Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Welcome to Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Intended for adult audiences only.  Must be 18 or over to view.

Welcome to Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Today, I am pleased to introduce my new blog feature.  My goal is to introduce you to a fabulous group of featured authors who write steamy, sexy stories that captivate, titillate, arouse and stimulate. 

Each will highlight a new or recent book and will tempt you with a 250-300 word excerpt so you can get a feel for the author's style and story.  Included will be many genres of erotic fiction so something is bound to catch your eye.  However, BDSM, DD and spanking features will be most prominent.  That's how I roll.  

The upcoming guests will bring us a variety of offerings.  Like ice cream, there will be many different flavors.  If one is not to your taste, please return for a different flavor the following Wednesday.

Be warned, you might find a touch of Vanilla here, but be prepared for a healthy dose of 'Nookie's N Cream'. 

Oops! Did I say that?   I'm such a naughty girl.  <wink>  

Today, I am delighted to feature my good friend 

L. A. Cloutier 

and her 2nd Book in her trilogy:

The Story of L   

I have it on good authority, that L.A.'s third book in the series is in the works.  Personally, I fell in love with Master Clay and want to see more, more, more of him.  I love an older, sexy, dominant man.  

If you are looking for intense, erotic BDSM you will find it here.  Today's excerpt will appeal to spanking and BDSM enthusiasts alike.  Thank you, Master Clay. 



L is in store for a few new surprises when she finishes her slave training at The Inn. Trey has taken the liberty of moving her out of her apartment. Telling her employer she has quit her job and has decided to take her on a vacation to the Carribean Islands.

While on their trip he explains to her why he has entrusted Clay to take care of her discipline and punishments. As L settles into her new life, Trey gives her some reading assignments in order to help her better understand what it means to be - his slave. L remains contemplative about what Trey really wants from her until he announces an upcoming business trip. And although L doesn't know it yet, he has a surprise in store for her just before he leaves.

Not wanting L to be alone during his absence he arranges to have her stay with Clay.

Clay is intent upon making the most of her stay with him and holds a few surprises of his own, but all does not go according to plan when something unexpected happens that affects them all.

Wicked Wanton Excerpt:

“Bring back memories, L?” he asked, following her, superseding her just before they reached the door. “Yes, Master,” her voice wavered just a little. He switched the lights on and the room came to life for L. Images and memories flooded her mind. She remembered the round table with the spinning top, being tied down to it, then forced to give oral pleasure to each Master, Mistress and slave in the room.

Clay unbuckled his belt, giving L his stern, come here look. That look made her tummy shake on the inside as she approached him, watching as the belt smoothly slid from his waist, doubling it over in his hand. “Do you remember your first spanking, L? It was right here on this very stool in this very room,” he opened her robe and helped her take it off, tossing it the stone slab behind him, leaving her in just the panties. L’s eyes followed and she was reminded of the rough surface of those stone slabs on a raw burning behind. “Yes, Master,” she said softly, lowing her eyes. He walked around behind her, looking at her while he too let the memories of her very first spanking fill his mind. Her reddened skin… the sweat pouring from her… the way she danced on the cold gritty stone... adding even more heat to her raw ass cheeks.

“You look like a little girl in these panties,” he whispered at the edge of her ear, giving her goosebumps. “Bend over and put your hands on the stool.” His voice was soft, but had that artful tone that made her insides want to melt.

Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner:

I've often wondered how author's go about writing their sex scenes.  Often I hear it is the hardest scene to write.  For me it's the opposite.  So I thought I'd pose this question to my guest authors this month.  So I asked L.A...  Just for kicks and giggles.  

Maddie:  How do you get your inspiration to write your sex scenes?

L.A.:  Most of my sex scenes are inspired directly from my own fantasies and imagination and some of them come from real life encounters, but I won’t say which ones. I also find that reading erotic fiction has greatly improved my creativity when I write my own sex scenes. My inspiration comes from everything around me. Sometimes it’s an erotic picture that I see and my mind starts to wander, other times it’s something as  simple as watching a couple holding hands, or kissing. Really though, I find that the best sex scenes in my books come from the characters themselves.

Thanks for stopping by L.A. and for being my first.

Next Wednesday, I'll feature Patricia Green who's newest release The Winner (Romantek)  is flying of the ebook shelves.  Let's hope she brings along a Wicked Wanton excerpt to share.

Stay tuned, Love Maddie

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Halloween--Club Decadence Style

It's a Halloween 

With the loosening of the rules due to Spank or Treat, I am pleased to present an excerpt from my very first book, Captain My Captain.  In this scene, Captain and Megan are attending a Halloween Masquerade at Club Decadence.  It is also Megan's first trip to the exclusive BSDM club.  I hope you enjoy this Halloween treat and please excuse the liberty I took in rearranging the scene a bit so that it matched the theme of today's Saturday Spanking.  Happy Trick or Treating!

An Excerpt from Captain My Captain; Club Decadence Book 1

When they arrived at The Club, the party was already in high gear.  To Megan, it looked like any other nightclub holding a Halloween masquerade.   The guests were in costume and the decorations consisting of spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, and witches gave it a spooky and festive feel.  Upon closer inspection, Megan quickly changed her opinion as she saw a cheerleader dancing in an extremely short skirt, bouncing and grinding against her partner, while exposing her long legs and quite a bit of her saucy bare bottom. 
The Doms and Dommes were wearing role appropriate costumes of powerful real and mythical creatures; sorcerers, pirates, vampires and even a Viking wearing what looked like a very realistic animal pelt.  The subs wore mostly skimpy, sexy costumes that complimented their Dom’s attire.  She saw Robin Hood with a sexy Maid Marian, a pirate with his scantily clad captive, a headmaster and schoolgirl, and a caveman with his cavewoman.  The caveman wore a short animal hide draped across one shoulder exposing his fabulous physique.  His sub wore a matching outfit with the same off the shoulder style, but her furry pelt exposed one full breast.   With respect to her barely considered modesty, she also wore some sort of bejeweled clip covering her nipple
Grinning broadly, Tony gently placed a finger under her gaping jaw and closed her mouth.  “Told you it would be fun, Angel.”

Later that evening, Tony gave her a full tour of the members only areas, including the private rooms upstairs.  They ended up in a Victorian-themed room.  Not coincidentally, it matched their period costumes of handsome Lord and housemaid—perfectly.   Over the past few months, Megan had shared many of her sexual fantasies with Tony and it appeared he planned to make the Number One on her list come true tonight.
Megan found herself standing before the Lord of the Manor in an excellent recreation of what appeared to be a 19th century study.  A huge, gleaming, wooden desk, almost an exact replica of the one in her fantasy, was the predominant piece of furniture in the room.  She remembered telling Tony that she often imagined that she was a serving wench in love with the Lord, a handsome, but lonely widower.  In her fantasy, she was a down on her luck aristocrat who had no choice but to become a servant to one of her own class.  It must have been a plot of one of the many romance novels she'd read over the years.  In her case, she dreamed of a happily ever after where the Lord, after having his way with the beautiful servant girl, fell madly in love with her and took her away from all of her troubles, marrying her in the end.  Of late, the plot had twisted somewhat and the servant girl found herself brought to the Lord’s study for some much needed chastisement. 
“Stand in front of my desk, wench.”
Startled by Tony’s commanding voice echoing through the chamber, Megan spun around to face him, her eyes searching his.  Tony winked at her and smiled.  His voice fell as he said in a stage whisper, “Here at Club Decadence, your wildest fantasies can come true, my love.” 
Slipping back into his role he frowned at her. “Come along now girl, do as you’re told or it will be all the worse for you.” 
Megan moved to stand in front of the large, ornate desk.  The top, she noticed, was free from any clutter; the only item was a blotter and a feather quill that sat next to it
“Now turn and face me.  Put your hands behind your back.”
Exhilarated with the new role-play, Megan unquestioningly followed his commands.
“It has been brought to my attention that you have been very naughty of late, my girl.   What do you have to say for yourself?”
“But, my Lord, I have not.  I have done all of my duties.”
“Hmm, that is not what Mrs. Hennessey has told me.  She said you were downright sassy, slow about completing your tasks, flirting with the groomsmen and that you even broke one of the antique vases in the parlor.”
“I did break the vase and I am very sorry, sir.  You can take the cost out of my pay.  As for the rest, it is certainly not true.  I am slow because I am unused to my tasks, never before having to scrub or clean.  And never would I flirt, my Lord.  My heart belongs to another.”
“Mm-hm…” Tony murmured as he sauntered across the room, stopping a hairsbreadth away from Megan.   Looking down on her from his imposing height, he smiled as he admired her skill at the game.  He enjoyed role-playing with the right partner.  It was yet another way in which Megan was perfect for him.  “Who owns your heart, wench?  Is it the Frenchman that I have seen loitering outside my door?  Or how about the handsome Major who has called for you several times.   Are you here to court or to serve me, woman?”
“I did not ask for their attention, my Lord.  Please, forgive me.”
“Well, you certainly have been a disruption around here.  Your behavior has most definitely been that of a flirt.  Why just the other day while dusting in here, I am certain you were flaunting your breasts before me.  All that bounty can be very distracting, wench.”  
Tony’s long finger traced the low neckline of her peasant blouse, curling around the ruffled edge and lightly dipping his fingertip into her cleavage.
“Yes, my Lord,” she breathed, arching her back slightly to encourage him to explore further.
“So, you admit it…  You were flirting.  What about this man you profess to have given your heart to?”
“It is you, my Lord.  I love you.”
Tony pressed against her lush body and lifted her so she was seated on the large desk behind her.  He stepped between her legs, spreading her knees as he slid her forward until her butt perched on the very edge of the desk.  The only thing keeping her in place was his strong thighs and hips as he pressed his raging erection firmly against her.
“So, you love me, do you, sweet wench?” 
She gasped as he pulled her blouse down, securing the elasticized neckline in place below her bare, sumptuous breasts.  He captured them both in his strong hands and bowed his head to take one firm nipple between his lips.  She arched her back, further inviting him to take more. 
“I have to admit I love you too, wench.  Why ever would I have brought such an incompetent servant into my home otherwise?  You can’t clean, you can’t cook, so I sure as hell hope you can fuck!”  
He laughed as she hummed with embarrassment, enjoying how easy it was to keep his shy little Angel off guard.  Smiling against her skin, his mouth moved to her other breast and sipped at the rigid peak. 
Suddenly, he reached behind her and swept the desk clean with one fast swish of his arm.  “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he whispered in Megan’s ear, slipping role for just a second.
She giggled, thrilled at his playful mood.  He then stood and flipped his naughty wench over so that her stomach and bare breasts were against the smooth mahogany surface. 
“Oh, my Lord.” Megan groaned with pleasure, having no problem keeping up her role of submissive housemaid.  “It will be my pleasure to serve you and receive your discipline.” 
She sighed as she felt her skirt slide up in the back, the cool air hitting her warm thighs and ass and wafting across her pussy that was encased in damp, blue fabric
“Very well, but it you want to serve and please me, we will need to establish some rules.  Number one—undergarments are not allowed.”  He quickly pulled them down and off her as he spoke.  Megan gasped as his hand instantly returned to grab handfuls of her flesh, tapping the large anal plug he'd inserted several hours earlier.  “Such an obedient lass.  You look good enough to eat.”
“Yes, please, my Lord.” She begged. 
Laughing, Tony slapped her exposed ass in a playful, but stinging swat.  “Greedy little wench, no treats until after your punishment.  Then I will see to your pleasure.  I want to take it slow and make this an evening we’ll not soon forget.”

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Don't forget to visit the other blogs for some sexy snippets and some longer Halloween treats.  Enjoy it!  The headmistress doesn't bend the rules often.

Friday, October 18, 2013

I Choose The Spanking

This week I offer another snippet from my newest release, The Gift.  By popular demand, Vince continues with Erica's first spanking.  Having called her on her atrocious driving skills, or lack thereof, the conversation continues...

“You have two options; you can submit to the spanking as punishment for your reckless behavior, or you can refuse and we’ll go our separate ways—your choice.”

She stood there with her mouth open, that was the most outrageous thing she had ever heard--why then did it make her feel warm and tingly inside?

“What’s your decision, Erica?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t want you to go.”

“You’re choosing the spanking then?” When she nodded, he pushed her a little more. “I need to hear you say the words, honey, so there's no misunderstanding.”

Her face felt on fire as she forced herself to ask this man for a spanking. “Yes, Coop, I choose the spanking.”

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This was so much fun, I'll post another snippet from this scene next week. Now hop along over to the other blogs and see what other sexy snippets the #SatSpanks authors have whipped up for you this week.

Who Brought Up Spanking?

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that as a child I was a very good girl who never once received a spanking.  However, I attended Catholic School for a few years and had plenty of opportunity to see a paddling administered up close and personal.  Wow!  Those nuns really had some deep seeded frustration and took it out on some naughty hind ends.  Yeow!

Also, I had a brother who was hell on wheels and fortunately for me, took the spotlight off my bad behavior or any mischief I could have possibly gotten into.  
The Act of Contrition

Maybe witnessing corporal punishment at a young age sparked my lifelong fascination with submission in many forms.  It started out as an innocent childhood curiosity, then grew and expanded into a more sexual curiosity in high school when I discovered some of my mother's poorly concealed women's erotica.  My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday and Xavier Hollander's The Happy Hooker were eye openers in several respects.  (Anyone 'memba them?)  Mom also enjoyed a good bodice ripper in her day, as well.  I can tell you that the ones including any kind of submission, bondage and most especially spanking were quite dog eared from me.  Ah . . . It's the stuff of fantasy.  

As an adult, when I got married, the fascination grew into an adult interest.  But how on earth was I, a sweet Catholic girl, supposed to bring up submission and spanking <gasp> to my husband?  Wouldn't lightening strike me dead on the spot?  

Fortunately, my husband took it upon himself to expand my sexual horizons and was known to have brought home an adult movie or two.  One day, that movie was a compilation of western scenes.  There was a barn scene where the male lead turned the naughty female over a saddle in the hayloft and started to spank her bare bottom.  Oh my!  I was hooked.  

Gotta love a good western.
Another scene in the same film (and I use that term very loosely), included a kidnapping by an outlaw where the heroine was naughty and tried to escape.  She ended up bent over the foot rail, skirts up, drawers down, and a bare bottom spanking ensued.   After that, I was so hot, my husband didn't know what hit him that night.  Of course, a bit of Bicardi and Coke didn't deter me one bit and I was all over him.  The following day, he wanted to discuss what got into me and exactly what he could do to relive the passion, again and again.  Was it the rum, the coke, his new cologne, or the porn flick?  He had to know and was obsessed.  So, he poked and prodded and needled me incessantly until he wore me down and I outed myself.  Phew!  In the end, (so many puns in todays post, haha) it was quite a relief.

From then on my man, who had always identified himself up till then as a breast man, changed his point of interest.  In fact, he lowered it about two feet and moved it to the rear.  Maybe I should say on the rear <blush>.  That would be another topic for a round table, wouldn't it?

It took several practice sessions, with much encouragement on my part, for him to get comfortable with the mechanics of it all.  Now, he could write a book and looks for every opportunity to pat gently, goose and/or wallop away on my hind parts.  <Grin, no hardship for me, for reals>

Over the years, our collection of spanking implements has grown, but we seem to return to the tried and true, old standard operating equipment--paint stirrers, wooden spoons, and the good old fashioned open hand.  

Our favorite novelty paddle has to be the one I gave him a few years back for Valentine's Day.    Ouch!  What was I  thinking?

So . . . The answer to the question of the day, "who brought up spanking?" is--I have to admit it was me . . . Maddie T.

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Spanked for a moving violation or seven???

Welcome #SatSpanks, #WeWrWa, and #SnippettSunday

This weekend I am bringing you more from my newest release, The Gift.  
Yes, it is a paranormal mystery, but is also is an erotic romance and has some steamy sex and of course what my reader have come to expect...  Yummy spankings.

Last week I teased you with Lieutenant Vince Cooper of the Texas Rangers and Erica Stevens his psychic witness have a special connection.  She can sense emotions and feelings through visions and in her dreams.  Coop learns something new and interesting about her every time they meet.  Unfortunately, what he learns in this snippet is that she drives like a maniac!  This week we take it up a notch when he introduces her to his form of consequences for moving violations.  
Will he give her a ticket?  Or spank her naughty behind?  I bet you can guess...  Enjoy!

“I care about you, Erica, although this is very new for us, I think we have a special connection.  That is why I can’t allow this behavior to go unchecked.  Texting and driving can be deadly, both for the driver and any innocent victims in the driver’s path.  It’s also against the law, as well as your speeding, tailgating, erratic lane changes and I also saw you cruise through at least two red lights.”

“I think they were orange, Coop.”

He was not amused, looking down at her with disappointment at her flippant response, “I’m serious, Erica.  I’m about to do something that I hope will make you find it serious as well; I’m going to spank you.”  He sat and pulled her between his legs.

Leave me a post and let me know if you want more from The Gift next week or a sneak peak at my one of my WIPs.  I live to serve my SatSpanks and #WeWrWa readers.

Now, off you go...  Hop on over to my fellow authors blogs and see what other naughty snippets they have prepared for your viewing pleasure.

See You next week!