Monday, August 5, 2013

Victorian Era Naughty Bits... 
Show me your old hat, if you please My Lady.

My WIP is a Victorian Romance called 
"Surrender Your Grace" 

Now in the Victorian Era, there was a morally strict social code. Dignity and sexual restraint was to be strictly adhered to.   A gentlemen would not refer to a ladies leg in mixed company, it was a limb.  God forbid they should refer to her breasts or ass... Excuse me Your Majesty, I meant to say Diddies or Nancy.  

There was even a law enacted that puts the censors at Amazon to shame called the Obscene Publications Act 1857.  This act banned any type of obscene or depraved publication that might corrupt the public.  Those poor helpless sheep.  

Alas, my fellow readers and writers of spanking and erotic fiction; we would have been imprisoned and locked in the stocks, paddled and spanked for public entertainment.  Mmmm... well, maybe that wouldn't have been so bad.  

Ahem... I digress.

Thank goodness we did not live in that era and as adults are free to pursue whatever obscene and depraved publications we so desire.   Tee-hee.

While doing my research I came across some interesting and often hilarious Victorian era slang that I thought you might enjoy.  Even though they couldn't legally read or say these naughty words, they found a way around it.  Ah... you gotta love human resourcefulness.

Drunk, intoxicated:  corned, to be on the ran-tan

Woman's privates:  Miss Laycock, the old hat, cock alley, madge and quim.

Man's privates:  bawbles, lobcock (lard and relaxed), plugtail, tallywag, whore pipe

Woman of loose morals:  dirty puzzle, bangtail, tart

The sex act:  beast with two backs, going to Bedfordshire, melting moments (chubby humping), riding rantipole (to do it was the aforementioned dirty puzzle), tip the velvet (gracing a woman with oral pleasure)

Notice there are no terms for a man of loose morals?  I guess they would have been referred to as simply  "My Hero".