Friday, October 18, 2013

Who Brought Up Spanking?

I think I have mentioned in previous posts that as a child I was a very good girl who never once received a spanking.  However, I attended Catholic School for a few years and had plenty of opportunity to see a paddling administered up close and personal.  Wow!  Those nuns really had some deep seeded frustration and took it out on some naughty hind ends.  Yeow!

Also, I had a brother who was hell on wheels and fortunately for me, took the spotlight off my bad behavior or any mischief I could have possibly gotten into.  
The Act of Contrition

Maybe witnessing corporal punishment at a young age sparked my lifelong fascination with submission in many forms.  It started out as an innocent childhood curiosity, then grew and expanded into a more sexual curiosity in high school when I discovered some of my mother's poorly concealed women's erotica.  My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday and Xavier Hollander's The Happy Hooker were eye openers in several respects.  (Anyone 'memba them?)  Mom also enjoyed a good bodice ripper in her day, as well.  I can tell you that the ones including any kind of submission, bondage and most especially spanking were quite dog eared from me.  Ah . . . It's the stuff of fantasy.  

As an adult, when I got married, the fascination grew into an adult interest.  But how on earth was I, a sweet Catholic girl, supposed to bring up submission and spanking <gasp> to my husband?  Wouldn't lightening strike me dead on the spot?  

Fortunately, my husband took it upon himself to expand my sexual horizons and was known to have brought home an adult movie or two.  One day, that movie was a compilation of western scenes.  There was a barn scene where the male lead turned the naughty female over a saddle in the hayloft and started to spank her bare bottom.  Oh my!  I was hooked.  

Gotta love a good western.
Another scene in the same film (and I use that term very loosely), included a kidnapping by an outlaw where the heroine was naughty and tried to escape.  She ended up bent over the foot rail, skirts up, drawers down, and a bare bottom spanking ensued.   After that, I was so hot, my husband didn't know what hit him that night.  Of course, a bit of Bicardi and Coke didn't deter me one bit and I was all over him.  The following day, he wanted to discuss what got into me and exactly what he could do to relive the passion, again and again.  Was it the rum, the coke, his new cologne, or the porn flick?  He had to know and was obsessed.  So, he poked and prodded and needled me incessantly until he wore me down and I outed myself.  Phew!  In the end, (so many puns in todays post, haha) it was quite a relief.

From then on my man, who had always identified himself up till then as a breast man, changed his point of interest.  In fact, he lowered it about two feet and moved it to the rear.  Maybe I should say on the rear <blush>.  That would be another topic for a round table, wouldn't it?

It took several practice sessions, with much encouragement on my part, for him to get comfortable with the mechanics of it all.  Now, he could write a book and looks for every opportunity to pat gently, goose and/or wallop away on my hind parts.  <Grin, no hardship for me, for reals>

Over the years, our collection of spanking implements has grown, but we seem to return to the tried and true, old standard operating equipment--paint stirrers, wooden spoons, and the good old fashioned open hand.  

Our favorite novelty paddle has to be the one I gave him a few years back for Valentine's Day.    Ouch!  What was I  thinking?

So . . . The answer to the question of the day, "who brought up spanking?" is--I have to admit it was me . . . Maddie T.

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