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Z is for Zippity Doo Dah I'm through with the Challenge. Phew!

To celebrate making it through the June A-Z Spanking Challenge, I thought I'd finish with a bang.  I've been collecting author reviews for a while now and have enough to post.  

These are 5-star and only 5-star reviews from authors and some of what they read (vanilla) may surprise you...

I Am A Dominant by Maggie Carpenter.  

I loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down.   It was awesome to hear about a D/s from the Dom perspective and one who wasn’t arrogant, like some of the books out there.   It was fascinating to read how a Dom develops, how he deals with brattiness or manipulation.  James Collier is very candid and his retelling of situations was scintillating.   The dialogue was HOT and his dominance oozed off the pages. As expected from Maggie Carpenter the sex and spanking scenes were breath taking.    A definite 5 stars!!

~Megan Michaels

BabyLove  By Catherine Anderson

I loved this story! Maggie was a young woman who had been abused by her evil step father. As a last ditch effort to save herself and her infant son Jaimie, Maggie escapes her step father's clutches and falls in to the arms of Rafe, a lost cowboy. Together, they work to put away their horrible pasts and fall in love.

This was the first book in Ms. Anderson's Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan series and if all the rest of her books are this good, then I can't wait to read them! This book was full of new beginnings, adventures, and most importantly hope. I loved the character of Maggie. For someone who had been given such a hard hand in life, she continued to fight for what she believed in and a better life for her son.

Ms. Anderson managed to grab a hold of my heart when I first started reading and she didn't let go until I turned the final page. I have to say, I was so sad when the book finished because I wanted to keep reading about Rafe and Maggie. I'm hoping that they'll continued to be featured in the series books to come.

~Meredith O’Reilly

The Doctor's Little Girl By Alex Reynolds

I was very impressed by this book. It's Ms. Reynold's first one, yet her story came off as one written by a well seasoned author.

Molly is a young woman who is in need of some guidance. She had a rough upbringing, which causes her to secretly desire to be taken care of by a firm and loving Daddy. Dr. Alexander is just the man for the job. After meeting Molly and making a quick judgment that she is a kind person who he wants to protect, he gives her a job in his office when she falls on hard times.

I really did like this book. The writing was detailed without overly describing any scene. Ms. Reynolds did an excellent job at getting me to fall in love with her characters, especially Molly. Molly is a very sweet character who will stand up to anyone who she thinks is causing an injustice. Ms. Reynolds also made her characters so realistic. Molly, the little, was a size 8 in clothing, instead of the typical 100 pound littles that many AP authors describe their littles to be. (Something that I myself am guilty of.)

Ms. Reynolds even had a scene in her book of something that I personally am not a fan of, yet I was able to read it and enjoy it. Right there, she deserves 5 stars.

The only complaint that I have is, this book was too short! I'm really hoping that Ms. Reynolds writes a second book...maybe about Dave and some lucky lady? With that all being said, I give The Doctor's Little Girl 5 stars! It was a fun, quick, sweet read. I really can't wait to see what else Ms. Reynolds comes up with.

~Meredith O’Reilly

My Naughty Minette by Annabel Joseph

This is the third of four planned books in the Properly Spanked series and I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys the spanking romance genre.    I would like to highlight the word romance in that recommendation because Annabel's stories are first and foremost romances.   Anyone who has read my work knows I prefer deep character driven plots that show the complexities of multiple relationships at the same time.  This series has that in spades.   From the beginning we meet a group of friends and while each story focuses on a new couple, we continue to follow the couples we know and love from earlier books throughout each story. 

  Layer on top of that the excellent job Annabel does with story tension and plot twists while including extremely hot punishment and sexual scenes and this series rises to the top of my 'to be read' list.  I can't wait for the fourth and final book to come out later this year. 

~Livia Grant

Motorcycle Man
by Kristen Ashley

If anyone really knows me (or not, I’ve said it often enough in interviews), they know that Kristen Ashley books are like crack to me.  I can’t get enough.  My favorite—ever—is Motorcycle Man.  A tall, muscular, tatted, goatee sporting badass on a Harley, my, oh my!  Need I say more?  Okay, I don’t need to, but I will, Alpha to the tenth power, Tack is the president of an MC that has gone legit, or somewhat so.  He has a one-night stand with a sexy redhead who later pops up in the office of his own garage, as his new office manager and she won’t take a hike because he doesn’t want her working for him (because he knows what she tastes like—sigh).  Of course, Tara needs the job and no matter how sexy he is or how much he ticks her off, she won’t leave.  A challenge, Tack turns on the charm and soon… well, no spoilers.  He sounds like a jerk, which he is at first, but she did give it up at a party the first night, she didn’t clue him in that he was the one so don’t blame him he’s not a mind reader after all.  Tack grows on you, and Tara is all kinds of sweet, caring, motherly and full of insecurity.  Packed with action, suspense, hot sex, and big, burly, sexy biker dudes; what else do you need for a 5-star panty-melting book, and <gasp> there isn’t a swatted fanny in sight.  Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a HOT vanilla book.

~Maddie Taylor

Book of Shadows by Alexandra Sokoloff.

For those who like mystery/thrillers coupled with paranormal horror I'd recommend Book of Shadows. It's a murder mystery of the police procedural type in which the detective on the case slowly grows to accept that a supernatural agent is implicated in a series of bizarre murders. It turns into a race against time to stop a horrifying ritual from unleashing a vile demon. 

~Rollin Hand

ComeAway with Me by Kristen Proby

One of the things that drew me to this story was the locale. The city is Seattle and the flavor of the Pacific Northwest adds to the reader enjoyment with nicely done passages about local culture and points of interest. The story is off to a good start and the drift into romance and erotica is quite subtle rousing the reader’s passion so effortlessly that one is not even aware that the words are seducing you into breathless anticipation of the next scene or the next sexy encounter.

The author has developed the main characters to the point that the reader becomes comfortable with them in a hurry. The other thing I liked was that the author refrained from adding unnecessary characters that would just confuse readers into misleading side issues of little or no importance. That is one of the key faults I find with a number of novel length stories and most dialogue-driven screenplays. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. I would recommend this story to readers interested in either Romance or Erotica since it is difficult to separate the two in this well-written story. The best thing about it is that it is Book 1 of a series that already has several other sequels already available on Amazon.

This story is a resounding FIVE STARS. It is a page turner from beginning to end.

~Harry Lime

If you're an author and want to give a Five Star nod to a book that you've read, drop me a message and I'll include it in my next post.  It's fun for me, and fans, to learn what you're reading.

Thanks to all the authors for participating!

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Next to last is a Y-frame on the A-Z Challenge

 Yesterday, I featured a stationary cross, today it is a Y-frame that inverts.  What fun!  

In this clip, Sean is storing bondage equipment in his and Mara's basement pending the completion of Club Decadence.  Curious sort that he is, he decides to put it together, set it up and throw a play party.  To test the equipment for quality and safety, of course.  

Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence, Book 5

No one was paying attention to her. Everyone else was engaged with their partner. Cap had commandeered the spanking bench and was strapping down his giggling blonde. Rick and Regan had gravitated to the cross against the far wall. Dex and Elena were absent, seeking private time after announcing their engagement. The two other couples who Mara didn’t know were already occupied. One Dom had his sub in the cage while he perused the table laden with spanking implements. The other, a Domme, and the only female dominant in the group, had her inverted sub balls up in the Y-post. They were enthusiastically carrying out a most inventive sixty-nine with the upside down man’s head wedged firmly between the woman’s thighs as she alternated sucking his cock while slapping his ass and balls with a sharp hand.

Mara shuddered, what was it about these dominant women and ball slapping?

“That’s Mistress Anne.” Sean’s low whisper sounded in her ear as he slid his hands up her arms to cup her shoulders. Pulling her back against his chest, he filled her in on the details of the Domme and her sub. “Cap has known her for years. A retired Army lieutenant, she’s in her forties, owns her own business and according to Cap is as sweet as pie outside a club, but inside she’s a real ball buster. Pun intended. Roger, her sub, is also her husband of twenty years and a local attorney.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. He’s a cutthroat trial lawyer, busting balls by his own right in the courtroom, so I hear. It gets old evidently, so he likes to give up control to his Mistress after hours. They’ve already purchased a charter membership and Decadence doesn’t open until the summer.”

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X is for Cross (for lack of a real X-word) on the A-Z Challenge

In this scene, new sub Valerie Thornton is attending a beginners class at Club Decadence LA and witnesses a punishment on the St. Andrew's cross. 

Cross can be for X, yes? 

Oh, well. I'm at blog #24 of 26!!!! Forgive me for getting punchy. 

Enjoy this excerpt from Master My Love

Val was astonished to see Mistress Tara, the model for the demonstration, restrained to a St. Andrew’s cross. Her husband, Master Samson, had come in early specifically to participate. He addressed the class as Julie busied herself readying her Dom’s tools, laying out a variety of punishment instruments on a nearby table. 

Samson called for silence and greeted the two dozen or so students in the class. “You are in luck today.  My wife, who is also my submissive, has presented us with a perfect opportunity to complete the objectives for today’s class. I was asked by Master Eric to provide you with a demonstration of impact implements and since Tara here has been such a naughty girl, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for you to witness a real punishment session as well.” 

 “But we thought Mistress Tara was a Domme,” one of the male students said in amazement. It was obvious by his bright eyes and flushed skin that he was titillated by the thought of the demanding Mistress receiving her comeuppance. 

“Tara is actually a switch. That means she enjoys both dominance and submission. Until she met me, she didn’t know she had these submissive traits. As we explored our own dynamic it became clear that as a bi-sexual, she enjoyed dominating females, but also enjoyed succumbing to the control and authority of a man.” 

Samson paused, allowing time for questions before continuing. “Usually, I start with a thorough explanation of the reason for the punishment, often asking the submissive to list the infractions and discuss expectations for proper behavior. So we will begin there.” 

He addressed his submissive. “Tara, explain the actions that have led you to be naked on this cross.” 

“I was disobedient and did not follow your rules, Sir.” 

“And what rules exactly did you fail to follow?” 

“I came on to one of the new students.” 

“Why is that against the rules?” 

“Because I come on rather strong and tend to scare the new subs away like frightened rabbits, Sir.” 

“Very good, Tara. You see, class, my dear wife seems to get off by freaking out the new recruits, often to the detriment of the club's D/s ratio. It was Master Eric’s decision, with my wholehearted agreement, to put her through retraining, following appropriate punishment first, of course.” 

He walked to the table and appeared to peruse the available devices. 

“That brings us to the start of our little demonstration. I will ask Tara to rate each implement by severity and describe what she feels as we go along. I like to put my own little twist on the matter. As an experienced sub, I would expect her to be able to identify the implements by sound and sensation alone. Blindfold her, Julie.”

Buy on Amazon

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W is for Whip and a Psychological Thriller on the A-Z Challenge

On the home stretch now with blog number 23 of 26 on the A-Z Challenge.  Woo hoo!!!  

Master Dex is the Master Dom at Club Decadence.  He's also a whip master, his sensual weapon of choice is the single tail; an 8-plait, 4-feet long signal whip made from kangaroo hide to be exact.   Elena craves it by her Master's hand, but can he bring himself to use it again after what happened?

Little Light of Mine
Club Decadence Book 3

The swiping tip of the whip brushed her skin in a sensual warm up.  The steady whoosh soothed her into a trance like state.  He gradually increased the intensity with each successive stroke, building from a brushing caress to a sting and finally to a slow burn. 
Pausing between strokes to allow the sensation to penetrate her trance like state, he worked slowly and methodically.  Every few strokes he would sharply throw the single tail so it cracked in the air.  The exquisite psychological thrill of the whip brought them the satisfaction their shared kink demanded.  
He paused and stepped up behind her.  His hand gently caressed her skin assessing the heat and color, searching for welts and breaks of which there were none.  “Where are you my slave?” 
“Green, Master.”
“You need more, don’t you?  You need to feel the physical pain to ease your emotional pain before you can fly.  Tell me what you want, my slave.”
“Whip me harder, Master.  I want to feel the bite of your whip.  I want to please you.”
“You do please me, slave, so very much.”  He added another restraint securing her waist to keep her hips still.   He wouldn’t risk injury if she moved and he missed his target.  Once she was secured, he stepped back and cracked the whip through the air again, watching her shiver.  She was so responsive to sensation play and with the short tail he usually made her soar.  “Ten more lashes, each one will be progressively harder.  This time I am the musician and you are my instrument.  When we get to the pinnacle of the piece, I want your body to sing for me and I want you to come.”
“Yes Master.  Lash me; whip me until my body sings for you.  Take my pleasure.”
He resumed then with the same steady pace and moderate strokes.  He watched her carefully, playing with her body but assessing, weighing and judging her response at the same time.  Every two strokes he would crack the whip, missing her so that she only felt the brush of air over her inflamed skin.  He could tell she was flying as she moaned and writhed as if it had landed. 
For the last ten strokes, he actually decreased the intensity of the blows but she was so far into subspace by then she couldn’t tell.  It was all as he’d planned it and couldn’t have been achieved without the slow build up to subspace and the mind-fuck by the Master. Although he suggested that each stroke would become progressively harsh and heavy, he would never use such harsh tactics on her fragile skin. 
The lash falling with light brushing strokes against her already tender skin was processed by her dazed mind as searing, biting blows.  The combination of her sensitized skin and the speed of the blows reached a crescendo that made it hard for her to process where one stroke began and the other ended.  Her moans intensified and sweat rolled down her back.  She was ready.
“Come for me now, my beautiful slave.”

He brought the final lash down.  She heard the sharp crack and felt a streak of fire in its wake across her buttocks.  She screamed in pain and ecstasy as the pain brought her ultimate pleasure and she came in an intense orgasm, the climax stronger and longer lasting than ever before.  He’d never reveal the truth behind his single tail technique and risk eroding its psychological illusion.  He smiled as he dropped the whip to the floor knowing the last blow had never even touched her.  The intimidating sound and the light disturbance of the air near her skin was all he required to make her come apart.  

A Sneak Preview of Hooked: Decadence Nights on SatSpanks

Coming July 20th,  

Decadence Nights  

Decadence Nights is a series of novellas that continues where Club Decadence leaves off with stories many readers have asked for featuring some of the compelling secondary characters from the series.

I'm really excited about this spin-off, and yes, Club Decadence 6 is yet to come as well as two more in the Decadence LA series, but this story, got stuck in my mind and I couldn't move on until I wrote it.   

The series begins with the story of Joseph Hooks (you met him first in Second Time Lucky), the club's attorney.

A snippet from Hooked:

Joseph Hooks was without a doubt one of the great legal minds of his day, but he was definitely an imperfect paradox. From her seat, just a few feet outside his office door, she knew first hand he was not without flaws. And thank goodness for that because for Livvy, his imperfections were the only thing that kept her from prostrating herself before all his gorgeousness and begging him to make her his.

“You have plans.”

Startled at his voice coming from the doorway behind her instead of through the speaker, she spun in her chair. Having discarded his jacket, he stood in his shirtsleeves—still crisp and white even though it was at the end of the day—his tie knotted impeccably at his collar.  Her eyes drifted upward beyond the dotted navy blue silk to his darkened jaw which bore a healthy scruff of five o’clock shadow, okay, it was a half past four o’clock shadow, whichever, on him it was extremely sexy. 


Realizing he expected a response, she blinked. 

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V is for Val on the A-Z Challenge

I like to mix up my characters. I’ve written heroines as young as eighteen in Surrender Your Grace, to a couple who you watch age and grow in their D/s relationship in Faithfully as well as ongoing appearances in all the Club Decadence books.  In Master My Love the lead couple are in the early to mid-forties.  It proves there is life, love and hot sex after thirty, into forty, fifty and beyond.  Thank the good Lord!

For forty-year-old Valerie Thornton, when a mysterious invitation to a new BDSM club arrives in her mailbox, she sees it as a fateful intervention. She has long suppressed her desire for a strong man who can nurture her inner-most desires and bring the submissive inside her to life. Now widowed with an empty nest, she's alone, unfulfilled and wondering what she's been missing. 

Here’s an excerpt from Master My Love, Decadence LA:

The tight leather skirt rode up a bit more with every step she took.  Pulling it down in back once again, Valerie Thornton wondered for the umpteenth time what she’d been thinking by wearing it.  Looking at the steep steps, she knew that the climb up to the main entrance would show her goods to anyone behind her, especially her dimpled thighs, most of her ass, and the thin scrap of lace that was wedged between her cheeks like butt floss.  Although not technically a thong, the upward-inching garment didn’t deserve to be called panties.  She was going to kill her friend Kate who had helped her put the awkward and uncomfortable leather ensemble together.  Valerie, who had no psychic ability whatsoever, had a feeling that this night would be transformative. 

Looking up at the massive double doors, Val paused.  Her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty.  She licked her dry lips and swallowed, her throat tightening.  That she had come this far simply amazed her, because a forty-year-old widow did not go out clubbing by herself.  It smacked of desperation and promiscuity that were not consistent with her nature.  Still, she had a craving, an unfulfilled need.  Could it be that what she sought lay behind those heavy doors?  Moreover, could she actually bring herself to climb the remaining steps and walk inside of a sex club?

“If you don’t bite the bullet now, you might never get the nerve again.  And wouldn’t that be a shame?”

Val turned at the sound of the deep voice behind her.  She met the kind gaze of an extraordinarily handsome man, at least a decade her junior.  She noticed his eyes twinkled with amusement, but not mockingly so.  They were warm and friendly, and she got the feeling he was quick to laugh and smile.  Her eyes widened as she took in the leather vest he wore over broad shoulders and a smooth, muscular chest.  His bulging biceps were bare and one was sporting some kind of abstract tattoo.  His rippled abdomen was exposed by the open vest and she followed the thin line of dark hair to a narrow waist and a pair of tight, black leather pants.  He also sported an impressive erection that was outlined brazenly against his button fly and several inches down his leather-encased thigh.  Holy Cow!

“Little sub, a word of advice.  Curb your enthusiasm once you get behind those doors.  If you give a Dom inside a once over like that, you’ll be bare-assed over a spanking bench with a line of eager tops waiting to take a turn.”

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U is for Unbridled Passion on the A-Z Challenge

Unbridled Passion:
by definition, rampant, unchecked, uncontrolled, 
lust, rage, or fervor.
Let's have fun and with a picture book post today, just for kicks...

Come into my heart,
dear one,

Fill it with the warmth 
of your love,

Brighten my days with 
your sunny smile,

And fill my nights with 
unbridled passion.

-an excerpt from Sheryl Walton's poem 
Secret Lover-

Fiery Artistic Passion

Amazon Dungeon Passion  
(notice the "O" face and the hand on her breast.

Taylor Passion, 
one type at least <wink>

Equine and humorous passion

Deep woods doing it like rabbits, passion

Angry Green Passion

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T is for Tony Rossi, my very first hero on the A-Z Challenge and Wicked Wanton Wednesday.

Wicked Wanton Wednesday has been preempted by the A-Z Spanking Challenge this month, although I have carved out some time for a few guest author posts.  Today, its just me and I decided to go old school with an excerpt from my very first book, Captain My Captain, published in April 2013 by Blushing Books.  In this scene, we go back to where it all started, with Megan meeting her Captain and literally falling for him on the spot. 

Captain My Captain
Club Decadence, Book 1

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of bright red hair. Hoping it was Regan, she turned, but was again bumped from behind.  Like a pinball off a flipper, she careened forward, flying headlong into the man seated at the end of Regan’s large sectional couch.  Horrified, she found herself ass up over a pair of hard thighs, her face planted solidly in the lap of the woman seated next to him.  Temporarily paralyzed with mortification, she lay there with something hard digging into her right breast and something cold and wet seeping through her blouse, clear through her bra.

“Good god, what next?” She moaned aloud.  Would this nightmare evening never end?

Chilled, soaked to the skin, uncomfortable and completely humiliated, she struggled to get up but froze as a warm hand glided over her thigh.  It slid up and cupped her lower cheek, exposed where her skirt had ridden up during her fall.  Fingers squeezing her ass snapped her out of her daze as she squirmed and wiggled on his lap, desperately trying to get out of the most embarrassing position of her life.  Unfortunately, as she pushed up from the man’s lap, her right hand connected with his thigh where the liquid had soaked his jeans.  It slipped, sending her weight sliding sideways and her elbow dug sharply into his zippered fly. 

The hand on her bottom gripped her harder as he sucked in a deep breath and groaned.  His other hand went to her shoulder and he rolled her off his lap in an act of self-preservation.  Although he was obviously in pain, he still managed to slide Megan down his legs safely, despite landing in an ungraceful sprawl at his feet.  Her skirt rode up further to bunch at her waist and her thighs splayed wide open as one of her stiletto’s twisted in the afghan that was draped over the arm of the couch.  As luck would have it, her other shoe flipped up in the air and she watched in horror as it flew end over end and landed—unbelievably, spiked heel down—directly on the man’s crotch.  This elicited another groan and a loud “fuck” was uttered by Megan’s unwitting target. 
Amazon cover, the original sent
poor Captain to the dungeon.

She stared numbly at her unlikely weapon, a red, peep-toed, faux alligator pump.  Swallowing with an audible gulp, her eyes slowly rose to look at her victim.  Poor injured, cursing man.  Her eyes traveled over his saturated jeans to the soaked dark green fabric of the shirt that clung, like a second skin, to one of the best sets of washboard abs she had ever laid eyes on.  His firm jawline was clenched tightly and covered with a dark five o’clock shadow, which she instantly recognized.  Her eyes flew up, over the hard line of his tightly pressed lips to the clearly irritated expression.  There was no mistaking the intimidating scowl of ex-Army Special Forces Captain, Tony “Cap” Rossi or the fact that he was obviously pissed at being on the receiving end of her unwanted attention.  


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

S is for Shibari on the A-Z Challenge

Yesterday was Ropes.  I figured I'd continue the theme today with S of Shibari.  

In this scene, Jonas and Lexie are exploring the depths of their very new relationship.  There chemistry was instant, their interests in ropes, bondage, and dominance and submission in sync, it seems too good to be true and Lexie is a bit anxious that is all going to fast.  Of course, Jonas is there to convince her to take a chance.  

Unbind My Heart
Club Decadence, Book 4

 Shibari will bring us even closer together and be a giant step toward a more sensual relationship, ultimately easing you into the BDSM lifestyle, as well.” 

Jonas’ words and his thumb grazing along her lower lip had her melting.  His touch was magnetic, and she seemed to be pulled closer, the attraction irresistible, his lips compelling. 

“It will be an exciting and very satisfying journey for us both.  Does that sound like something you’d like?”

“Yes, Jonas, I think I’d like that very much.” 

“Excellent.  That means as of now, I am your Sensei and you are my dorei.”

“That’s beautiful. What does it mean?”

“Literally, it means slave.  In the western world of Shibari, it means rope slave, and of course, Sensei means Master.”

“Really?  I thought it mostly meant teacher; your other students call you that, too.”

“Yes,” he agreed.  “Like English, many Japanese words have different meanings.  Within the context of Shibari and our relationship, I intend to be far more than your teacher, Lexie.”

“I’m beginning to see that and, um, well… although I’m comfortable calling you Sensei, I don’t know about the other.”

“That’s fine.  I think I’ve made it clear that I don’t want a full time Master/slave relationship; D/s is all that I’m interested in.” 
Relief swept over her upon hearing that. She didn’t know that she could give up her entire identity for anyone, even Jonas. 

Brushing his lips across her damp cheek, he moved to capture a lobe gently before whispering teasingly, “Should you feel the need to call me Master in the heat of passion or if the spirit moves you, I won’t take offense.”

She laughed softly and pressed her face against his neck, much more relaxed in the circle of his arms.  He went on to clarify his new authority with her.

“Soon, at The Club, in the bedroom, and beyond, however we choose, I will be the Dominant that commands your submission.  Ultimately, I intend to be the half that makes you whole, Lexie. Do you accept this?”

“Jonas,” she exhaled, his name a soft breath against his lips.  “My head tells me no, that it’s too soon and this is crazy, but my heart is screaming, yes.”

“Listen to that little devil on your shoulder, Lex.  He’s prodding you to take a risk.  What is life without a little risk?  Trust me.  I’ll be here to keep you safe, to catch you if you fall.”

Once again, his words closely mirrored her thoughts.  It seemed like a sign that she could trust him and take a chance, to try to find love again.  “Yes, I accept, Sensei.  For the first time in a long time, I want so badly to follow my heart.  Something inside tells me strongly that this is true, that it’s real and I pray I’m right because if it’s not and I’m wrong, I fear it will crush what’s left of my heart.”

“I realize this is a huge leap of faith for you, and I am humbled by the trust you are giving to me.  I swear to protect your fragile spirit, my dorei.  I also promise to help you grow beyond whatever is holding you back.  I’ll push for the answers, but I’ll be there for you.  I vow that together we will unbind your wounded heart and allow it to heal, opening it up to me.”

Tears rolled down her cheeks at his beautiful words.  Who was this man?  She was waiting for someone to pinch her and wake her from this dream.

“I’m going to kiss you now, Sunshine.”

It was a statement of intent, not a request.  As he bent his head, he brushed her lips softly, sampling tenderly.  Lexie immediately responded by leaning up and into the kiss.  When his tongue swept along her lips, she pressed more firmly against him, allowing her body to mold against his larger, harder, masculine form.  The kiss ignited their passion and soon, they wrapped around one another in a heated embrace.

Monday, June 22, 2015

R is for Ropes on the A-Z Challenge

Ropes, brought to you by Master Jonas, Club Decadence's resident Shibari Master.  

Unbind My Heart
Club Decadence, Book 4

As Jonas turned to speak with a man who had politely asked for a moment of his time, Lexie found her attention drawn to a couple sitting at a nearby table.  The woman was conservatively dressed, compared to many of the others present, wearing a simple black sheath that covered all the important parts.  Not out of the ordinary by any means, except for what had really captured her attention.  Standing out in vivid contrast to her pale skin and black dress, the red ropes wrapped around her wrists and forearms, binding her arms behind her back.  Her Dom held her close, a protective arm around her waist, keeping her safe while preventing her from face planting onto the hard floor if she lost her balance.    

“A very nice two-column tie, don’t you think?”

“It’s beautiful, but doesn’t that strain her arms?”

“Alec and Lisette are both experienced Shibari practitioners, former students of mine, in fact.  He is very conscious of the fatigue factor of that pose and the strain on her joints.  He won’t push her past her limit.  Notice the protective arm around her waist, the close attention he pays her to the exclusion of others, and just in case, he carries a pair of scissors in his front pocket.  Do you see?”

“I do now.  I hadn’t noticed any of that, just how beautiful she looks in his ropes.”  She also noticed that her voice had taken on a breathy quality.  To mask her growing arousal, she cleared her throat discreetly and took a sip of her water.

“His ropes… that’s very perceptive.  The artist is often invisible behind his canvas.  Are you familiar with the Japanese arts of Shibari or Kinbaku?  Did Regan or Elena tell you I am a Shibari Master?” 

Lexie’s jaw dropped open.  Was this a set-up?  How had Regan and the girls known they had matching kinks?  Lexie had never let on to any of them about her secret bondage fantasies.  Surely, it couldn’t be coincidence. Puzzled, she focused on his question for now. “Uh, well…  I’ve seen a few pictures on the subject.”

“And what did you think?”

“I found it quite beautiful, actually.  Not the trashy pornographic kind—I’m talking about the artsy ones with good photography and lighting, the ones that focus on the artistry of the ties that enhance the model’s beauty.  Sexual, yes, but it was more sensual and erotic rather than carnal or graphic.”  She paused to look back at Lissette.  “I don’t know if I am explaining this right and doing it justice.”

“You’re doing just fine.  Please continue.”  His words encouraging, his tone coaxing, she warmed to the topic.

“I went to a show last summer that used other mediums like feathers, silks, fluorescent lights and different colored ropes.  It was fabulous and despite the nudity, it wasn’t pornographic or X-rated.  In fact, many of the models were draped so artfully that very little skin was exposed.  The purpose was art and beauty, not specifically to titillate, although I’m sure many found it arousing.” 

Realizing she was gushing again, she stopped.  Too late, the extent of what she had inadvertently disclosed became clear.  Uh-oh!  What had caused her to spill her guts like that?  Was it the martinis? No, she hadn’t had a sip in a good while.  The subject matter, maybe, but as she looked at her companion, she suspected it was most likely Master Jonas.  Something about him caused her, no compelled her, to cooperate.  She was shocked that she had revealed such personal and private thoughts to him, a practical stranger.  Oh my!

“A few pictures did you say?”  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Q is for Querida, Darling on the A-Z Challenge

Endearments.  Don't you love them?  What would romance be without a sweet nothing or pet name?   Said in a husky rumble low in the heroine's ear, they can set the reader's heart aflutter.  Said in a husky rumble with an Spanish or Italian accent, oo la la, they can start other parts aflutter as well.

For an author, it's hard to come up with something new.  Baby, the old standard, is done to death, but its so sweet.  Then there's honey, sweetie, my love, kitten, angel face, boo, darling, dahling, darlin' and so many more.  The challenge is to keep it fresh without looking corny, stupid or nauseating like lambie-pie, love-muffin or rumpie-diddle.

So rather than the latter, ew!, why not give the oldie but goodies a foreign flavor.  That way you can recycle your favorites.  And you know, I'm all about green.  LOL

With that being said, I'm going to mix it up a bit and let the bad guy say the uber sexy words.  In today's example, I give you Querida ala Victor from... 

Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence Book 5


“Mi coraz√≥n, I thought you’d be happy to see me.”

“Let me go, Victor.” She remembered her keys in her hand and fumbled for her pepper spray on the ring. “I’ll use this mace, I swear.” Let him think she had the illegal stuff.

“Now, now, let’s not be so dramatic.” Easily, he twisted her wrist, removing the keys from her hand, tossing them away. She could only stand by helplessly as they skidded across the sealed, smooth concrete and under a storage shelf against the wall. “Is this any way to greet an old friend?”

Cringing at his words as well as his odious touch, she leaned away, as much as the car behind her would allow.

“We were never friends,” she all but spat.

“Business associates then, querida.” 

She shuddered at his meaningless endearment. He’d used them before, calling her his darling or his love, then turned around and sold her to a senator for the night for two grand. Bastard! 


Ah yes, Victor, bastardo that he is, using my heart (mi corazon) and darling almost make him likable.  Well, maybe for a split second, then you go back to wanting the hero to kick his ass.  

Now, on with the Challenge!  Make sure to visit some of the other blogs for more Q's or R's or S's.  We're getting towards the end so its mixed up quite a bit by now.  Have fun!