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Saddle Up for some Smokin' Hot Cowboys for a Cause.


Cowboys for a Cause, a western romance anthology benefiting COVID-19 relief has rolled into town!
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This serious sexy set features more than 25 stories from your favorite authors, including Abby Aaron, Golden Angel, Alyssa Bailey, Peyton Banks, Linzi Basset, Vanessa Brooks, Tessa Carr, Sierra Cartwright, Kallista Dane, LJ Garland, Raisa Greywood, Shanna Handel, Alta Hensley, Desiree Holt, Delta James, Isabella Laase, Sue Lyndon, Stevie MacFarlane, Yolanda Olson, Meredith O'Reilly, Kate Richards, Laylah Roberts, Maggie Ryan, Piper Stone, Maddie Taylor, BJ Wane, and Mary Wehr!

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If you climb in the saddle, be ready to ride...

Over twenty-five of your favorite bestselling and award-winning authors have rustled up some sizzling, Grade-A, top quality cowboys for you to enjoy in this epic western romance anthology. From heavy-handed herdsmen, bronco-bustin’ bad boys, and every kind of wild, wanton wrangler in between, the heroes of this steamy collection won’t be denied, and they’re guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Save a horse and… know the rest. But don’t delay because Cowboys for a Cause is only available for a limited time. Rope your copy today!

The proceeds from Cowboys for a Cause will be donated in their entirety to Direct Relief Coronavirus Response and the Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. But please note that Cowboys for a Cause is not affiliated with or endorsed by either charity.

To learn more about the charities or make an individual donation please visit:
Direct Relief:
Feeding America:


Rope this sizzling hot collection for yourself today and enjoy:

Agent Cowboy by Shanna Handel:  When I became an FBI agent, I didn’t anticipate becoming a cowboy. Now I’ve fallen into the ways of the West, but can I rein in the woman I’ve fallen for?

Badgering the Cowboy by Golden Angel: This shifter rodeo rider is about to rope himself a honey badger.

Badlands by Delta James:  They say great warriors return as great horses. The very best of them retain their humanity and can shift between worlds.

Cassandra's Cowboy by Kallista Dane:  When Kane drags Cass into the wilderness, saying her life is in danger, she knows darn well she shouldn't trust him. But the stern cowboy is determined to keep her safe - no matter what it takes.

Charlie’s Girl by Kate Richards:  Her breakdown was his opportunity to save a damsel in distress.

Come Sundown by Stevie MacFarlane:  His patience was wearing thin. She was either going to say yes soon, or her sweet little behind was going to pay for leading him on.

The Cowboy’s Little Girl by Meredith O’Reilly:  Rule number one on the Benson Ranch:  Daddy is always in charge.

The Cowboy's Replacement Bride by Sue Lyndon:  Ingrid isn't the mail order bride Everett ordered--and she's hoping he never finds out. What will the strict rancher do when he discovers his new bride has been keeping secrets?

Dangerous Ride by Piper Stone:  Where I come from, a lawman has full control, especially with bad girls in need of discipline.

The Getaway Ranch by Tessa Carr:  He brought her to the ranch knowing she was alone, penniless and terrified. What he didn't know was, her problems - and his - had just begun.

Halfway Home by Maddie Taylor:  After secretly loving him for a lifetime, can this shy farm girl corral her cowboy once and for all?

His Little Cowgirl by Laylah Roberts:  She moved halfway around the world to be his little cowgirl but is it everything she dreamed it would be?

In Deep Waters by Alyssa Bailey:  She didn't care for cowboys but when danger comes calling, she finds she may have misjudged one.

Kidnapped by the Cowboy by Sierra Cartwright:  He was supposed to protect her, not fall in love with her.

Knockin’ the Boots by Peyton Banks:  She was his best friend’s sister and should have been off-limits.

Marrying the Murderer by Vanessa Brooks:  Caught between a rock and a hard place, what choice did she have?

Meri’s Man by Laura Garland:  Lost in the middle of the Nevada desert the only saving grace that lassos all my problems together and turns my frown upside down – a sexy guy on a horse.

Mountain Blue by Alta Hensley:  Their icy beginning soon turns to a passion hot enough to melt the blizzard outside.

The Painted Lady by Raisa Greywood:  People say strong fences make good neighbors. No amount of barbed wire is going to make a Sidhe and a cougar shifter get along. But fate has other plans.

Rescued by Her Cowboys by Isabella Laase:  When lonely Rosie Meyers finds herself in trouble with the local bullies, two stern cowboys take her into their home, but can all three of them find a future together?

River's Edge by Maggie Ryan:  The tomboy next door had grown up to be a woman of sass and fire that set this cowboy aflame.

Rogue Cowboy by Linzi Basset:  She bought a date with the notorious cowboy on a welfare auction... only she wasn't prepared for the kind of date he had in mind.

Rogue’s Return by Desiree Holt:  She's in trouble, he's supposed to protect her, but what about the heat that's lasted twelve years?

Runaway Cowboy by Abby Aaron:  Kyle Sanchez returns home to save his former lover's ranch. Only she doesn't need saving, and he left her with more responsibilities than he realized.

Stark White by Yolanda Olson:  Some demons never manage to stay buried.

Trusting Her Cowboy by BJ Wane:  Gavin McCullough knew his family obligations prevented him from accepting a human mate, but one look into Aislyn Lankford's golden eyes and he couldn't resist making her his.

Wait for Me, Cowboy by Mary Wehr:  Her childish crush blossomed into love, but will he still see her as a spoiled brat in need of a spanking?

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Deliciously Decadent from yours truly, Meredith O'Reilly, and Morganna Williams is NOW LIVE!!!


Or read it FREE on #KindleUnlimited!!!

Ready for a little afternoon delight?

The trio that brought you Sweetly Sinful and Wonderfully Wicked has done it again with a new collection of dominant heroes waiting to bring your fantasies to life.

Whether you’ve only got time for a quickie or have hours to devour them all, dive into Deliciously Decadent and let USA Today Bestselling Authors Maddie Taylor, Meredith O’Reilly, and Morganna Williams sweep you away to a fantasy world filled with rugged cowboys, dominant daddies, amorous aliens, wicked warriors, and much, much more.


A Fresh Start | by Maddie Taylor 

Clarissa’s Stern Daddy | By Meredith O’Reilly 
The Hunt | By Morganna Williams 
Lucy’s Little Weekend | By Meredith O’Reilly 
Creed’s Joy | By Morganna Williams 
Doctor’s Orders | A Novella by Maddie Taylor 
A Soldier’s Homecoming | By Meredith O’Reilly 
Taming Tessa | By Morganna Williams 
The Teacher’s Hero | By Meredith O’Reilly 
Claire’s Christmas Wish | By Morganna Williams 
Her Old-fashioned Cowboy | By Maddie Taylor

Publisher’s Note: Deliciously Decadent is a multi-author work of romantic fiction which contains sexual scenes, mild BDSM themes, ménage, and bare bottom discipline. If this material is offensive to you, please don’t buy this book.

Bound by Fate Goes LIVE November 5th. Can't Stand the Wait? Get a Sneak Peek of Beck and Adria Here!

Two vulnerable hearts, one cruelly wounded, 
the other filled with despair.

 Can fate lead them to the only one in this vast Universe 
with the power to teach him to trust, her to hope, 
and together, allow them to heal?

After years of study, Adria is on the verge of becoming the first female physic in Primarian history. A string of mysterious incidents has the entire Terra Nova Colony on edge, but she isn't going to let that stand in her way and neither is Beckett Kincaid. Gorgeous, bossy, and infuriating, she thought Beck was her friend. Given what they shared, he could have been so much more. But the domineering owner of BRK Construction betrays her trust. And when Adria is sent home, delaying her dreams, if not completely dashing them, she isn't sure she can ever forgive him.

When she's permitted to return to the colony to complete her training, the first order of business is finding Beck, clearing the air, and finishing what they started. But after saying things in anger she now regrets, is it too late for them? Adria barely sets foot on Terra Nova when trouble finds her again. It seems the evil infecting the colony is more sinister than anyone could have imagined.

Drawn to her by otherworldly forces he can't explain, Beck is intent on protecting Adria no matter the cost, even if it means risking his once shattered heart. With intrigue and danger swirling around them, can they defeat the insidious threat plaguing the budding colony, and with their Primarian allies' help, preserve the only hope for his people's survival?

Exclusively on Amazon and #KindleUnlimited


“We both said things we regret.”

She blinked up at him. “You did? What, for instance?”

“The part about being splattered on the pavement.”

“That was rather graphic.” A shudder passed through her. “Anything else? What about the spanking part?”

“Hm... I’m not a spanking kind of man. Although, if it happens again, whether tomorrow or the next day or the one after that, you better believe I’ll put you over my knee.”


Further protests were smothered by his lips when he swooped in for another kiss. It was just like the first time his lips touched hers–deep, smoldering-hot, and intense. It went on for a while. So long, in fact, that when he pulled away, she was a little swimmy-headed and gasping for air.

“You haven’t learned to breathe through your nose yet,” he observed.

“I guess I need more practice,” she returned, tugging his head as she raised hers, trying to get him to kiss her again.

“What do you regret, Adri?”

She blinked at this sudden shift in focus. “Excuse me?”

“I told you my regret. Now it’s your turn.” 

It took her a moment, not to think of an answer, but to find the right words. “When I said I didn’t need you. That was a lie, Beck. I’ve come to care about you, too.” She strained upward and, with her lips brushing his, whispered urgently, “And not just as a friend.”

His hand moved from her throat to her chest and lower until he claimed a breast. When his thumb swept over the nipple, she arched, seeking more.

“Are you sure about this? Once we go down this road, it changes what we are, and it’s hard to go back.”

“I’m sure. I’m tired of waiting and aching for you.” She shifted her legs further apart, allowing his thigh to fall through and press more firmly against her needy center.

It wasn’t enough for Beck, who caught her behind the knee and pushed it higher until she could hook her leg around his hip. The rough denim-covered bulge rubbed intimately over her sex—bare beneath her short nightgown—and sent a rush of wetness to her center. His hand left her breast and moved slowly down her belly. Knowing where he planned to touch next, Adria held her breath as her belly quivered in anticipation. 

A series of shrill beeps froze them both. When it repeated only seconds later, Beck muttered an oath.

His hand that had been so close to touching her there left her and angled around to his rear pocket. After he slid out his communicator and glanced at the screen, he bit out an even more vehement expletive. "Fuck!"


"Yeah." He dropped his forehead to hers again. "I gotta go."

"Of course," she breathed, although it was the last thing in the universe she wanted.

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You'll Get Double the Daddies in Tough Love 3


Grab Tough Love 3: Disappointing Her Daddies by Maddie Taylor today!



She's fallen for both her dominant bosses. 
Luckily, these delicious daddies won't make her choose. 

Erica has been working for D&G Construction for five years. Coincidentally, that's how long she's been hopelessly in love with Daniel and Grayson, the two gorgeous men who sign her paychecks. While neither sees her as anything more than the naive college girl they first hired, Erica wouldn't mind being shared by these dominant daddies, and she boldly tells them so. 

 When Erica makes a costly mistake on an important contract, she must confess and face the consequences. Most employees would be fired on the spot, but Dan and Gray are more inclined to take their naughty new submissive over their knees for a bare-bottom lesson she won't soon forget. Fortunately, their unconditional love for her, combined with an eleventh-hour solution to save the company, means her daddies can make it all better in much more pleasurable ways. 

Publisher's note: Tough Love 3: Disappointing Her Daddies is a steamy, romantic ménage with alpha heroes, high heat, and BDSM themes (no age play). It's the third book in the series but can be enjoyed as a fully independent stand-alone story. If this material offends you, please don't buy this book.


TOUGH LOVE: Mandy's Take-Charge Daddy 
- now available and #FREE in KU! 

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TOUGH LOVE 2: Daddy's Golden Rules
 - also FREE IN KU!!!

US → 
UK → 
CA → 
AU →

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Daddy's Golden Rules: No cursin', no sassin', and always obey daddy! Tough Love 2 is LIVE!!!

It's time for more tough love. 
Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules by Maddie Taylor is NOW LIVE!!!'


Or Read it for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 


“We’re wasting our time, George.” The sheriff’s low voice was very close to an impatient growl. “I’m taking her to the station and charging her. I’ll return within an hour, and we can discuss my other troubles this evening.”

He walked toward the door, pulling her along with him

“Wait!” she cried, digging her heels in until he came to a halt. She turned to the judge. “This sentence… I get a spanking downstairs and apologize to your group, then I’m free to go?”

A grunt of disbelief sounded near her ear. “Would you expect such a light sentence in criminal court for felony theft?”

“Sam’s right, I’m afraid,” the judge concurred. “You’ll not find it that easy. For such a charge, you’ll be handed over to a dominant for a period of thirty days. He’ll likely put you to work in some capacity, but for the duration of your time here, you’ll live under his roof, abide by his rules, and be subject to his discipline. At the end of your sentence, you’ll have paid your debt to Wanaker Landing society.”

She recoiled, taking an instinctive step back. This brought her up against the chest of the sheriff, which, for all the give it had, might as well have been a brick wall.

“Thirty days is too much. No,” she exclaimed. “In fact, hell no!”

“You’re not being smart, my dear,” the judge advised as he shook his head. “But if you prefer three years in state prison and a criminal record that haunts you the rest of your life, so be it. Take her and have her charged,” he told Sam while he moved to the door. The other men followed, the young one for the first time having lost his smarmy grin, looking disappointed, instead.

“Wait!” she cried for the second time. “Don’t I get time to think about something so serious?”

They turned expectantly, glancing at the man holding her for some reason. When he nodded, the judge advised, “You may have sixty seconds.”

How generous. A whole minute to decide if she would hand herself over to a stranger who could do heaven only knew what kind of depraved things to her for a month.

“What kind of discipline are we talking about?”

“That’s up to the man who will be in charge of you,” the judge said.

“You saw what was going on downstairs?” the sheriff asked.

“If you’re referring to the floggers, crops, paddles, and restraints, yes.”

“Don’t forget the whips,” Geoffrey put in with a laugh.

“That’s quite enough, Kleinman,” Sam told the obnoxious attorney in a no-nonsense tone.
The younger man didn’t say another word, which Krista thought was the smartest thing he’d done since his arrival, but he didn’t do a very good job of hiding his scowl.

Sheriff Sam didn’t seem to notice, and, if he did, he plainly didn’t care.

“You will not be harmed,” he assured her. “But if you don’t behave during your time here, you can expect to experience much of what you saw. Except, instead of play sessions, your punishments will be real.”

Aka, painful.

“You might get lucky and get a judge who is lenient,” the owner of the necklace commented, drawing chuckles from the judge.

“Why is that funny?” she asked in a high-pitched voice, directing her question to the sheriff who, once again, was the only one not appearing amused by all of this.

“Judge Peterson is one of two judges who hear cases on the island. Since he knows of this personally, I expect he’d recuse himself.”

“You’d expect right, Sam,” the older man answered. “Which leaves you with the Honorable Nadine Pierce.”

“She’s called Mean Nadine for a reason, sweetheart,” Geoffrey interjected, serious for the first time when he addressed her. “Take the get-out-of-jail-free card you’re being offered.”

As she glanced around at the others, each was nodding encouragingly, excluding the sheriff who silently awaited her decision.

“Thirty days of submission or three years in lock-up. Which is it going to be?”

She wanted to argue more, or stall, or find an empty corner and cry, but after Judge Peterson summed it up so succinctly, it seemed she had only one option.

“Okay,” she said, her voice barely audible.

“What was that?” the sheriff asked. “Speak loudly so there is no misunderstanding.”

“I agree to your deal.”

“You’ll be required to sign a sentencing agreement,” the judge advised. “And to affirm in writing this is of your own volition.

“By coercion, you mean?” she grumbled.

“No, young lady,” the owner of the diamond necklace from hell informed her. “This is your choice. I’m fine pressing charges and letting the chips fall where they may for you, but I suspect you don’t want that, or we wouldn’t be standing here having this discussion ad nauseam.”

“Who will I be assigned to? Just some random sadistic stranger?” Her gaze shot to Geoffrey. If it was him, she’d just die.

But the judge’s gaze shifted over her head, to the man standing behind her. “I don’t think he leans to that extreme, but we’ll let Sam discuss all of that with you in private. Come down to my den when you finish with her, Sheriff. It won’t take me long to put the necessary paperwork together.”

The older man, along with the others, left her alone with…

Suddenly, understanding dawned.

She whirled, breaking the grip he’d had on her arm for the last several minutes, and looked up at Sheriff Golden. “He means you!”

“Indeed,” he replied, not with amusement but what appeared to be resignation.


Sheriff Sam Golden has three rules for his submissive, 
No cursin', no sassin', and always obey Daddy.

Krista Evans knows exactly how cruel life can be. When she was twelve, she lost her dad to war. Then her mother disappeared into the bottom of a bottle. Her heart has been broken, her money stolen, and she's had more than one run-in with the law. What the girl needs is a break. She just can't seem to catch one.

Sheriff Samuel Golden is a lonely man with nothing but work to fill his time. So when he busts a pretty young blonde in the midst of a theft, he's tempted by his immediate attraction to her. She's guilty as sin despite her protests to the contrary, but Sam can sense there's a lost little girl inside of her who just needs to be taught right from wrong.

In lieu of jail, Sam agrees to take Krista in hand for thirty days for some bare bottom rehabilitation. But when their obvious chemistry becomes unavoidable, Sam will have to choose: resist the lure of the girl who so desperately needs a stern-yet-loving daddy, or banish the ghosts of his past.

Publisher's note: Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules is a steamy Daddy Dom romance that includes mature themes such as BDSM and spanking. If this material is offensive, you'll probably want to keep shopping.



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Who Needs More Tough Love? Watch for it April 9th!

Don't you dare break Daddy's rules... 

Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules 
by Maddie Taylor will be here April 9th!


US → 
UK → 
CA → 
AU →

Sheriff Sam Golden has three rules for his submissive.
No cursin', no sassin', and always obey Daddy.

Krista Evans knows exactly how cruel life can be. When she was twelve, she lost her dad to war. Then her mother disappeared into the bottom of a bottle. Her heart has been broken, her money stolen, and she's had more than one run-in with the law. What the girl needs is a break. She just can't seem to catch one. 

Sheriff Samuel Golden is a lonely man with nothing but work to fill his time. So when he busts a pretty young blonde in the midst of a theft, he's tempted by his immediate attraction to her. She's guilty as sin despite her protests to the contrary, but Sam can sense there's a lost little girl inside of her who just needs to be taught right from wrong. 

In lieu of jail, Sam agrees to take Krista in hand for thirty days for some bare bottom rehabilitation. But when their obvious chemistry becomes unavoidable, Sam will have to choose: resist the lure of the girl who so desperately needs a stern-yet-loving daddy, or banish the ghosts of his past. 

Publisher's note: Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules is a steamy Daddy Dom romance that includes mature themes such as BDSM and spanking, no age play. If this material is offensive, you'll probably want to keep shopping.



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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Daddy needs his big girl, right now.


Tough Love: Mandy's Take-Charge Daddy is NOW LIVE!!!


Or read it #FREE in KindleUnlimited!

Newlyweds Aiden and Amanda Montgomery aren’t short on ambition or passion. Between work and play, life is pretty intense for them both. As Aiden introduces Amanda to the lifestyle, things promise to get even hotter.

But when Aiden senses his bride is hesitant to surrender herself fully to him, he’ll stop at nothing, even resorting to tough love to earn her complete trust. Can a long, steamy weekend where Aiden is in total control convince Mandy that her groom can also be her forever Daddy?

NSFW Excerpt:  

She was putting on her socks—anklets with a purple strip around the top—when he walked out, hair damp and curling on the ends, water droplets beaded on his shoulders, and a towel wrapped around his waist. Goodness gracious, approaching forty he was gorgeous and as toned and fit as a man a decade younger. She gawked appreciatively until he skidded to a halt and stared back at her, lips parted in surprise as his gaze raked down her body.
“What?” she asked, bending slightly forward and looking where he did but seeing nothing wrong. “Do I have it on backward?”
“You’re not wearing a bra.”
She frowned. “You didn’t lay one out. I figured if a three-year-old doesn’t drink wine, then a nine-year-old doesn’t wear a bra—at least not the ones I have which are mostly jewel tones, strapless, or made of sheer lace.”
He swallowed, making his Adam’s apple bob. “I hadn’t realized the top would be so clingy. I can see the outline of your nipples, and, fuck me, baby girl, you look fantastic.”
“Swear jar!” she exclaimed.
“I’ll gladly pay up because damn, Mandy.”
“Naughty Daddy,” she said with a shake of her head. “That’s two. You’re up to $60 plus the $20 you owe from last night.”
Stalking toward her with a familiar glint of arousal in his eyes, he dropped his towel and she couldn’t miss what else was aroused.
“Um…are we done playing?”
“Not even close. Remember when I said you’re always a big girl, no matter what age you are as Mandy?”
“On your back on the bed. Daddy needs his big girl, right now. And, I know I’m up to $100 in fines from this conversation alone, but I’ll pay ten times as much to get my hands on your fabulous tits and sink my cock into your wet pussy.”
Her breath caught in her throat, and her heart pounded with excitement when he caught her around the waist and pulled her into his arms, his face diving into the bend of her neck where he kissed her.
“I can’t keep up without a calculator,” she cried raggedly as he bent her over his arm and his open mouth slid over her throat.
“What if I put in $300 for what else I’m going to say in the next little bit and we call it even?”
“Okay,” she whispered.
She hadn’t realized he’d been walking her backward until her legs hit the edge of the mattress. “On the bed, now.”
Obediently, she sat, which put her at eye-level with his rigid cock and the fist slowly stroking it. It was big, and beautiful like the rest of him.
Mandy licked her lips. “That looks painful. I could kiss it for you and make it all better.”
He groaned, his hand moving faster. “Right here, now,” he ordered in a raw, husky voice as he pointed at the floor at his feet.
Eagerly, she dropped to her knees.