Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hoops and Crinolines and Corsets, Oh My!

I was working on an upcoming blog spot for my friend Celeste Jones.  We were thinking about covering Victorian undies, or is it uncovering them.  While working on this for her, I remembered a yummy little snippet from Surrender Your Grace that I thought you'd enjoy  

Here's an abridged snippet:

.“Is there something wrong with my gown, My Lord?”

“No, you look perfectly lovely.  However, this habit of yours of ignoring my requests needs to be curbed."

As he spoke, he moved behind her and reached under the point of her dress, releasing her skirt and crinolines.  “Damn crinolines and hoops.  I don’t know where you women got the idea for such frippery.”
He finally released her skirt, petticoat, elongated hoop and crinolines then stepped back and watched as they collapsed to the floor in a heap around her feet.  Offering her his hand, he helped her to step over the voluminous fabric and pulled her toward the bench seat of her dressing table where he sat.  Spreading his legs wide, he then guided her between them and assisted her into position over his knee. Cici was stunned and didn’t begin to resist until she was face down over his lap and she felt him pulling up her chemise in back. 
“You can’t mean to spank me now, and in my drawers,” she cried.  “Papa never removed my clothing.  This is most improper.”
“You are correct.  I don’t mean to spank you in your drawers.”  He untied the drawstring from said garment and - splitting the linen and lace material - bared her bottom to his gaze for the first time.  Her full white globes appeared smooth and perfect to his eyes.  “If your father punished you over your skirts, it's no wonder the cane was ineffective on your sister.  You must remember that I am not your papa.  As your husband, you may always expect that a spanking from me will be delivered on your lovely bare bottom.”   

Interested in learning more? Watch for more on my blog spot with Celeste Jones.  She also has very intriguing spot with Renee Rose about the Regency era this week.

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