Monday, June 29, 2015

Next to last is a Y-frame on the A-Z Challenge

 Yesterday, I featured a stationary cross, today it is a Y-frame that inverts.  What fun!  

In this clip, Sean is storing bondage equipment in his and Mara's basement pending the completion of Club Decadence.  Curious sort that he is, he decides to put it together, set it up and throw a play party.  To test the equipment for quality and safety, of course.  

Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence, Book 5

No one was paying attention to her. Everyone else was engaged with their partner. Cap had commandeered the spanking bench and was strapping down his giggling blonde. Rick and Regan had gravitated to the cross against the far wall. Dex and Elena were absent, seeking private time after announcing their engagement. The two other couples who Mara didn’t know were already occupied. One Dom had his sub in the cage while he perused the table laden with spanking implements. The other, a Domme, and the only female dominant in the group, had her inverted sub balls up in the Y-post. They were enthusiastically carrying out a most inventive sixty-nine with the upside down man’s head wedged firmly between the woman’s thighs as she alternated sucking his cock while slapping his ass and balls with a sharp hand.

Mara shuddered, what was it about these dominant women and ball slapping?

“That’s Mistress Anne.” Sean’s low whisper sounded in her ear as he slid his hands up her arms to cup her shoulders. Pulling her back against his chest, he filled her in on the details of the Domme and her sub. “Cap has known her for years. A retired Army lieutenant, she’s in her forties, owns her own business and according to Cap is as sweet as pie outside a club, but inside she’s a real ball buster. Pun intended. Roger, her sub, is also her husband of twenty years and a local attorney.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope. He’s a cutthroat trial lawyer, busting balls by his own right in the courtroom, so I hear. It gets old evidently, so he likes to give up control to his Mistress after hours. They’ve already purchased a charter membership and Decadence doesn’t open until the summer.”

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