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Wicked Wanton Wednesday with Emily Tilton

This is a week for giving thanks and counting our blessings.  Is it naughty of me to be thankful for a double dose of Emily Tilton's wicked wanton ways?  She has provided two steamy excerpts...  One is hot, the other is off the charts naughty and will baste your turkey for you.  LOL 
Emily gave me a choice of excerpts...
I chose BOTH!   Enjoy!
Warning:  This book of Explorations contains fiction elaborating the following sorts of fantasy that you may wish to avoid: Mf, MMMf (no sex among the Ms), anal, spanking, watersports. It's intended for over-18 audiences who, like me, are interested in exploring the lines between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, and fantasy and reality. All characters depicted are consenting adults.

Edmund’s bride-saddle, which had never been used before, had no built-in fascinus, and so I was spared at least the menacing sight of the upthrust deity, though I was to learn not many days later that the cover of the saddle could easily be changed to reveal the ring into which would be set any of a number of fittings, and I was to learn also that a recent revolution in the manufacture of bride-saddles had brought it about that these rings were now standardized in such way that girls could be required to bring their own fascini to any occasion, and then forced to fit them to the house’s saddle themselves, and mount. 
In the 29th book of Explorations, Victorian Emily's ultimate defloration occurs atop her husband's bride-saddle, while fantasy-Emily continues her shameful service to her husband's junior colleagues.

Excerpt #1:  The Appetizer

I turned, away from the saddle, to Edmund, apprehensive. “Sir, what am I to do?”

He smiled, “Mount, my dear.”

I blushed, and trembled a bit. “What will happen then?”

He took my hands in his. “You will learn to ride.”

I covered my real confusion with a feigned one. “But, Sir, I already know how to ride.”

Now he put his left arm around my shoulders, and turned me towards the bride-saddle, and reached his right hand down to my loins and gently touched me so that I shivered and sighed a little.

“But you do not know how it is a girl may ride and be ridden at once.” His fingers became more insistent. “Tell me, Emily—what did it feel like to be over the discipline horse in the solarium?”
“Hmmm. . . ah. . . . Edmund. . . don’t. . .”

“I know the pleasure outweighed the pain.”

“Ahhh. . . but, Sir, you didn’t hear me scream. . .”

“How I wish I had, now—but you’re not denying my words, are you?”

“No, I’m not.” I surrendered to his fingers, and bent my knees.

“Mount, my dear, and I promise my rod will be gentler than your governess’.”

I was practically delirious now with the idea of it; it seemed to me I had always known that this was what that lewd part of me was for, to yield up to a hero that secret place that I had plagued so with fingers and all manner of little things when I was young, that since that day at Elmhurst I had tried never to think of, or touch, until the afternoon at Smith’s when all had been changed. It was for Edmund, and he would use it, enjoy it. And it would hurt, as it should, to punish me for my impertinence, for my hesitation to please him. But, oh, to have it, him, his. . . yard in there. . .
Bonus Excerpt:  Caution Maximum Naughtiness follows...
I was thinking again, which was something Perry clearly didn't like. His right hand lashed out, and the lash found my bottom, and I cried out.

"Whoa," said Sam.

"Big guy," said Perry, "you have a lot to learn about how to treat a woman like this. Put your hand down there and feel that little cunt."

"No, please. . ." I said, and shrieked as I was struck again.

Incredulous, Sam stooped down, and I felt his huge fingers, and I moaned, uncontrollably.

"What did I tell you?" asked Perry.

"Let me feel that," said Joe, and he stooped behind me, and forced his hand painfully between my thighs, bound by the red lace panties. He chuckled. "She's like some kind of gusher down there."

"Look at her blush, now," Perry said. "That's the funny thing--she still thinks there's something to be embarrassed about--like we don't know that she's a little whore who gets it in the ass every night from her sugar-daddy husband."

Now the fear and the arousal mingled, as Perry played my submissive nature like a violin. He knew his role--indeed, he was better at it even than Charles. Between Perry and Sam I was going to have a hard time, I thought, keeping from utterly shaming myself on the video that was being made even as I put my lips forward and kissed the cock of my new Master, Perry, never ceasing to loathe and fear him.


Maddie's Intimate
Authors Corner:
MT:  Emily, where do you get your ideas for the very naughty sex erotic scenes?  Do tell all...

Emily:  It's hard to believe that I'm actually embarrassed by my answer, but they come almost purely from fantasies I have while masturbating, which are in turn elaborations of things I've read. As I read other people's erotica, I'm constantly saying to myself, "Yes, oh, yes, but wouldn't it be hotter if. . ." and then eventually I write my own version.

Thanks so much for joining me and Emily today for this pre-Thanksgiving treat.  We'll return next week with Maren Smith and her contribution to The Naughty List;  Something Has to Give.  I'll also have a special edition on Tuesday featuring new author a good friend, Bella Bryce who will do a 2-part post on her Waldorf Manor Series.


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