Monday, November 18, 2013

Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday

Back by popular demand;  

Torrid Tantalizing Tuesday.  

I am very happy to be hosting Dinah McLeod, a great friend and colleague but also a wonderful DD/Spanking fiction author.  

Dinah sets up her newest release:  "Answering to Him"

I would like to first thank Maddie for allowing me to be here with her today! And secondly I’d like to take a moment to introduce you all to my newest book, “Answering to Him”. It’s the story of Alicia and Oliver, who have been married sixteen years and have one teenage son, Jonah. As long as they’ve been married, Alicia never has come clean about a secret she’s kept hidden: she’s a spanko and she’s just dying for her husband to take her over his knee! When she finally finds the courage to reveal herself, she finds herself in for a surprise when Oliver has a completely different spanking in mind!

Now enjoy a tantalizing taste from "Answering to Him"

He pounced on me, nibbling my lip, kissing it, so amorous in his need that he was rougher than usual. I responded eagerly, feeling his urgency in every possessive touch of his fingers. I tilted my head back so that he could kiss my neck. He attacked the delicate flesh immediately, with such passionate kisses that I wondered if I might get my first hickey in almost fifteen years. As he was pressing his lips to every inch of skin there, I was pulling his shirt off. As soon as he was free of it, my hands went for the zipper on his pants.
“When are you going to stop wearing jeans to bed?” I asked, my voice breathy as I giggled.
“As soon as you remember to take them off me, like this,” he replied before biting down on my neck and making me gasp.
As soon as I slid his jeans off, pulling the boxers down along with them, his cock sprang forward, long and hard. Just the sight of it made me melt. I reached out a finger to stroke his hardened manhood, and the minute I touched the swollen head, the feel of his silky skin made my panties dampen with desire.
“God, Alicia,” he groaned, sounding almost fierce. Before I could take him in my hand, he reached over and pushed me down on the bed.
I felt my heart leap into my throat. I’d never seen him like this; my husband was always so steady and mild-mannered, and while I loved him for it, seeing this man that was practically wild for me was thrilling beyond words. We came together as though we were the cats in heat my husband had teasingly accused me of being. I clawed my fingernails down his back and saw him grit his teeth as he groaned.
He pounded into me, hard, each thrust desperate to find release. I could hardly catch my breath as I lay underneath him; desire had turned my insides to mush, and with each thrust I felt myself flying higher, and higher, exhilarated at the pleasure and terrified of following all at once.
“I can’t take any more,” I gasped. “Please, Oliver.”
Normally the perfect gentleman, my husband would have stilled and rolled over at once. The man who had replaced him, who had delivered more pleasure to me in one night than I’d ever had before, shook his head. “Come with me.”
“Oh, please,” I groaned again. “Please.” Even I didn’t know what I was begging him for—I could hardly speak with the heat in my body that was willing to tear me apart to find release. Maybe he knew I was saying, Stop, you have to stop before I come apart. Maybe he knew, but he didn’t heed my pleas.
The thrusts came closer together, even harder than before, and I rode each wave out, clutching his sweaty arm. I closed my eyes and saw colors dance before them. This must be what it feels like—my body was racked with orgasms. This must be what it feels like to die by pleasure.

Maddie's Intimate Author's Corner

I asked Dinah where she got her inspiration for my sex scenes?
Funny story. A reader of Harlequin romances when I grew up, I always used to try to "write" in my head as I was being kissed. You know, he leaned toward her, seduction in his eyes... anyway, it made me burst out laughing whenever a man tried to kiss me! They stopped trying after getting that reaction a few times! ;) So now I do the same thing with my sex life. Just please don't tell my husband!

MT:  Great answer, Dinah.  Just one question.  You say you do the same thing with your sex life, that doesn't include the laughing, does it?  I image that could really put a damper on things.  Not to mention deflating his ego and getting you spanked!  Or is that you ploy?   I insist that you clarify.  :) 

Thanks for stopping by today Dinah!  I'm looking forward to seeing you again for our Christmas Collaboration on The Naughty List.  Please drop in again any time.

Tomorrow Renee Rose will be joining me for Wicked Wanton Wednesday, so make sure to drop by and see what she's got cooking.  I bet it's sexy, HOT and if I was a betting woman, I bet it's historical.  So, come on by!

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