Wednesday, June 24, 2015

T is for Tony Rossi, my very first hero on the A-Z Challenge and Wicked Wanton Wednesday.

Wicked Wanton Wednesday has been preempted by the A-Z Spanking Challenge this month, although I have carved out some time for a few guest author posts.  Today, its just me and I decided to go old school with an excerpt from my very first book, Captain My Captain, published in April 2013 by Blushing Books.  In this scene, we go back to where it all started, with Megan meeting her Captain and literally falling for him on the spot. 

Captain My Captain
Club Decadence, Book 1

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of bright red hair. Hoping it was Regan, she turned, but was again bumped from behind.  Like a pinball off a flipper, she careened forward, flying headlong into the man seated at the end of Regan’s large sectional couch.  Horrified, she found herself ass up over a pair of hard thighs, her face planted solidly in the lap of the woman seated next to him.  Temporarily paralyzed with mortification, she lay there with something hard digging into her right breast and something cold and wet seeping through her blouse, clear through her bra.

“Good god, what next?” She moaned aloud.  Would this nightmare evening never end?

Chilled, soaked to the skin, uncomfortable and completely humiliated, she struggled to get up but froze as a warm hand glided over her thigh.  It slid up and cupped her lower cheek, exposed where her skirt had ridden up during her fall.  Fingers squeezing her ass snapped her out of her daze as she squirmed and wiggled on his lap, desperately trying to get out of the most embarrassing position of her life.  Unfortunately, as she pushed up from the man’s lap, her right hand connected with his thigh where the liquid had soaked his jeans.  It slipped, sending her weight sliding sideways and her elbow dug sharply into his zippered fly. 

The hand on her bottom gripped her harder as he sucked in a deep breath and groaned.  His other hand went to her shoulder and he rolled her off his lap in an act of self-preservation.  Although he was obviously in pain, he still managed to slide Megan down his legs safely, despite landing in an ungraceful sprawl at his feet.  Her skirt rode up further to bunch at her waist and her thighs splayed wide open as one of her stiletto’s twisted in the afghan that was draped over the arm of the couch.  As luck would have it, her other shoe flipped up in the air and she watched in horror as it flew end over end and landed—unbelievably, spiked heel down—directly on the man’s crotch.  This elicited another groan and a loud “fuck” was uttered by Megan’s unwitting target. 
Amazon cover, the original sent
poor Captain to the dungeon.

She stared numbly at her unlikely weapon, a red, peep-toed, faux alligator pump.  Swallowing with an audible gulp, her eyes slowly rose to look at her victim.  Poor injured, cursing man.  Her eyes traveled over his saturated jeans to the soaked dark green fabric of the shirt that clung, like a second skin, to one of the best sets of washboard abs she had ever laid eyes on.  His firm jawline was clenched tightly and covered with a dark five o’clock shadow, which she instantly recognized.  Her eyes flew up, over the hard line of his tightly pressed lips to the clearly irritated expression.  There was no mistaking the intimidating scowl of ex-Army Special Forces Captain, Tony “Cap” Rossi or the fact that he was obviously pissed at being on the receiving end of her unwanted attention.  


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