Saturday, November 2, 2019

Bound by Fate Goes LIVE November 5th. Can't Stand the Wait? Get a Sneak Peek of Beck and Adria Here!

Two vulnerable hearts, one cruelly wounded, 
the other filled with despair.

 Can fate lead them to the only one in this vast Universe 
with the power to teach him to trust, her to hope, 
and together, allow them to heal?

After years of study, Adria is on the verge of becoming the first female physic in Primarian history. A string of mysterious incidents has the entire Terra Nova Colony on edge, but she isn't going to let that stand in her way and neither is Beckett Kincaid. Gorgeous, bossy, and infuriating, she thought Beck was her friend. Given what they shared, he could have been so much more. But the domineering owner of BRK Construction betrays her trust. And when Adria is sent home, delaying her dreams, if not completely dashing them, she isn't sure she can ever forgive him.

When she's permitted to return to the colony to complete her training, the first order of business is finding Beck, clearing the air, and finishing what they started. But after saying things in anger she now regrets, is it too late for them? Adria barely sets foot on Terra Nova when trouble finds her again. It seems the evil infecting the colony is more sinister than anyone could have imagined.

Drawn to her by otherworldly forces he can't explain, Beck is intent on protecting Adria no matter the cost, even if it means risking his once shattered heart. With intrigue and danger swirling around them, can they defeat the insidious threat plaguing the budding colony, and with their Primarian allies' help, preserve the only hope for his people's survival?

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“We both said things we regret.”

She blinked up at him. “You did? What, for instance?”

“The part about being splattered on the pavement.”

“That was rather graphic.” A shudder passed through her. “Anything else? What about the spanking part?”

“Hm... I’m not a spanking kind of man. Although, if it happens again, whether tomorrow or the next day or the one after that, you better believe I’ll put you over my knee.”


Further protests were smothered by his lips when he swooped in for another kiss. It was just like the first time his lips touched hers–deep, smoldering-hot, and intense. It went on for a while. So long, in fact, that when he pulled away, she was a little swimmy-headed and gasping for air.

“You haven’t learned to breathe through your nose yet,” he observed.

“I guess I need more practice,” she returned, tugging his head as she raised hers, trying to get him to kiss her again.

“What do you regret, Adri?”

She blinked at this sudden shift in focus. “Excuse me?”

“I told you my regret. Now it’s your turn.” 

It took her a moment, not to think of an answer, but to find the right words. “When I said I didn’t need you. That was a lie, Beck. I’ve come to care about you, too.” She strained upward and, with her lips brushing his, whispered urgently, “And not just as a friend.”

His hand moved from her throat to her chest and lower until he claimed a breast. When his thumb swept over the nipple, she arched, seeking more.

“Are you sure about this? Once we go down this road, it changes what we are, and it’s hard to go back.”

“I’m sure. I’m tired of waiting and aching for you.” She shifted her legs further apart, allowing his thigh to fall through and press more firmly against her needy center.

It wasn’t enough for Beck, who caught her behind the knee and pushed it higher until she could hook her leg around his hip. The rough denim-covered bulge rubbed intimately over her sex—bare beneath her short nightgown—and sent a rush of wetness to her center. His hand left her breast and moved slowly down her belly. Knowing where he planned to touch next, Adria held her breath as her belly quivered in anticipation. 

A series of shrill beeps froze them both. When it repeated only seconds later, Beck muttered an oath.

His hand that had been so close to touching her there left her and angled around to his rear pocket. After he slid out his communicator and glanced at the screen, he bit out an even more vehement expletive. "Fuck!"


"Yeah." He dropped his forehead to hers again. "I gotta go."

"Of course," she breathed, although it was the last thing in the universe she wanted.

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