Friday, August 30, 2013

A Good Girl Spanking

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In Faithfully, our deliciously dominant Captain Davis is introducing his sweet, sexy new wife to the world of domestic discipline.  Having already received a bad girl spanking, he is teaching her the delights of a sensual, good girl spanking....  Enjoy!

“Excellent.  Just a few more spanks and I think you’ll know what I mean by a good-girl spanking.”  Using a light brisk stroke, he proceeded to paint her entire bottom and thighs with color.  Smacking lightly so as not to hurt, but giving enough of a sting to warm her and elicit the desired response from her body.  He watched in delight as she eagerly rocked into the swats, encouraging him to give her more.  Her groans floating up to him further signaled her fervent response.

“Do you understand the difference now, baby?”

Faithfully is a prequel-novella and introduces the Club Decadence series.  It is available exclusively on Kindle Select through November.  

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