Saturday, June 20, 2015

P is for Pleasure on SatSpanks and the A-Z Challenge

It's Saturday, so it's time for a spanking.  

I'm also up to the letter P (16 down, 10 to go!) 
on the A-Z challenge.  


In this snippet, Mara has just received her first spanking, ever.  Afterwards, she's turned on, but gets a little surprise.  The punishment isn't quite over.

Second Time Lucky
Club Decadence, Book 5

She shifted, trying to align his ready cock with her equally aroused pussy, but he held her firm.

“No sex after punishment either.”

Her head came up and her jaw dropped. “Seriously?”

“Yes. This was not a game for me, Mara. If you think it was, I didn’t spank you enough.”

“You spanked me plenty,” she shot back at him softly. “I know it’s not a game, Sean. Still, I can’t help that it made me hot. I can feel you against me, you want it too.”

“I do not reward bad behavior and rule breaking with pleasure. Tomorrow, I’ll ride you until you can’t walk straight, if you’d like, but tonight, we sleep.”

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Second Time Lucky blurb:

From an early age, Mara Westbrook has led a troubled life. With no one to trust or rely on, she meets a breathtakingly handsome soldier on her ward at Walter Reed. He captures her eye and makes her yearn for things she never thought possible, not for a girl like her. Can she move beyond the traumatic secrets of her past and risk giving love a try?

Injured and in pain, the only light in Master Sergeant Sean O'Brien's dark days is his night nurse, his blonde haired, green eyed, deliciously curvy, modern day nightingale. Seeing her in those tight scrubs, tending to him and his fellow soldiers with her sweet, yet sexy smile eases the pain in his throbbing leg. Unfortunately, it shifts the ache about six inches higher. He sets out to make her his own, to earn her trust, her love and in the end her ultimate submission.

They come together beautifully with Sean teaching her the wicked and wonderful ways of a D/s lifestyle. Mara blossoms under his sensual domination and his firm but loving discipline, but her past won’t let her be. Relentlessly pursuing her and threatening her idyllic life with Sean. To protect what she holds dear, she does unspeakable things leading to more secrets, lies and betrayal. She runs as she always does.

When Mara unwittingly becomes the key witness to events that will finally bring down the Mendoza Cartel, Sean and the Rossi team step in to keep her safe. As her handler, Sean must protect her with his life and Mara must obey him in order to survive. Thrown together under impossible circumstances, Sean learns the awful truth of her past and realizes that despite it all, he still loves her. But can he forgive the lies? And will Mara be able to live under Sean’s stringent rules, learning to trust and submit fully to the only man she’s ever loved?

As threats against the Decadence Masters become fierce, answers are at long last revealed. Come visit old friends and as always watch desire ignite, love simmer, while kink and sex burn blazing hot in Club Decadence, the best damn BDSM club in the southwest. 

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