Friday, June 12, 2015

I is for Inverted on the A-Z Challenge

I is for Inverted.  Strung upside down by a dominatrix to be precise.

How does that grab you?  LOL

Why don't we jump right on in with a nice little inverted excerpt and find out...

Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence, Book 5

“Arms up.”

She had no sooner raised her hands shoulder high before her dress was whisked over her head, leaving her in only shoes and her matching green bra and panties.

“This is very pretty,” he said, tracing the lace edge with a fingertip, “but the bra goes too. While you finish up, I’m going to turn on the music.” He kissed her forehead. “Be right back.”

He was gone, leaving her half-naked in the corner with the perfect vantage point of the rest of the room. No one was paying attention to her. Everyone else was engaged with their partner. Cap had commandeered the spanking bench and was strapping down his giggling blonde. Rick and Regan had gravitated to the cross against the far wall. Dex and Elena were absent, seeking private time after announcing their engagement. The two other couples who Mara didn’t know were already occupied. One Dom had his sub in the cage while he perused the table laden with spanking implements. The other, a Domme, and the only female dominant in the group, had her inverted sub balls up on the Y-post. They were enthusiastically carrying out a most inventive sixty-nine with the upside down man’s head wedged firmly between the woman’s thighs as she alternated sucking his cock while slapping his ass and balls with a sharp hand.

Mara shuddered; what was it about these dominant women and ball slapping?

“That’s Mistress Anne.” Sean’s low whisper sounded in her ear as he slid his hands up her arms to cup her shoulders. Pulling her back against his chest, he filled her in on the details of the Domme and her sub. “Cap has known her for years. A retired Army lieutenant, she’s in her forties, owns her own business and according to Cap is as sweet as pie outside a club, but inside she’s a real ball buster. Pun intended. Roger, her sub, is also her husband of twenty years and a local attorney.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. He’s a cutthroat trial lawyer, busting balls by his own right in the courtroom, so I hear. It gets old evidently, so he likes to give up control to his Mistress after hours. They’ve already purchased a charter membership and Decadence doesn’t open until the summer.”

“I had no idea there were so many people into this in San Antonio.”

“We have twenty paid memberships already. Only two are local. One couple is from as far away as San Francisco. The high profile clients prefer not to play in their own back yard, which is understandable.”

“Twenty members at thirty grand a year...” Her voice trailed off in amazement.

“Yep. Our goal for the first year is one hundred members and I’ve got a pile of applications three times that on my desk now.”


“It shows how desperate people are to find a quality club these days.” He undid the front hook to her bra and peeled it off. “Most are experienced in the lifestyle, but a few of the applications are from newbies looking for a safe place to learn and explore. It will make for a good mix. I enjoy opening new eyes to the delights of our world, especially beautiful green ones.” Tossing aside her lace bra, he caressed a bare breast, his eyes skimming down the length of her, naked except for her skimpy panties. “Since you were so distracted the inverted scene and all the other kinky goings on, I’ll give you a pass on disobeying my order about the bra, but that’s the last one tonight. Pay attention from here on out.” He patted the leather sling. “Hop on up.”

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