Friday, October 11, 2013

Spanked for a moving violation or seven???

Welcome #SatSpanks, #WeWrWa, and #SnippettSunday

This weekend I am bringing you more from my newest release, The Gift.  
Yes, it is a paranormal mystery, but is also is an erotic romance and has some steamy sex and of course what my reader have come to expect...  Yummy spankings.

Last week I teased you with Lieutenant Vince Cooper of the Texas Rangers and Erica Stevens his psychic witness have a special connection.  She can sense emotions and feelings through visions and in her dreams.  Coop learns something new and interesting about her every time they meet.  Unfortunately, what he learns in this snippet is that she drives like a maniac!  This week we take it up a notch when he introduces her to his form of consequences for moving violations.  
Will he give her a ticket?  Or spank her naughty behind?  I bet you can guess...  Enjoy!

“I care about you, Erica, although this is very new for us, I think we have a special connection.  That is why I can’t allow this behavior to go unchecked.  Texting and driving can be deadly, both for the driver and any innocent victims in the driver’s path.  It’s also against the law, as well as your speeding, tailgating, erratic lane changes and I also saw you cruise through at least two red lights.”

“I think they were orange, Coop.”

He was not amused, looking down at her with disappointment at her flippant response, “I’m serious, Erica.  I’m about to do something that I hope will make you find it serious as well; I’m going to spank you.”  He sat and pulled her between his legs.

Leave me a post and let me know if you want more from The Gift next week or a sneak peak at my one of my WIPs.  I live to serve my SatSpanks and #WeWrWa readers.

Now, off you go...  Hop on over to my fellow authors blogs and see what other naughty snippets they have prepared for your viewing pleasure.

See You next week!

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