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Z is for Zippity Doo Dah I'm through with the Challenge. Phew!

To celebrate making it through the June A-Z Spanking Challenge, I thought I'd finish with a bang.  I've been collecting author reviews for a while now and have enough to post.  

These are 5-star and only 5-star reviews from authors and some of what they read (vanilla) may surprise you...

I Am A Dominant by Maggie Carpenter.  

I loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down.   It was awesome to hear about a D/s from the Dom perspective and one who wasn’t arrogant, like some of the books out there.   It was fascinating to read how a Dom develops, how he deals with brattiness or manipulation.  James Collier is very candid and his retelling of situations was scintillating.   The dialogue was HOT and his dominance oozed off the pages. As expected from Maggie Carpenter the sex and spanking scenes were breath taking.    A definite 5 stars!!

~Megan Michaels

BabyLove  By Catherine Anderson

I loved this story! Maggie was a young woman who had been abused by her evil step father. As a last ditch effort to save herself and her infant son Jaimie, Maggie escapes her step father's clutches and falls in to the arms of Rafe, a lost cowboy. Together, they work to put away their horrible pasts and fall in love.

This was the first book in Ms. Anderson's Kendrick/Coulter/Harrigan series and if all the rest of her books are this good, then I can't wait to read them! This book was full of new beginnings, adventures, and most importantly hope. I loved the character of Maggie. For someone who had been given such a hard hand in life, she continued to fight for what she believed in and a better life for her son.

Ms. Anderson managed to grab a hold of my heart when I first started reading and she didn't let go until I turned the final page. I have to say, I was so sad when the book finished because I wanted to keep reading about Rafe and Maggie. I'm hoping that they'll continued to be featured in the series books to come.

~Meredith O’Reilly

The Doctor's Little Girl By Alex Reynolds

I was very impressed by this book. It's Ms. Reynold's first one, yet her story came off as one written by a well seasoned author.

Molly is a young woman who is in need of some guidance. She had a rough upbringing, which causes her to secretly desire to be taken care of by a firm and loving Daddy. Dr. Alexander is just the man for the job. After meeting Molly and making a quick judgment that she is a kind person who he wants to protect, he gives her a job in his office when she falls on hard times.

I really did like this book. The writing was detailed without overly describing any scene. Ms. Reynolds did an excellent job at getting me to fall in love with her characters, especially Molly. Molly is a very sweet character who will stand up to anyone who she thinks is causing an injustice. Ms. Reynolds also made her characters so realistic. Molly, the little, was a size 8 in clothing, instead of the typical 100 pound littles that many AP authors describe their littles to be. (Something that I myself am guilty of.)

Ms. Reynolds even had a scene in her book of something that I personally am not a fan of, yet I was able to read it and enjoy it. Right there, she deserves 5 stars.

The only complaint that I have is, this book was too short! I'm really hoping that Ms. Reynolds writes a second book...maybe about Dave and some lucky lady? With that all being said, I give The Doctor's Little Girl 5 stars! It was a fun, quick, sweet read. I really can't wait to see what else Ms. Reynolds comes up with.

~Meredith O’Reilly

My Naughty Minette by Annabel Joseph

This is the third of four planned books in the Properly Spanked series and I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys the spanking romance genre.    I would like to highlight the word romance in that recommendation because Annabel's stories are first and foremost romances.   Anyone who has read my work knows I prefer deep character driven plots that show the complexities of multiple relationships at the same time.  This series has that in spades.   From the beginning we meet a group of friends and while each story focuses on a new couple, we continue to follow the couples we know and love from earlier books throughout each story. 

  Layer on top of that the excellent job Annabel does with story tension and plot twists while including extremely hot punishment and sexual scenes and this series rises to the top of my 'to be read' list.  I can't wait for the fourth and final book to come out later this year. 

~Livia Grant

Motorcycle Man
by Kristen Ashley

If anyone really knows me (or not, I’ve said it often enough in interviews), they know that Kristen Ashley books are like crack to me.  I can’t get enough.  My favorite—ever—is Motorcycle Man.  A tall, muscular, tatted, goatee sporting badass on a Harley, my, oh my!  Need I say more?  Okay, I don’t need to, but I will, Alpha to the tenth power, Tack is the president of an MC that has gone legit, or somewhat so.  He has a one-night stand with a sexy redhead who later pops up in the office of his own garage, as his new office manager and she won’t take a hike because he doesn’t want her working for him (because he knows what she tastes like—sigh).  Of course, Tara needs the job and no matter how sexy he is or how much he ticks her off, she won’t leave.  A challenge, Tack turns on the charm and soon… well, no spoilers.  He sounds like a jerk, which he is at first, but she did give it up at a party the first night, she didn’t clue him in that he was the one so don’t blame him he’s not a mind reader after all.  Tack grows on you, and Tara is all kinds of sweet, caring, motherly and full of insecurity.  Packed with action, suspense, hot sex, and big, burly, sexy biker dudes; what else do you need for a 5-star panty-melting book, and <gasp> there isn’t a swatted fanny in sight.  Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a HOT vanilla book.

~Maddie Taylor

Book of Shadows by Alexandra Sokoloff.

For those who like mystery/thrillers coupled with paranormal horror I'd recommend Book of Shadows. It's a murder mystery of the police procedural type in which the detective on the case slowly grows to accept that a supernatural agent is implicated in a series of bizarre murders. It turns into a race against time to stop a horrifying ritual from unleashing a vile demon. 

~Rollin Hand

ComeAway with Me by Kristen Proby

One of the things that drew me to this story was the locale. The city is Seattle and the flavor of the Pacific Northwest adds to the reader enjoyment with nicely done passages about local culture and points of interest. The story is off to a good start and the drift into romance and erotica is quite subtle rousing the reader’s passion so effortlessly that one is not even aware that the words are seducing you into breathless anticipation of the next scene or the next sexy encounter.

The author has developed the main characters to the point that the reader becomes comfortable with them in a hurry. The other thing I liked was that the author refrained from adding unnecessary characters that would just confuse readers into misleading side issues of little or no importance. That is one of the key faults I find with a number of novel length stories and most dialogue-driven screenplays. There are exceptions but they are few and far between. I would recommend this story to readers interested in either Romance or Erotica since it is difficult to separate the two in this well-written story. The best thing about it is that it is Book 1 of a series that already has several other sequels already available on Amazon.

This story is a resounding FIVE STARS. It is a page turner from beginning to end.

~Harry Lime

If you're an author and want to give a Five Star nod to a book that you've read, drop me a message and I'll include it in my next post.  It's fun for me, and fans, to learn what you're reading.

Thanks to all the authors for participating!

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