Friday, November 15, 2013

#SatSpanks Goes West with Marshall's Law

It's Saturday Spankings time again and I'm serving up another tasty snippet from my WIP; Marshall's Law. 
Marshall's Law is my work in progress set in the old west where a modern woman from 2013 finds
herself transported to Wyoming in 1878.  

 I don't have a cover but I thought this picture
sort of sets the mood...

The Blurb:
Janelle Prescott meets the very sexy, dominant Marshall Aaron Jackson.  They butt heads of course (emotional angst and all that) and he winds up marrying her to save her.  He is her hero until he decides to exercise his authority to keep her safe.  This 2013 modern woman has to learn to adjust to life in the Old West,  including no A/C, no Coca-Cola, and no cell phones.  Egad!
But the biggest adjustment she must make is getting used to Aaron's old fashioned rules and his old west form of discipline.  
If you know my books, there is a rift that must be mended, a villain that must be conquered, a love that must be nurtured, and a butt that must be busted.  


Enjoy a snippet from Marshall's Law:
“I know this is hard, Janelle, but you can’t go running around by yourself at night or anytime, for that matter, it’s just not safe. There are outlaws, drifters and thieves around that would love to come upon a helpless woman such as you.  Do you understand that?”

Nodding her head, Janelle sniffled and said, "I want to go home, Aaron.”

“I know, honey, but I don’t know how to make that happen and until we figure something out, you have to do what I say.  For your own good, understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.”  He sat down next to her and his next statement shocked her.  “I want you to come across my lap again--you’ve earned another dozen for this little stunt.”

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