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The Naughty List on #SatSpanks and #SnippetSunday

Everything Christmas
The Naughty List

Patty Devlin, Dinah McLeod, Renee Rose, Maren Smith and myself, Maddie Taylor have teamed up to bring you The Naughty List.  Five brand spanking new novellas, all filled with sexy hunks, sassy heroines and plenty of holiday spankings and cheer.  I hope you'll enjoy a little sneak peak from my contribution:

"Everything Christmas"

New in town, Merry has been so busy with opening her new store, that she hasn't really had time to unpack! She always seems to be in a rush and accidents seem to follow her around like sleigh bells at Christmas. Her new neighbor, the hunky tall guy in a cop's uniform, is definitely drool-worthy, but he always seems to be cross with her about something, and  he even issued her three tickets!  All in the same day!  So no one is more surprised than Merry when he rushes to rescue her from what could have been a nasty situation.

Reese has had his heart broken before, and he's not eager to go through that again, so he intentionally dates a string of women that are definitely NOT his type.  Unfortunately, the cute little red-head across the street is exactly what he would look for in a woman - if he were looking.  He tries to keep her at arm's length by being intentionally rude, but if ever a woman needed a protector more, he'd yet to meet her.  Seriously, he wondered how she'd made it this far already!

In this week's snippet, Merry moves in:

  As she sat in a fog, completely depleted of energy, she debated whether to get up and go, or just pass out.  She’d just opted in favor of passing out, when a movement in the window caught her attention.  Across the street was a man dressed only in running shorts and shoes, stretching his legs against a tree.  Her eyes traveled over his tight, toned muscular body with pleasure as he bent down to pick up a water bottle, his shorts pulled snugly against his tight rear and her breath caught in her throat. 

He began stretching his back muscles, twisting at the waist until he was looking directly at her condo.  Their eyes met from across the street and she suddenly realized that she was pressed against her front window gawking at him.   He smiled and gave her a quick nod before walking up the drive and entering the house directly across from her.  Holy Moly!  The Adonis was her neighbor. 
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Also included in The Naughty List:

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All The Naughty List authors have prepared a wonderful snippet for SatSpanks so make sure you visit each one, then check out all the other authors on the blog hop.  Enjoy!!!

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Wicked Wanton Wednesday with Emily Tilton

This is a week for giving thanks and counting our blessings.  Is it naughty of me to be thankful for a double dose of Emily Tilton's wicked wanton ways?  She has provided two steamy excerpts...  One is hot, the other is off the charts naughty and will baste your turkey for you.  LOL 
Emily gave me a choice of excerpts...
I chose BOTH!   Enjoy!
Warning:  This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, MMMf (no sex among the Ms), anal, spanking, watersports. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.

Edmund’s bride-saddle, which had never been used before, had no built-in fascinus, and so I was spared at least the menacing sight of the upthrust deity, though I was to learn not many days later that the cover of the saddle could easily be changed to reveal the ring into which would be set any of a number of fittings, and I was to learn also that a recent revolution in the manufacture of bride-saddles had brought it about that these rings were now standardized in such way that girls could be required to bring their own fascini to any occasion, and then forced to fit them to the house’s saddle themselves, and mount. 
In the 29th book of Explorations, Victorian Emily's ultimate defloration occurs atop her husband's bride-saddle, while fantasy-Emily continues her shameful service to her husband's junior colleagues.

Excerpt #1:  The Appetizer

I turned, away from the saddle, to Edmund, apprehensive. “Sir, what am I to do?”

He smiled, “Mount, my dear.”

I blushed, and trembled a bit. “What will happen then?”

He took my hands in his. “You will learn to ride.”

I covered my real confusion with a feigned one. “But, Sir, I already know how to ride.”

Now he put his left arm around my shoulders, and turned me towards the bride-saddle, and reached his right hand down to my loins and gently touched me so that I shivered and sighed a little.

“But you do not know how it is a girl may ride and be ridden at once.” His fingers became more insistent. “Tell me, Emily—what did it feel like to be over the discipline horse in the solarium?”
“Hmmm. . . ah. . . . Edmund. . . don’t. . .”

“I know the pleasure outweighed the pain.”

“Ahhh. . . but, Sir, you didn’t hear me scream. . .”

“How I wish I had, now—but you’re not denying my words, are you?”

“No, I’m not.” I surrendered to his fingers, and bent my knees.

“Mount, my dear, and I promise my rod will be gentler than your governess’.”

I was practically delirious now with the idea of it; it seemed to me I had always known that this was what that lewd part of me was for, to yield up to a hero that secret place that I had plagued so with fingers and all manner of little things when I was young, that since that day at Elmhurst I had tried never to think of, or touch, until the afternoon at Smith’s when all had been changed. It was for Edmund, and he would use it, enjoy it. And it would hurt, as it should, to punish me for my impertinence, for my hesitation to please him. But, oh, to have it, him, his. . . yard in there. . .
Bonus Excerpt:  Caution Maximum Naughtiness follows...
I was thinking again, which was something Perry clearly didn't like. His right hand lashed out, and the lash found my bottom, and I cried out.

"Whoa," said Sam.

"Big guy," said Perry, "you have a lot to learn about how to treat a woman like this. Put your hand down there and feel that little cunt."

"No, please. . ." I said, and shrieked as I was struck again.

Incredulous, Sam stooped down, and I felt his huge fingers, and I moaned, uncontrollably.

"What did I tell you?" asked Perry.

"Let me feel that," said Joe, and he stooped behind me, and forced his hand painfully between my thighs, bound by the red lace panties. He chuckled. "She's like some kind of gusher down there."

"Look at her blush, now," Perry said. "That's the funny thing--she still thinks there's something to be embarrassed about--like we don't know that she's a little whore who gets it in the ass every night from her sugar-daddy husband."

Now the fear and the arousal mingled, as Perry played my submissive nature like a violin. He knew his role--indeed, he was better at it even than Charles. Between Perry and Sam I was going to have a hard time, I thought, keeping from utterly shaming myself on the video that was being made even as I put my lips forward and kissed the cock of my new Master, Perry, never ceasing to loathe and fear him.


Maddie's Intimate
Authors Corner:
MT:  Emily, where do you get your ideas for the very naughty sex erotic scenes?  Do tell all...

Emily:  It's hard to believe that I'm actually embarrassed by my answer, but they come almost purely from fantasies I have while masturbating, which are in turn elaborations of things I've read. As I read other people's erotica, I'm constantly saying to myself, "Yes, oh, yes, but wouldn't it be hotter if. . ." and then eventually I write my own version.

Thanks so much for joining me and Emily today for this pre-Thanksgiving treat.  We'll return next week with Maren Smith and her contribution to The Naughty List;  Something Has to Give.  I'll also have a special edition on Tuesday featuring new author a good friend, Bella Bryce who will do a 2-part post on her Waldorf Manor Series.


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#SatSpanks Go West

Another old west #SatSpanks
Save a horse, ride a cowboy.  Yeehaa! 
Marshall's Law is 99.9% complete so I'm hoping to have some information about it's release soon.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, we have SatSpanks for sneak peaks and snippets, thank goodness. 

The Blurb:

While traveling along the interstate, Janelle Prescott hydroplanes suddenly and her car widely careens toward the steep bank past the shoulder.  She's thrown from the car and wakes up in 1878.  The only good thing from this bizarre event is that she meets the very sexy, dominant Marshall Aaron Jackson.  They butt heads of course (emotional angst and all that) and he winds up marrying her to save her.  He is her hero until he decides to exercise his authority to keep her safe.  This modern woman has to learn a lot to adjust to life in the Old West,  including no A/C, no Coca-Cola, and no cell phones.  Yikes!

But the biggest adjustment she must make is getting used to Aaron's old fashioned rules and his old west form of discipline.   

If you know my books, there is a rift that must be mended, a villain that must be conquered, a love that must be nurtured, and a butt that must be busted.  

This week, Janelle finds herself over Aaron's lap for a good old-fashioned OTK.  

Enjoy a snippet from Marshall's Law:

“This is not going to happen, Marshall, I’m a grown woman and far too old for a spanking.”      
Janelle kicked, wiggled, and squirmed until she suddenly felt her perspective change as she was flipped over onto her stomach to dangle upside down over his knee.

“No!  Aaron, you can’t do this.”  Her heart was racing and skipped a beat as his hand slid over her bottom. Grasping her hip, he pulled her in closer and secured her with a strong arm at her waist. 

“I think you know that I can,” was his crisp response.  He proved his claim by pulling up her skirts and flipping them onto her back. She was left with only the thin layer of her drawers as protection.

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment.  I want to hear what you're think.  Then hop on over to the other SatSpanks blogs and check out more Saturday Spankings.  See you next week!

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Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wanton Wednesday--Regency Style

Renee Rose is my guest today and she brings a wicked historical tidbit from the Reddington Scandal. 
Those of you who know Renee will appreciate her motto: 'no romance is complete without a spanking' and I wholeheartedly agree.

There's nothing like the Regency era.  The glamor, the glitz, the decadent lifestyle of The Ton...  I write Victorian but I believe they had the same split drawers and delicious corsets.

Those of you new to her work, read on... If you read Renee's excerpt, you will get a little taste... 

Enjoy Wicked Wanton Wednesday Regency Style.

The Blurb from the "Reddington Scandal"

When Phoebe's brother-in-law catches the notorious rake Lord Fenton in his home late at night, half-dressed and obviously attempting escape, he flies into a rage, threatening to kill both his wife and Lord Fenton. In a desperate measure to avert bloodshed, Phoebe claims she is Lord Fenton's lover, thereby forcing him to take her as his wife to avoid a scandal.

Knowing full well a philanderer like Teddy Fenton could never remain faithful, Phoebe insists upon separate bedrooms, resolving to resist his charm rather than fall in love and face the pain of his inevitable infidelity. Her handsome husband respects her request for a marriage in name only, but his marital dominance manifests itself in other ways. She soon learns that while he will not force her to his bed, Teddy is more than willing to take her over his knee and spank her bare bottom when her behavior warrants it.

Doubting his ability to stay faithful and not wishing to replicate his parents' miserable existence, Teddy had never intended to take a wife, until he was forced to marry the lovely Phoebe Fletcher and everything changed. Suddenly other women hold no allure for him, and he wants nothing more than to win the affection of his new bride. But just when it seems he might succeed, secrets from her past threaten to destroy their chance at happiness. Can this couple come to love one another as befits a man and wife, or will their marriage end in scandal after all?

This book contains a special bonus story featuring Kitty and Harry Westerfield from The Westerfield Affair.

Publisher's Note: The Reddington Scandal is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

"Renee Rose has written several historical romance / spanking novels and I have loved every single one.  I whole-heartedly recommend this title." - Bottoms Up Book Reviews

Enjoy an Excerpt from The Reddington Scandal... 

He pulled her drawers off. “Show me how you touch yourself between your legs, Phoebe.”

            Her lips parted and her head fell back. Her hand crept slowly toward her sex, which he could see was already glistening with nectar. She touched the outer lips of her sex tentatively.

            “Is that how you do it?” he murmured as he crawled up next to her on the bed, settling on his side with his head resting in his hand.

            “No,” she whispered.

            “How do you do it, Phoebe? Do you put your fingers inside?”

            “No.” Her brow furrowed and he sensed he had tread on dangerous ground.

            “Just show me how you do it.”

            “Well,” she hesitated. “I lie on my stomach.”

            He smothered a laugh. “Roll over, then, and show me what you do.”

            She rolled over, her hand between her legs. She did not penetrate her sex with her fingers, but kept them all cupped together, undulating in a wave like motion over her mons. Her hips began to grind, pressing her mound into her hand.

            He unfastened her corset, taking care not to distract her. “Now that I shall be prohibited from frequenting the brothels, I'll have to teach you to please me like a light-skirt. Do you think you could do so, Phoebe?”

            She made a little whimper of protest, but her hips hurried their speed, belying her excitement. “Have you ever heard the term cada orificio?”

            She made a negative sound. Her corset completely opened, he trailed his fingertip down her spine. “It comes from the Italian whores. It means every orifice. It means they take a man into all three of their largest orifices.”

            She made another moan. His fingertip had reached the cleft of her buttocks and he slid it down to her thighs, then back up, this time deep within her cheeks.

            “Did you know you can take a man here, Phoebe?” he asked, applying a small amount of pressure on her back hole.


Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

November's authors corner questions is how do you get the inspiration for your sex scenes.  What do you say Renee?  What inspires you wanton wickedness???

Renee:  My own sex life feeds a lot of my sex scenes, as do my masturbatory fantasies. TMI?  Sorry!!!

Maddie:  Oh Renee!  That is not nearly enough TMI!!!!  Now you have left us readers to assume you have participated in all of the wickedly HOT sex scenes you have written especially cada orificio.  Now... naming names would be TMI.  LOL

Thank you so much for joining me today!  Will I see you again next month for The Naughty List??  I hope so...

Next week my pre-Thanksgiving guest will be Emily Tilton.  See you then!

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Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday

Back by popular demand;  

Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday.  

I am very happy to be hosting Dinah McLeod, a great friend and colleague but also a wonderful DD/Spanking fiction author.  

Dinah sets up her newest release:  "Answering to Him"

I would like to first thank Maddie for allowing me to be here with her today! And secondly I’d like to take a moment to introduce you all to my newest book, “Answering to Him”. It’s the story of Alicia and Oliver, who have been married sixteen years and have one teenage son, Jonah. As long as they’ve been married, Alicia never has come clean about a secret she’s kept hidden: she’s a spanko and she’s just dying for her husband to take her over his knee! When she finally finds the courage to reveal herself, she finds herself in for a surprise when Oliver has a completely different spanking in mind!

Now enjoy a tantalizing taste from "Answering to Him"

He pounced on me, nibbling my lip, kissing it, so amorous in his need that he was rougher than usual. I responded eagerly, feeling his urgency in every possessive touch of his fingers. I tilted my head back so that he could kiss my neck. He attacked the delicate flesh immediately, with such passionate kisses that I wondered if I might get my first hickey in almost fifteen years. As he was pressing his lips to every inch of skin there, I was pulling his shirt off. As soon as he was free of it, my hands went for the zipper on his pants.
“When are you going to stop wearing jeans to bed?” I asked, my voice breathy as I giggled.
“As soon as you remember to take them off me, like this,” he replied before biting down on my neck and making me gasp.
As soon as I slid his jeans off, pulling the boxers down along with them, his cock sprang forward, long and hard. Just the sight of it made me melt. I reached out a finger to stroke his hardened manhood, and the minute I touched the swollen head, the feel of his silky skin made my panties dampen with desire.
“God, Alicia,” he groaned, sounding almost fierce. Before I could take him in my hand, he reached over and pushed me down on the bed.
I felt my heart leap into my throat. I’d never seen him like this; my husband was always so steady and mild-mannered, and while I loved him for it, seeing this man that was practically wild for me was thrilling beyond words. We came together as though we were the cats in heat my husband had teasingly accused me of being. I clawed my fingernails down his back and saw him grit his teeth as he groaned.
He pounded into me, hard, each thrust desperate to find release. I could hardly catch my breath as I lay underneath him; desire had turned my insides to mush, and with each thrust I felt myself flying higher, and higher, exhilarated at the pleasure and terrified of following all at once.
“I can’t take any more,” I gasped. “Please, Oliver.”
Normally the perfect gentleman, my husband would have stilled and rolled over at once. The man who had replaced him, who had delivered more pleasure to me in one night than I’d ever had before, shook his head. “Come with me.”
“Oh, please,” I groaned again. “Please.” Even I didn’t know what I was begging him for—I could hardly speak with the heat in my body that was willing to tear me apart to find release. Maybe he knew I was saying, Stop, you have to stop before I come apart. Maybe he knew, but he didn’t heed my pleas.
The thrusts came closer together, even harder than before, and I rode each wave out, clutching his sweaty arm. I closed my eyes and saw colors dance before them. This must be what it feels like—my body was racked with orgasms. This must be what it feels like to die by pleasure.

Maddie's Intimate Author's Corner

I asked Dinah where she got her inspiration for my sex scenes?
Funny story. A reader of Harlequin romances when I grew up, I always used to try to "write" in my head as I was being kissed. You know, he leaned toward her, seduction in his eyes... anyway, it made me burst out laughing whenever a man tried to kiss me! They stopped trying after getting that reaction a few times! ;) So now I do the same thing with my sex life. Just please don't tell my husband!

MT:  Great answer, Dinah.  Just one question.  You say you do the same thing with your sex life, that doesn't include the laughing, does it?  I image that could really put a damper on things.  Not to mention deflating his ego and getting you spanked!  Or is that you ploy?   I insist that you clarify.  :) 

Thanks for stopping by today Dinah!  I'm looking forward to seeing you again for our Christmas Collaboration on The Naughty List.  Please drop in again any time.

Tomorrow Renee Rose will be joining me for Wicked Wanton Wednesday, so make sure to drop by and see what she's got cooking.  I bet it's sexy, HOT and if I was a betting woman, I bet it's historical.  So, come on by!

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#SatSpanks Goes West with Marshall's Law

It's Saturday Spankings time again and I'm serving up another tasty snippet from my WIP; Marshall's Law. 
Marshall's Law is my work in progress set in the old west where a modern woman from 2013 finds
herself transported to Wyoming in 1878.  

 I don't have a cover but I thought this picture
sort of sets the mood...

The Blurb:
Janelle Prescott meets the very sexy, dominant Marshall Aaron Jackson.  They butt heads of course (emotional angst and all that) and he winds up marrying her to save her.  He is her hero until he decides to exercise his authority to keep her safe.  This 2013 modern woman has to learn to adjust to life in the Old West,  including no A/C, no Coca-Cola, and no cell phones.  Egad!
But the biggest adjustment she must make is getting used to Aaron's old fashioned rules and his old west form of discipline.  
If you know my books, there is a rift that must be mended, a villain that must be conquered, a love that must be nurtured, and a butt that must be busted.  


Enjoy a snippet from Marshall's Law:
“I know this is hard, Janelle, but you can’t go running around by yourself at night or anytime, for that matter, it’s just not safe. There are outlaws, drifters and thieves around that would love to come upon a helpless woman such as you.  Do you understand that?”

Nodding her head, Janelle sniffled and said, "I want to go home, Aaron.”

“I know, honey, but I don’t know how to make that happen and until we figure something out, you have to do what I say.  For your own good, understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”  He sat down next to her and his next statement shocked her.  “I want you to come across my lap again--you’ve earned another dozen for this little stunt.”

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome to Wicked Wanton Wednesday

For Adult Eyes Only: 
Must be 18 or older to view the wicked words within

Today we travel back to Regency London for a sizzling, sexy treat.  Our featured author is Celeste Jones who presents her brand new release; Lady Katherine's Conundrum. 


 She’s back and she’s in trouble.
After a summer in the country Lady Katherine and her husband, Thomas, return to London to participate in all the festivities available to a Lord and his Lady. The scandal that forced them to marry is long forgotten and they are at the top of the social ladder.
In addition to the pleasures of an active social life, Lady Katherine is thrilled to learn that the friend who abandoned her in her time of need, Lady Lorena Arnold, is now the subject of a salacious scandal. Katherine can hardly believe her good fortune when she observes Lady Arnold en route to a tryst. But, before she can share the juicy tidbit with the other ladies of the ton, her husband lays down the law: No Gossip.
Will Katherine be able to keep her tale to herself? And if not, will her tail be at risk of a brisk spanking from the stern but loving Lord Winchester?
Note: This book is a sequel to Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance, but can be read on its own.
Further note: This book contains hot sex, erotic and disciplinary spankings.
Now for a sizzling excerpt:
Warm water trickled down her breasts and dripped from the hardened peaks of Lady Katherine Winchester’s nipples. She leaned back in the copper tub, stretched her arms out along the sides, and luxuriated in the watery cocoon.

Her black hair flowed toward the floor as she pressed backward then propped her feet on the bottom rim of the tub, doing her best to recline.

Her husband, Lord Thomas Winchester, knelt next to the tub. He dipped a large sponge into the bath. Once it filled to saturation, he squeezed the water over his wife’s body with obvious enjoyment.

She closed her eyes and reveled in the decadent sensations of the water sliding down her naked flesh. The warm liquid flowed over her and dripped back into the balmy pool where it started and remained there until the sponge sopped it up for another cascade across her prickled flesh.

Thomas continued tormenting her with rivulets from the sponge, paying particular attention to her breasts, which he lathered and rinsed repeatedly. He strove to be a thoughtful and thorough husband.

She sighed and a soft smile played across her lips.

Thomas moved from the care and cleanliness of her breasts to a detailed inspection of her womanhood. He reached below her and tapped her bottom, signaling her to rise up. Once she did, he slid a small wooden stool beneath her hips in order to support her lower half for easier care and attention.

Her knees fell to the sides of their own volition, opening her to his view. “Mm. Good girl,” he said and the husk in his voice tightened the knot of desire twisting in her stomach. He sponged her thighs with slow deliberation until the flesh of her flanks quivered with longing.

“You are very meticulous, my lord,” she whispered.

“I like to take care of what is mine,” he said .             

Where to find Celeste Jones:


Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

Once again, we ask November's popular reader question...  Dear Celeste, where do you get the inspiration for the steamy sex scenes you right.  Inquiring readers (and me) just have to know
Good question, Maddie! Partly it is based on the scene and the characters, but mostly it is my imagination or my own fantasies or preferences. However, I do try to change things up a bit so I might ask myself what I think should happen next (which is usually mildly interesting) and then take it a step or two further to make it more interesting.

If I’m turned on, I hope at least a few of my readers will be too.

Thanks so much for stopping by Celeste.  I love historical erotic romance, especially those set in Regency and Victorian London.  Is it the naughty era, the decadence of the period or the spectacle of the season?  Maybe.  But I bet it has more to do with the sexy, dominant Lords like Thomas who entertain their beautiful ladies, both in and out of the tub.  Wow! 
After that excerpt, I clicking on amazon and travelling back to the decadent past.  Thanks Celeste.
Join me next week when I  will one again have 2 featured authors.  Including Dinah McLeod on Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday with a taste of her newest release, "Answering to Him" and Renee Rose on Wicked Wanton Wednesday.