Sunday, June 14, 2015

K is for Kisses on the A-Z Challenge

Soft kisses... angry kisses... French kisses... a peck on the cheek or the forehead... long kisses... short kisses... not-on-the-mouth kisses... butterfly kisses... up against the wall kisses... good kisses... sloppy wet kisses... 

There are so many, many types of kisses, I could go on all day.  Suffice it to say, kisses are the the greatest invention since sliced bread, for the most part.  But unfortunately, there are a few bad kisses.  

You know, the stabbing tongue, too much teeth involved, sloppy wet kind, where you worry you've somehow gotten yourself mixed up with an overzealous, closet cannibal or something and your mouth, lips and tongue are the main entree on the menu?  

You want to scrape him off, stand up and scream, "Come on, man!  Kissing is a finesse activity, find some.  Stat!"

But we're her to talk about good kisses.  The kind that makes a heroine melt into the hero's arms and her panties seem to vanish in thin air.  Yeah, you guessed it, I gotta a clip for that.  LOL

Here is Tony Rossi, Cap from Captain My Captain.  He has done a bonehead thing (yes, even sexy hot Dom heroes can do that).  So, now its time for a makeup kiss.  Lucky for us it is also a scorching hot up-against-the-wall kind of makeup kiss.  Yum!  Enjoy... 


Tony closed and locked the door behind them. 

A split second later, Megan found herself pushed up against the door, his large body crowding hers as he took her mouth in a scorching kiss.  Startled at first, Megan stood still under the onslaught.  After several moments, she remembered she was supposed to be angry with him.  Pressing her hands against his chest, she ineffectually pushed against him and turned her head to break the kiss. 

Undeterred, Tony’s lips trailed hot kisses across her cheek and down her neck before latching onto the sensitive spot below her ear.

“Tony!” she protested breathlessly.  This man, despite leaving her heartbroken and angry, turned her on more than anyone, ever.  Her resistance was slipping.  

“I’m so sorry, Angel,” Tony said between kisses.  He lifted his head to look deeply into her eyes.  “I thought I was the target and that they were using you to get to me.  I was trying to protect you in my own fucked-up way.  I never wanted to hurt you.”  His lips tenderly met hers as he pressed light kisses along her jaw and the corner of her mouth.  “I have waited for you for so long and wanted nothing more than to make you mine.  It killed me to push you away, but I felt that was the only way to keep you safe.  I’ve made some enemies over the years and didn’t want to expose you to their shit.”

Megan’s breath caught in her throat, her eyes misting as she looked at him.  Could it be true?  Overwhelmed with questions and emotions, she dipped her head and pressed her face against his chest.  “You hurt me so bad—” Her voice broke as she fought back her tears.

“Don’t cry.  My God, Angel, you slay me with your tears.”  Tony gently pulled her away from his chest and angled her face up to his.  “Look at me, baby.  Please don’t hide from me.”

“I thought my heart would explode when you said it was over.”

“I know I hurt you,” he whispered, “and I am sorry. I did it on purpose to throw them off your trail.  I hoped that if they thought you meant nothing to me, they would leave you alone.  Man, did I get this one wrong.   I really fucked up, Meg.  Can you ever forgive me?”

Long story short, Captain has 2 covers.
This is the one that got him out of
the Amazon dungeon because the
prudes couldn't stand the O-face.
Original available everywhere else!
Megan’s watery gaze met his as she tried to read the emotions behind his eyes.  The intensity of his gaze was too much and she lowered her eyes.  Could she trust him again?  Should she?

“No, Megan,” he demanded hoarsely.  “Look at me.”  His tone, so full of urgency and raw need, compelled her to look at him.  “I’m already in love with you, Angel.  I wanted to protect you and was willing to sacrifice anything, even giving you up, to keep you safe.  Now that I know that it’s not my past posing the threat, I want you with me, because you are mine.”

His lips swooped down and seized her lips in another searing kiss.  His confession had softened Megan’s heart.  Helpless against his allure, she opened her mouth eagerly and let him back in.  Praying it was real this time, she also opened her fragile heart, entrusting it to his care once again for safekeeping.  Overwhelmed by the emotions of the last day, she sobbed against his lips and reached up to grasp handfuls of his shirt at his back.

“I’m so sorry, baby.  Please don’t cry anymore.”  He spread kisses across her eyelids and kissed away the tears that trickled down her cheeks.  “It kills me to see you cry like this.”

Megan let out a tearful laugh at the absurdity of that statement. 

Arching an imperious brow at the irony of his words, he finally admitted.  “Tears during discipline are the exception to the rule, of course.”  Then his face turned serious. “Can you forgive me, Megan?”

She searched his eyes and saw only sincerity there, and love. She couldn’t say no, she loved him too much and decided to risk it all, even knowing that if he ever left her again it would kill her. “Yes, Tony, I forgive you.  But don’t ever do that to me again.  I’d rather you keep me close than push me away in a crisis.  My heart can’t take it.”


Okay.  I counted twelve different kind of kisses.  Phew!  Tony is a true expert, which means Megan is a very luck girl  

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