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A Good Girl Spanking

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In Faithfully, our deliciously dominant Captain Davis is introducing his sweet, sexy new wife to the world of domestic discipline.  Having already received a bad girl spanking, he is teaching her the delights of a sensual, good girl spanking....  Enjoy!

“Excellent.  Just a few more spanks and I think you’ll know what I mean by a good-girl spanking.”  Using a light brisk stroke, he proceeded to paint her entire bottom and thighs with color.  Smacking lightly so as not to hurt, but giving enough of a sting to warm her and elicit the desired response from her body.  He watched in delight as she eagerly rocked into the swats, encouraging him to give her more.  Her groans floating up to him further signaled her fervent response.

“Do you understand the difference now, baby?”

Faithfully is a prequel-novella and introduces the Club Decadence series.  It is available exclusively on Kindle Select through November.  

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The "Art" of Victorian Domestic Discipline

The Victorians are often credited for beginning if not perfecting the "art" of Domestic Discipline, although the use of spanking pre-dates this period by centuries.  Spanking goes back to the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Romans.  In those times it was often referred to as flagellation. 

My new release Surrender Your Grace is my first Victorian historical romance.  I really enjoyed the research and thought I would share with you some of the other interesting tidbits I found, but was not able include in my first book.  To start, here is a snippet from Surrender....

Set in the mid-1860's, a cruel twist of fate brings this unlikely pair together in an impromptu marriage. Andrew is a dominant young Lord who has very strong ideas on how his wife should behave. Cici is an innocent young Lady: sheltered, well-educated and well-bred. Will she learn to be the submissive wife he demands? And can Andrew exert his dominance without breaking her spirit?

She heard a splash and then a whippy noise through the air.  Confounded by the sounds she still kept her position, reluctant to add to her upcoming punishment.  Heavy footsteps sounded and momentarily, he was standing beside her. 

“Look at me, Cecilia.”
She instantly turned her head in compliance then gasped in alarm when she saw the tied bundle of sticks he held in his hand. 
“Do you know what this is?”
She shook her head negatively, but as she stared at the ominous looking punishment tool a feeling of dread crept over her. 
“This is a birching rod, something that I’m afraid you will become overly familiar with until you curb that tongue of yours." 

“Oh Andrew, please.  I am sorry for my behavior.”

Putting a large hand between her shoulder blades, he gently guided her back over the bench.  “Remain in position or I will bind you.  You are going to have to trust me, wife.  I am your husband and have no intention of harming you.  Understand that when I give correction it is to provide guidance for your well-being and the good of our marriage.   The birch will raise a good bit of fire on your skin, but I will be careful not to cut you and the way I employ it very rarely leaves bruises.”

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to the world of Club Decadence.

In the introductory prequel to "Captain My Captain" and "You Said Forever", Captain Peter Davis and Joanna Beckett first meet in 1979. Although nine years her senior, Captain Davis can't resist the bright, funny, and incredibly sexy Joanna; after a whirlwind romance, they marry and begin a thirty plus year marriage which ultimately leads to the founding of the exclusive BDSM Club Decadence with some of Davis' men.

But Davis and Joanna have obstacles of their own to overcome. How does a domestic discipline marriage, started in the 1970s, grow and change through the years? And will their marriage ultimately survive Davis' commitment to his special-ops military career?

Publisher's note: "Faithfully" is a prequel to "Captain, My Captain" and "You Said Forever." Like the other books in the series, it contains erotic BDSM elements in a domestic discipline marriage.

Meet the Doms of Club Decadence. 

 (Club Decedance Book One) Special Forces Captain Tony Rossi is back from Afghanistan and ready to settle into civilian life. He has his business affairs in order and is now ready get on with the personal business of Megan Sinclair. Kept apart for 15 years by distance and circumstance, those barriers no longer exist and Tony is ready to claim his woman. Will she be willing to accept his belief in a traditional relationship where the man is the head of the household? What about his part-ownership in the local bondage club? He is determined to win her no matter the obstacles that get in his way.

Megan, for her part, has loved him since high school but believes he just thinks of her as a cute, kid sister. When she realizes that Tony is interested, it's a double-edged sword. As an independent business woman can she conform to Tony's old fashioned beliefs and demands and be spanked? Can she bring all her secret fantasies to life and submit?

(Club Decadence Book Two) Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer Rick Spencer is back from Afghanistan and ready to reacquaint himself with his wife of 3 years. But something is wrong. They have loved each other for a decade but have never really lived together. Now they must learn how to live as ordinary couple, as ordinary as an old fashioned traditional relationship can be.

Regan, for her part, has been an independent woman with her husband oversees. Now she must hand the reigns back to her dominant head of household. And what about her secret? Can she trust him or could it ruin what they were trying to rebuild. Can she ask him to make that sacrifice?

In book 2, we return to Club Decadence for more BDSM fun and games. We meet up with old friends as they continue their journey through DD relationships. And we delve into the intrigue and danger as the ex-Green Berets of Rossi Security work to rid their home state of Texas of the insidious evil of a Mexican drug cartel. Rick must keep her safe, even if that means spanking her to keep her safe from herself.

This romantic and at times heartbreaking story contains non-consensual and consensual domestic discipline and spanking, including mild BDSM elements.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Torn Between Two Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings my naughty little friends.  Today, I am torn between two novels.  The first is my new release - Surrender Your Grace - my Victorian spanking romance which was just released last weekend and my newest release - Faithfully - which is a prequel to my Club Decadence series.  

Eeny, meeny, miney, mo...

OK...Faithfully it is.  I've done several promo's with snippets, so will go back to the world of dominant men and sassy subs and of course lots of spanking.

I write about guilty pleasures and adore a good romance between two committed people in a loving relationship that includes a lot of sizzle and a touch kink. 
My books combine many of my favorite things...sassy leading ladies, humor, BDSM (nothing too hardcore, and sexy dominant men.

Frozen, she stared at him.  Would he really spank her?  She squirmed in his lap at the thought of going across his muscular thighs with a bare exposed bottom.  Instantly, she felt her juices soak her panties and then watched as a wicked grin crossed Peter’s face.

“I can feel your heat clear through my jeans, darlin’. You like that idea... of being naked and lying across my lap, your naughty bottom upraised and bared for my hand.”  He slid the dress off her shoulders watching as it slid down her body to pool over his legs.  “Well, I think it’s time you find out just how that feels.  I think I told you what would happen if I had to strip you myself, didn’t I?”

Faithfully will be available beginning August 24th, exclusively to Kindle Select for the next 90 days.  

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Hoops and Crinolines and Corsets, Oh My!

I was working on an upcoming blog spot for my friend Celeste Jones.  We were thinking about covering Victorian undies, or is it uncovering them.  While working on this for her, I remembered a yummy little snippet from Surrender Your Grace that I thought you'd enjoy  

Here's an abridged snippet:

.“Is there something wrong with my gown, My Lord?”

“No, you look perfectly lovely.  However, this habit of yours of ignoring my requests needs to be curbed."

As he spoke, he moved behind her and reached under the point of her dress, releasing her skirt and crinolines.  “Damn crinolines and hoops.  I don’t know where you women got the idea for such frippery.”
He finally released her skirt, petticoat, elongated hoop and crinolines then stepped back and watched as they collapsed to the floor in a heap around her feet.  Offering her his hand, he helped her to step over the voluminous fabric and pulled her toward the bench seat of her dressing table where he sat.  Spreading his legs wide, he then guided her between them and assisted her into position over his knee. Cici was stunned and didn’t begin to resist until she was face down over his lap and she felt him pulling up her chemise in back. 
“You can’t mean to spank me now, and in my drawers,” she cried.  “Papa never removed my clothing.  This is most improper.”
“You are correct.  I don’t mean to spank you in your drawers.”  He untied the drawstring from said garment and - splitting the linen and lace material - bared her bottom to his gaze for the first time.  Her full white globes appeared smooth and perfect to his eyes.  “If your father punished you over your skirts, it's no wonder the cane was ineffective on your sister.  You must remember that I am not your papa.  As your husband, you may always expect that a spanking from me will be delivered on your lovely bare bottom.”   

Interested in learning more? Watch for more on my blog spot with Celeste Jones.  She also has very intriguing spot with Renee Rose about the Regency era this week.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Surrender Your Grace

August 17, 2013

Just in time for Saturday Spankings.  
I wish I could say I planned it that way.

Although a fan of Regency and Victorian romance for years, this is my first venture in writing a historical romance.  It was such fun to research and even more fun to write.  I hope you will enjoy the Andrew and Cici's story and fall in love with them as I did.

Surrender Your Grace tells the story of an aristocratic couple who find themselves forced to cede to society's expectations and reluctantly marry.  As the pair grows to know each other as husband and wife, they face challenges and dangers that threaten their union.

Andrew is a dominant Lord who has firm ideas about how a wife should behave and even firmer ideas on how to provide correction, if she doesn't.  Cici is a well-bred, educated and demure young woman, the ideal lady as society expects.  But if she is such a docile bride, why does she keep finding herself over her husbands knee for much needed correction?  Will she learn to submit?  Can he exert his dominance without breaking her spirit?  

Here is a little snippet to whet your appetite...  It's a little longer than 8, but since it is my release day, I hope Mistress Blake will forgive me.  Enjoy!

"I am a firm believer in delivering a sound thrashing when it’s needed.  It appears your father was lax in the application of the cane where your sister is concerned.  The old idiom ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ seems fitting in this case.  You will find I am not as careless.  In the future, if you violate the rules we’ve just discussed or any rules I decree from now on, you can expect to feel my guiding hand on your naughty backside, or any other implement I see fit to use to make my point clear. Do you understand?”

Cici paled, and her eyes were round as saucers as she looked at him.  He would spank her like a naughty child?  Papa hadn’t found cause to discipline her since she was still in pinafores.  Of course, that had been Elizabeth’s fault as well.  It seemed every time she got in trouble, her sister’s hand was involved.  Look at her current predicament.  Did wives really get spanked?   

“Fear not Cecilia, if you are a good girl and behave as a lady should, you have nothing to fear.”  He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

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His Baby Likes to Watch



This week we go back to the beginning In Captain, My Captain  Club Decadence Book One.

Cap is a big, strong, sexy Dom.  Did I mention he is former US Special Forces?  He is used to being in charge and expects his woman to follow his lead.

Megan is an independent, sassy woman who is also a small, business owner.  She is used to being in charge in her realm.  She also has a wicked tongue that will get her in trouble with Cap more often than not.  

In today's snippet, Megan is having some self esteem issues and Cap is determined to nip that in the bud.  He shows her how beautiful she is to him using the full length mirror in their bedroom.  

 “Open your eyes and look in the mirror; see what I see.”

She gasped as she looked at the stunning picture they made.  He was big, hard and dark - she was small, soft and fair.  Although opposites, they complimented each other perfectly.   His handsome face appeared above her shoulder, his lips pressing gentle kisses along the curve of her shoulder, up her neck and behind her ear.  

In the mirror, she watched him touch her, igniting her passion.  Her nipples were taut peaks as his broad fingers stroked and tweaked them gently.    

“We are beautiful together, Captain."  

“Ok then, no more talk about you being fat, or useless, or not good enough; you are perfection.”

Agreed, there is no spanking in this snippet, but this was just the foreplay.  I'll see you next week with more.  I am such a tease.  <wink>  

I feel I need to take a moment and point out that there are two covers for Captain, My Captain.  The above beautifully erotic cover is the original, released on Amazon and Blushing Books in late March of this year.  Some funny business occurred after the release of You Said Forever, Club Decadence Book 2 and poor Cap and Megan got slapped with an Amazon Adult tag and wound up in the Amazon Dungeon; so sad.  Fortunately, it was a brief imprisonment and my favorite D/s couple emerged from their prison and are once again enjoying the freedom they so aptly deserve.  

Bottom line, if shopping on Amazon don't be confused when you see cover 2.  It is exclusive to Amazon to meet their new... How should I put it?  Morality standards?

Now I know this may be confusing, believe me as a new author I found it so, too.   And sadly, some readers may see this other cover and think they are getting a different book.  Alas, it is beyond my control.  I have learned early in the game that you must play by the rules in this biz or wind up in the DUNGEON.  Unlike my books, this dungeon is not a fun place to be.

The original cover is certainly my preference and can still be found on less puckered websites such as Blushing Books and BarnesandNoble.  

You can read more about the Adult tags on my blog or at Disciplined Writer.  

I'll get off my soapbox now and encourage you to bloghop over to my fellow Saturday Spankings  & 
Weekend Writing Warriors sites...   

Enjoy!  Look for me again next week for another Saturday Spanking.  I love it!

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Victorian Era Naughty Bits... 
Show me your old hat, if you please My Lady.

My WIP is a Victorian Romance called 
"Surrender Your Grace" 

Now in the Victorian Era, there was a morally strict social code. Dignity and sexual restraint was to be strictly adhered to.   A gentlemen would not refer to a ladies leg in mixed company, it was a limb.  God forbid they should refer to her breasts or ass... Excuse me Your Majesty, I meant to say Diddies or Nancy.  

There was even a law enacted that puts the censors at Amazon to shame called the Obscene Publications Act 1857.  This act banned any type of obscene or depraved publication that might corrupt the public.  Those poor helpless sheep.  

Alas, my fellow readers and writers of spanking and erotic fiction; we would have been imprisoned and locked in the stocks, paddled and spanked for public entertainment.  Mmmm... well, maybe that wouldn't have been so bad.  

Ahem... I digress.

Thank goodness we did not live in that era and as adults are free to pursue whatever obscene and depraved publications we so desire.   Tee-hee.

While doing my research I came across some interesting and often hilarious Victorian era slang that I thought you might enjoy.  Even though they couldn't legally read or say these naughty words, they found a way around it.  Ah... you gotta love human resourcefulness.

Drunk, intoxicated:  corned, to be on the ran-tan

Woman's privates:  Miss Laycock, the old hat, cock alley, madge and quim.

Man's privates:  bawbles, lobcock (lard and relaxed), plugtail, tallywag, whore pipe

Woman of loose morals:  dirty puzzle, bangtail, tart

The sex act:  beast with two backs, going to Bedfordshire, melting moments (chubby humping), riding rantipole (to do it was the aforementioned dirty puzzle), tip the velvet (gracing a woman with oral pleasure)

Notice there are no terms for a man of loose morals?  I guess they would have been referred to as simply  "My Hero".