Sunday, June 28, 2015

X is for Cross (for lack of a real X-word) on the A-Z Challenge

In this scene, new sub Valerie Thornton is attending a beginners class at Club Decadence LA and witnesses a punishment on the St. Andrew's cross. 

Cross can be for X, yes? 

Oh, well. I'm at blog #24 of 26!!!! Forgive me for getting punchy. 

Enjoy this excerpt from Master My Love

Val was astonished to see Mistress Tara, the model for the demonstration, restrained to a St. Andrew’s cross. Her husband, Master Samson, had come in early specifically to participate. He addressed the class as Julie busied herself readying her Dom’s tools, laying out a variety of punishment instruments on a nearby table. 

Samson called for silence and greeted the two dozen or so students in the class. “You are in luck today.  My wife, who is also my submissive, has presented us with a perfect opportunity to complete the objectives for today’s class. I was asked by Master Eric to provide you with a demonstration of impact implements and since Tara here has been such a naughty girl, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity for you to witness a real punishment session as well.” 

 “But we thought Mistress Tara was a Domme,” one of the male students said in amazement. It was obvious by his bright eyes and flushed skin that he was titillated by the thought of the demanding Mistress receiving her comeuppance. 

“Tara is actually a switch. That means she enjoys both dominance and submission. Until she met me, she didn’t know she had these submissive traits. As we explored our own dynamic it became clear that as a bi-sexual, she enjoyed dominating females, but also enjoyed succumbing to the control and authority of a man.” 

Samson paused, allowing time for questions before continuing. “Usually, I start with a thorough explanation of the reason for the punishment, often asking the submissive to list the infractions and discuss expectations for proper behavior. So we will begin there.” 

He addressed his submissive. “Tara, explain the actions that have led you to be naked on this cross.” 

“I was disobedient and did not follow your rules, Sir.” 

“And what rules exactly did you fail to follow?” 

“I came on to one of the new students.” 

“Why is that against the rules?” 

“Because I come on rather strong and tend to scare the new subs away like frightened rabbits, Sir.” 

“Very good, Tara. You see, class, my dear wife seems to get off by freaking out the new recruits, often to the detriment of the club's D/s ratio. It was Master Eric’s decision, with my wholehearted agreement, to put her through retraining, following appropriate punishment first, of course.” 

He walked to the table and appeared to peruse the available devices. 

“That brings us to the start of our little demonstration. I will ask Tara to rate each implement by severity and describe what she feels as we go along. I like to put my own little twist on the matter. As an experienced sub, I would expect her to be able to identify the implements by sound and sensation alone. Blindfold her, Julie.”

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