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Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Welcome to Wicked Wanton Wednesday--Regency Style

Renee Rose is my guest today and she brings a wicked historical tidbit from the Reddington Scandal. 
Those of you who know Renee will appreciate her motto: 'no romance is complete without a spanking' and I wholeheartedly agree.

There's nothing like the Regency era.  The glamor, the glitz, the decadent lifestyle of The Ton...  I write Victorian but I believe they had the same split drawers and delicious corsets.

Those of you new to her work, read on... If you read Renee's excerpt, you will get a little taste... 

Enjoy Wicked Wanton Wednesday Regency Style.

The Blurb from the "Reddington Scandal"

When Phoebe's brother-in-law catches the notorious rake Lord Fenton in his home late at night, half-dressed and obviously attempting escape, he flies into a rage, threatening to kill both his wife and Lord Fenton. In a desperate measure to avert bloodshed, Phoebe claims she is Lord Fenton's lover, thereby forcing him to take her as his wife to avoid a scandal.

Knowing full well a philanderer like Teddy Fenton could never remain faithful, Phoebe insists upon separate bedrooms, resolving to resist his charm rather than fall in love and face the pain of his inevitable infidelity. Her handsome husband respects her request for a marriage in name only, but his marital dominance manifests itself in other ways. She soon learns that while he will not force her to his bed, Teddy is more than willing to take her over his knee and spank her bare bottom when her behavior warrants it.

Doubting his ability to stay faithful and not wishing to replicate his parents' miserable existence, Teddy had never intended to take a wife, until he was forced to marry the lovely Phoebe Fletcher and everything changed. Suddenly other women hold no allure for him, and he wants nothing more than to win the affection of his new bride. But just when it seems he might succeed, secrets from her past threaten to destroy their chance at happiness. Can this couple come to love one another as befits a man and wife, or will their marriage end in scandal after all?

This book contains a special bonus story featuring Kitty and Harry Westerfield from The Westerfield Affair.

Publisher's Note: The Reddington Scandal is an erotic romance novel that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

"Renee Rose has written several historical romance / spanking novels and I have loved every single one.  I whole-heartedly recommend this title." - Bottoms Up Book Reviews

Enjoy an Excerpt from The Reddington Scandal... 

He pulled her drawers off. “Show me how you touch yourself between your legs, Phoebe.”

            Her lips parted and her head fell back. Her hand crept slowly toward her sex, which he could see was already glistening with nectar. She touched the outer lips of her sex tentatively.

            “Is that how you do it?” he murmured as he crawled up next to her on the bed, settling on his side with his head resting in his hand.

            “No,” she whispered.

            “How do you do it, Phoebe? Do you put your fingers inside?”

            “No.” Her brow furrowed and he sensed he had tread on dangerous ground.

            “Just show me how you do it.”

            “Well,” she hesitated. “I lie on my stomach.”

            He smothered a laugh. “Roll over, then, and show me what you do.”

            She rolled over, her hand between her legs. She did not penetrate her sex with her fingers, but kept them all cupped together, undulating in a wave like motion over her mons. Her hips began to grind, pressing her mound into her hand.

            He unfastened her corset, taking care not to distract her. “Now that I shall be prohibited from frequenting the brothels, I'll have to teach you to please me like a light-skirt. Do you think you could do so, Phoebe?”

            She made a little whimper of protest, but her hips hurried their speed, belying her excitement. “Have you ever heard the term cada orificio?”

            She made a negative sound. Her corset completely opened, he trailed his fingertip down her spine. “It comes from the Italian whores. It means every orifice. It means they take a man into all three of their largest orifices.”

            She made another moan. His fingertip had reached the cleft of her buttocks and he slid it down to her thighs, then back up, this time deep within her cheeks.

            “Did you know you can take a man here, Phoebe?” he asked, applying a small amount of pressure on her back hole.


Maddie's Intimate Authors Corner

November's authors corner questions is how do you get the inspiration for your sex scenes.  What do you say Renee?  What inspires you wanton wickedness???

Renee:  My own sex life feeds a lot of my sex scenes, as do my masturbatory fantasies. TMI?  Sorry!!!

Maddie:  Oh Renee!  That is not nearly enough TMI!!!!  Now you have left us readers to assume you have participated in all of the wickedly HOT sex scenes you have written especially cada orificio.  Now... naming names would be TMI.  LOL

Thank you so much for joining me today!  Will I see you again next month for The Naughty List??  I hope so...

Next week my pre-Thanksgiving guest will be Emily Tilton.  See you then!

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