Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spanking A-Z Blog Challenge: E is for Everything

E is for Everything Christmas that is...
Does anyone remember The Naughty List?  I know, it's the wrong time of year to think Christmas, but I love this book.  The couple is sweet (Okay, Reese doesn't get there until he stops resisting his attraction for Merry and then he's sweet) and the spanks are plentiful.  So indulge me a bit and let's have a little Christmas in June, I can't wait 'til July.  Enjoy!
His hand started falling with crack, upon crack of sharp, stinging slaps.  After about ten smarting swats, her eyes were watering and she was wiggling and squirming. 
“Be still, Merry.”
“I’m trying to, Sir, but you spank really hard.”
“Just trying to get my point across.”  He continued at a slower, deliberate pace as he moved his hand down to the sensitive spot where her butt met her thighs.  She’d endured at least ten more before he moved to her upper thighs.  She was crying openly, but not too loudly, nor was she asking him to stop or trying to protect her now tender bottom.  At thirty, he stopped and rubbed her heated skin.  “Do I have your attention, Elf?”
“Yes, Sir.” Her voice was husky from tears.
“Do you think you can be more careful now? Or do you need more reminders?”
“No, Sir.  The burning in my butt is reminder enough, I promise.”
“Mm…  You don’t sound all that sorry to me.  Maybe a few more with my belt would make a more lasting impression.”

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