Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Another Bestselling Alpha Male Master for Maggie Carpenter (Why Am I NOT Surprised) on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

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who likes bad boys?  

I know someone who does, and she's brought us a smoking hot Bad Boy Bodyguard in her newest Alpha Male Master - Caine.

Today, Maggie Carpenter, one of my favorite guests, returns to the author spotlight with a Wicked Wanton excerpt to make your Wednesday Wet.

(How's that for alliteration?  LOL)  


Bad Boy Bodyguard

By Maggie Carpenter.

Youre behaving like a stuck-up princess, and around me stuck-up princesses get spanked.
A hot chill suddenly rippled through her body, and an odd fluttering burst to life in her stomach.
You wouldnt dare, she managed, but as the words left her lips she knew shed just sealed her fate.
Please repeat that, he said calmly. I want to make sure I heard you correctly.
He was giving her a way out, but a part of her wanted to push the envelope, and that part of her had seized control.
Why, do you have a problem with your hearing?
To her surprise he broke into a grin, then abruptly standing up he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet.
You have a choice. Repeat what you said, or apologize for acting like a brat. His grip was strong, his eyes were glinting down at her, and she was sure her heart was about to leap out of her chest. Im waiting and Im growing impatient.
Swallowing hard she made her choice.
I said you wouldnt dare.
With a speed that took her breath away he pulled her across the small room, dropped down on the edge of the bed, yanked her over his lap, and began raining hard slaps across her backside. From the moment shed spat out her challenge Caine knew it was what she wanted. Her questions about the paddles and crops had told him shed been titillated by what shed seen, but he was surprised she decided to poke her toe in the water so soon.
Stop, stop! she demanded squirming furiously on his lap.
Ill stop when I hear an apology.
Okay, Im sorry.
For what?
For daring you. OW!
Try again.
Can you just stop for a minute?
Nope. Not until—”
OKAY! Im sorry I was rude to Spike, Im sorry I was a smart-ass, Im sorry I didnt take your word about trusting him. OWWW. STOP! PLEASE, CAINE.
Are we back on the same page? he asked, pausing this hand.
Yes, yes, I swear, she bleated. Please, I get it, no more.
That was convincing, so yes, Ill stop.
Though the spanking had been short, he had applied his smacks with significant force. Not only did she deserve it, he didnt want to disappoint her and she needed to know he meant what he said.

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Caine McCormick, a muscled bad boy from the streets, finds his world turned upside down when a beautiful blonde frantically bursts into his BDSM toy store. He instantly recognizes the terror in her eyes. Shes looking for cover.

After facing down the thug pursuing her, he learns she is Taylor Morgan, the only daughter of a wealthy real estate developer accused of stealing millions, a man who mysteriously vanished a year before.

Though spoiled and willful, she is also doggedly determined to clear her fathers name, but Caine quickly learns there are ruthless players just as determined to stop her.

CAINE: Bad Boy Bodyguard, is the sixth book in Maggie Carpenters Alpha Male Master Series. Murder, suspense, spankings and hot sex fill the pages of this erotic thriller. If you enjoyed Motorcycle Master, youll love this new bad boy romance. Snag your copy today.