Friday, November 22, 2013

#SatSpanks Go West

Another old west #SatSpanks
Save a horse, ride a cowboy.  Yeehaa! 
Marshall's Law is 99.9% complete so I'm hoping to have some information about it's release soon.  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, we have SatSpanks for sneak peaks and snippets, thank goodness. 

The Blurb:

While traveling along the interstate, Janelle Prescott hydroplanes suddenly and her car widely careens toward the steep bank past the shoulder.  She's thrown from the car and wakes up in 1878.  The only good thing from this bizarre event is that she meets the very sexy, dominant Marshall Aaron Jackson.  They butt heads of course (emotional angst and all that) and he winds up marrying her to save her.  He is her hero until he decides to exercise his authority to keep her safe.  This modern woman has to learn a lot to adjust to life in the Old West,  including no A/C, no Coca-Cola, and no cell phones.  Yikes!

But the biggest adjustment she must make is getting used to Aaron's old fashioned rules and his old west form of discipline.   

If you know my books, there is a rift that must be mended, a villain that must be conquered, a love that must be nurtured, and a butt that must be busted.  

This week, Janelle finds herself over Aaron's lap for a good old-fashioned OTK.  

Enjoy a snippet from Marshall's Law:

“This is not going to happen, Marshall, I’m a grown woman and far too old for a spanking.”      
Janelle kicked, wiggled, and squirmed until she suddenly felt her perspective change as she was flipped over onto her stomach to dangle upside down over his knee.

“No!  Aaron, you can’t do this.”  Her heart was racing and skipped a beat as his hand slid over her bottom. Grasping her hip, he pulled her in closer and secured her with a strong arm at her waist. 

“I think you know that I can,” was his crisp response.  He proved his claim by pulling up her skirts and flipping them onto her back. She was left with only the thin layer of her drawers as protection.

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