About Me (A Work In Progress)

Always a voracious reader, I am a fan of all genre's of romance.  I like to write edgy erotic romances with sexy dominant heroes and spirited real women with a twist.

Bio: I live in the mountains of beautiful East Tennessee where I live with my wonderful husband of 20+ years. Together we have built a wonderful life with our two sons who have grown into strong, successful young men that we are very proud of. Who rules our roust? Of course, my strong alpha male husband as well as our male mixed-lab alpha dog and Her Highness our cat. 

Amidst all that testosterone and Miss Kitty's bossy ways, I occasionally get a word in edgewise (mine are always the most profound and correct), get to drive the car (using GPS of course) and when nobody else is home even get to hold the remote control. It's no wonder I write fantasies about dominant alpha males and their feisty women...I write what I know.

Favorite Erotic Authors:

Cherise Sinclair and her Shadowland Series:  I fell immediately in lust with Master Z and all the Shadowland Masters.  I also like when characters who I have come to know and love make repeat appearances in later books in the series.  Check out more of Z and Jessica in Make Me, Sir  Book 5.  Yum.

Laurann Dohner:  I love all New Species and the Cyborg series.  Favorite is Taunting Krell.  I love a flawed hero that the heroine assists to redemption.  

Favorite Historical:

Anythine from the middle ages, especially Katherine Woodiwiss' The Wolf and the Dove.  

Favorite Erotic Sci-Fi

Dara Joy's Knight of a Trillion Stars.  A futuristic romance and is hot, sexy and humorous.  Alpha dominant male + submissive sexy heroine = Yummy!

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