Monday, June 22, 2015

R is for Ropes on the A-Z Challenge

Ropes, brought to you by Master Jonas, Club Decadence's resident Shibari Master.  

Unbind My Heart
Club Decadence, Book 4

As Jonas turned to speak with a man who had politely asked for a moment of his time, Lexie found her attention drawn to a couple sitting at a nearby table.  The woman was conservatively dressed, compared to many of the others present, wearing a simple black sheath that covered all the important parts.  Not out of the ordinary by any means, except for what had really captured her attention.  Standing out in vivid contrast to her pale skin and black dress, the red ropes wrapped around her wrists and forearms, binding her arms behind her back.  Her Dom held her close, a protective arm around her waist, keeping her safe while preventing her from face planting onto the hard floor if she lost her balance.    

“A very nice two-column tie, don’t you think?”

“It’s beautiful, but doesn’t that strain her arms?”

“Alec and Lisette are both experienced Shibari practitioners, former students of mine, in fact.  He is very conscious of the fatigue factor of that pose and the strain on her joints.  He won’t push her past her limit.  Notice the protective arm around her waist, the close attention he pays her to the exclusion of others, and just in case, he carries a pair of scissors in his front pocket.  Do you see?”

“I do now.  I hadn’t noticed any of that, just how beautiful she looks in his ropes.”  She also noticed that her voice had taken on a breathy quality.  To mask her growing arousal, she cleared her throat discreetly and took a sip of her water.

“His ropes… that’s very perceptive.  The artist is often invisible behind his canvas.  Are you familiar with the Japanese arts of Shibari or Kinbaku?  Did Regan or Elena tell you I am a Shibari Master?” 

Lexie’s jaw dropped open.  Was this a set-up?  How had Regan and the girls known they had matching kinks?  Lexie had never let on to any of them about her secret bondage fantasies.  Surely, it couldn’t be coincidence. Puzzled, she focused on his question for now. “Uh, well…  I’ve seen a few pictures on the subject.”

“And what did you think?”

“I found it quite beautiful, actually.  Not the trashy pornographic kind—I’m talking about the artsy ones with good photography and lighting, the ones that focus on the artistry of the ties that enhance the model’s beauty.  Sexual, yes, but it was more sensual and erotic rather than carnal or graphic.”  She paused to look back at Lissette.  “I don’t know if I am explaining this right and doing it justice.”

“You’re doing just fine.  Please continue.”  His words encouraging, his tone coaxing, she warmed to the topic.

“I went to a show last summer that used other mediums like feathers, silks, fluorescent lights and different colored ropes.  It was fabulous and despite the nudity, it wasn’t pornographic or X-rated.  In fact, many of the models were draped so artfully that very little skin was exposed.  The purpose was art and beauty, not specifically to titillate, although I’m sure many found it arousing.” 

Realizing she was gushing again, she stopped.  Too late, the extent of what she had inadvertently disclosed became clear.  Uh-oh!  What had caused her to spill her guts like that?  Was it the martinis? No, she hadn’t had a sip in a good while.  The subject matter, maybe, but as she looked at her companion, she suspected it was most likely Master Jonas.  Something about him caused her, no compelled her, to cooperate.  She was shocked that she had revealed such personal and private thoughts to him, a practical stranger.  Oh my!

“A few pictures did you say?”  

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