Monday, June 9, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: I is for Imagination

The mind is the greatest sexual tool that we have. Without our minds involved, inspired, invigorated and innovative, what fun would sex be?
Roleplaying is one of the ways we can engage our mind and imagination.  Through fantasy, we can be swept away by illusion, becoming whom we want, going where we want, and doing whatever we want.  Acting out our fantasies can take things to the next level.  To do this, we often have to let go of our inhibitions, but then the skies the limit.  Erotic scenarios can range from simple to intricate, may integrate costumes and props, take us out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, remove us from our boring boudoirs and lead us other interesting places--both public and private. Some even involve practices that many consider illicit or inviolable, like BDSM (Insular idiots don't know what they're missing).
What's your favorite fantasy roleplay?
  • Daddy/little girl
  •  Teacher/student
  • Mommy/little boy
  • Master/slave
  • Sheik/concubine
  • Plumber/neglected housewife
  • Doctor/nurse, Doctor/patient, Doctor/Doctor
  • Boss/secretary
  • Policeman/naughty lawbreaker

In my Club Decadence series, The Club is fantasy being played out in an adult playground for the BDSM inclined.  The playrooms or theme rooms inspire inventiveness in roleplay and are very popular among the members requiring that the rooms be reserved in advance.  Here's a excerpt from Captain, My Captain where Meg and Cap play Lord of the Manor and serving wench in the Victorian Study.  Enjoy...
 Tony sauntered across the room and stopped a hairsbreadth from Megan.   Looking down on her from his imposing height, he smiled as he admired her skill at the game.  He enjoyed role-playing with the right partner.  It was yet another way in which Megan was perfect for him. 

“Who owns your heart, wench.  Is it the Frenchman that I have seen loitering outside my door?  Or how about the handsome Major who has called for you several times.   Are you here to court or to serve me, woman?”

“I did not ask for their attention, my Lord.  Please, forgive me.”
“Well, you certainly have been a disruption around here.  Your behavior has been most flirtatious.  Why just the other day while dusting in here, I am certain you were flaunting your breasts before me.  All that bounty can be very distracting, wench.”  
Tony’s long finger traced the low neckline of her peasant blouse, curling around the ruffled edge and lightly dipping his fingertip into her cleavage.
“Yes, my Lord,” she breathed and arched her back slightly to encourage him to explore further.
“So, you admit it.  You were flirting. What about this man you profess to have given your heart to?”
“It is you, my Lord.  I love you.”
Tony pressed against her lush body and lifted her up so she was seated on the large desk behind her.  He stepped between her legs, spreading her knees as he slid her forward, her butt perched on the very edge of the desk. The only thing keeping her in place was his strong thighs and hips as he pressed his raging erection firmly against her.
“So, you love me, do you, sweet wench?” 
She gasped as he pulled her blouse down, securing the elasticized neckline below her bare sumptuous breasts.  He captured them both in his strong hands and bowed his head to take one firm nipple between his lips.  She arched her back, inviting him to take more. 
“I have to admit, I love you too, wench.  Why ever would I have brought such an incompetent servant into my home otherwise?  You can’t clean, you can’t cook, so I sure as hell hope you can fuck!”  
He laughed as she hummed with embarrassment, enjoying how easy it was to keep his shy little Angel off guard.  Smiling against her skin, he moved to her other breast and sipped at the rigid peak.  Suddenly, he took his arm and swept the desk clean.  Afterwards, he whispered in Megan’s ear, slipping role for just a second. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”
She giggled, thrilled by his playfulness.  He then stood and flipped his naughty wench over so that her stomach and bare breasts were against the smooth mahogany surface. 
“Before I move on and allow you to prove just how much you love me, girl, a punishment is in order.”
“But, my Lord, I thought you believed me?”
“Oh, I do believe you, my sweet and I plan to take you to my bed and make you my bride, in that order.  But there is the matter of the vase; it was quite priceless.  Also, the sassiness will not be tolerated from neither a lowly serving wench nor from my bride.  Are we clear on that, girl?  Even when we marry, you will still be subject to my authority, and my discipline.   Can you live with that?”
“Oh yes, my Lord.   It will be my pleasure to serve you as your wife and receive your discipline.” 
She sighed as she felt her skirts slide up in the back, the cool air hitting her warm thighs and ass and wafting across her pussy that was encased in damp, blue fabric. 
“Very well. Rule number one—my wife will not wear undergarments.” 

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