Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Sneak Preview of Hooked: Decadence Nights on SatSpanks

Coming July 20th,  

Decadence Nights  

Decadence Nights is a series of novellas that continues where Club Decadence leaves off with stories many readers have asked for featuring some of the compelling secondary characters from the series.

I'm really excited about this spin-off, and yes, Club Decadence 6 is yet to come as well as two more in the Decadence LA series, but this story, got stuck in my mind and I couldn't move on until I wrote it.   

The series begins with the story of Joseph Hooks (you met him first in Second Time Lucky), the club's attorney.

A snippet from Hooked:

Joseph Hooks was without a doubt one of the great legal minds of his day, but he was definitely an imperfect paradox. From her seat, just a few feet outside his office door, she knew first hand he was not without flaws. And thank goodness for that because for Livvy, his imperfections were the only thing that kept her from prostrating herself before all his gorgeousness and begging him to make her his.

“You have plans.”

Startled at his voice coming from the doorway behind her instead of through the speaker, she spun in her chair. Having discarded his jacket, he stood in his shirtsleeves—still crisp and white even though it was at the end of the day—his tie knotted impeccably at his collar.  Her eyes drifted upward beyond the dotted navy blue silk to his darkened jaw which bore a healthy scruff of five o’clock shadow, okay, it was a half past four o’clock shadow, whichever, on him it was extremely sexy. 


Realizing he expected a response, she blinked. 

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