with her and she was purging it from her system.

“That’s it.  Let it all out.  Give it all to me.  I will take on your pain, your sorrow, your fear and your anger.  Together, my Angel, we can handle anything.”
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