Sunday, June 7, 2015

D is for Dex, the Whip Master on the A-Z Challenge

At first, I thought D for Decadence, but that was too easy.  

So I present Master Dexter Russell, the Master Dom of Club Decadence.  He's a cool customer, not easily shaken unless you're his runaway slave and wayward fiancee, Elena Lopez.  

In this scene, Elena has earned a punishment.  One she has begged for in hopes of earning her Master's true forgiveness, as well as his whip, praying it will also assuage the deep-seeded guilt she feels for leaving him so cruelly.  In an email, of all things, while he was deployed in Afghanistan, of all places.  

Theirs is a tumultuous reunion.

I hope you'll enjoy this scene from Little Light of Mine; Club Decadence Book 3

He groaned in frustration and dropped his forehead to hers, murmuring an apology. “My sweet, beautiful Elena. We both know I behaved like an ass that night. I have apologized for my behavior, for treating you like a stranger. I said so many idiotic things—” He stopped suddenly and swallowed. She knew he had beaten himself up many times over that scene, but the words were emblazoned on her heart. “I’ll find a way to make it up to you, my
love. Name it and I promise to give it to you.”

“Whip me, Master.”

“I plan to, my slave.”

“With your single tail.”

“Dammit.” Dex strode away and faced the cubby where he had stored his toy bag. After several long minutes, he opened it and removed a leather paddle. He returned to her and with the
handle, raised her chin until she met his eyes directly. “I promised and will agree to give you the whipping you want and deserve. However, it will at my discretion and at a time I select, not you.
You’ve earned another ten swats for manipulation, slave. I love you with every fiber of my being, Elena, but I will not allow you to play me or top from the bottom. Understood?”

“Most definitely, Master, I won’t play this game again. I will just tell you what I want in the future and let you decide what is best for me, for us.”

He nodded and pressed a kiss against her forehead. “I’m going to punish you now. You have earned thirty swats with the paddle. Spread your legs and bend forward.”

Elena immediately complied.  When she was in position she felt Dex connect her wrist restraints to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Kneeling behind her, he efficiently attached her
ankle cuffs and secured them to the bolts in the floor. This forced her to maintain her bent forward position and presented her bare bottom beautifully for the paddle. She felt terribly off
balance and was afraid if he swatted her now she would pitch forward.

She trusted him to take care of her so she was not at all surprised when Dex, the Master of all the Doms of Club Decadence solved her little problem by installing another device to support her. It was a metal pole with a curved padded triangular top like a bicycle seat. He locked it into a recessed slot in the floor then moved her forward so that her pelvis rested right up against the padded top.

He stood and walked behind her, patting her hip. “You didn’t think I’d leave you in such a vulnerable position, did you, slave?”

“I wondered about it for a moment, but never thought you would risk my safety. Not for a moment, Master.”

Dex shortened the chain until her restrained hands were pulled upward behind her, not enough for discomfort, only enough to remind her that she was totally at the mercy of her Master
and his paddle.

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