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Surrender Your Grace

August 17, 2013

Just in time for Saturday Spankings.  
I wish I could say I planned it that way.

Although a fan of Regency and Victorian romance for years, this is my first venture in writing a historical romance.  It was such fun to research and even more fun to write.  I hope you will enjoy the Andrew and Cici's story and fall in love with them as I did.

Surrender Your Grace tells the story of an aristocratic couple who find themselves forced to cede to society's expectations and reluctantly marry.  As the pair grows to know each other as husband and wife, they face challenges and dangers that threaten their union.

Andrew is a dominant Lord who has firm ideas about how a wife should behave and even firmer ideas on how to provide correction, if she doesn't.  Cici is a well-bred, educated and demure young woman, the ideal lady as society expects.  But if she is such a docile bride, why does she keep finding herself over her husbands knee for much needed correction?  Will she learn to submit?  Can he exert his dominance without breaking her spirit?  

Here is a little snippet to whet your appetite...  It's a little longer than 8, but since it is my release day, I hope Mistress Blake will forgive me.  Enjoy!

"I am a firm believer in delivering a sound thrashing when it’s needed.  It appears your father was lax in the application of the cane where your sister is concerned.  The old idiom ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ seems fitting in this case.  You will find I am not as careless.  In the future, if you violate the rules we’ve just discussed or any rules I decree from now on, you can expect to feel my guiding hand on your naughty backside, or any other implement I see fit to use to make my point clear. Do you understand?”

Cici paled, and her eyes were round as saucers as she looked at him.  He would spank her like a naughty child?  Papa hadn’t found cause to discipline her since she was still in pinafores.  Of course, that had been Elizabeth’s fault as well.  It seemed every time she got in trouble, her sister’s hand was involved.  Look at her current predicament.  Did wives really get spanked?   

“Fear not Cecilia, if you are a good girl and behave as a lady should, you have nothing to fear.”  He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

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