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Guest Author Summer Graystone Helps with M for Mom on the A-Z Challenge.

Double Duty again, with Wicked Wanton Wednesday and the Spanking A-Z Challenge.  

Today is M for Mom!  

I’m so happy to have a guest author to help me meet the challenge, today.  Let’s give a great big WWW welcome to Summer Graystone!

Hi Maddie! Thank you so much for hosting me today!

I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest book – Bailey’s Little Adventure. This is an age play story which is actually part of the Little Haven Collection released last month. You can find more about that collection here on my blog.

The snippet I’m going to share with you is based on the letter M. M for Mom!  In this scene Ian surprises Bailey with a present but it doesn’t go as planned… but as a good Daddy, Ian takes care of his little girl.


“Then we have time.” He brought a wrapped package out of his briefcase. “Let’s go up to our room.”

I squealed, grabbing for the box, but he held it out of my reach. “Not so fast. Upstairs.”

I loved presents, and it had been ages since he’d bought me anything as a surprise. I danced alongside him down the hall to my room. He opened the door and stopped. It was a mess, as usual—clothes everywhere, DVDs and CDs piled on the floor. He turned around and gave me that look.

“I know, I know, it’s a mess.” I brushed a pile of clothes off the bed. “I’ll clean it tomorrow.”

There was a brief moment when I thought there would be a punishment, but Ian had really never stressed out over my room. We’d always thought of it as my space, my own private Idaho, where I could be myself. But even I could see it past the disaster stage and running into the toxic wasteland stage.

“Tomorrow. I promise.” I crossed my heart, and he laughed.

Ian sat on the bed, the present in his hands. “Okay. Tomorrow. At least make a dent.”

“Can I have it now?” I could hardly stand still, and I just barely managed not to jump up and down in front of him. He patted the bed, and I perched on the edge.

“For being so patient with me, with work and everything. I saw this and thought of you, thought you might like it.” He handed me the box.

I reached up and kissed his cheek, then tore through the Hello Kitty wrapping paper. The box inside was blue, with a little gold sticker holding it shut. I slipped my finger beneath it, and the lid popped open. Inside was blue tissue paper. I pulled it back carefully, not really knowing what to expect.

It was a teddy bear, the old-fashioned kind with button eyes and a stitched-on mouth and nose. Even without taking it out of the box, I knew it had arms and legs that moved and a tiny tab sewn into the back seam with the name of the company, and a tiny bear stitched on it in emerald green. My hands shook as I pulled the bear out of the box. I’d had the exact same bear as a child.

“Bailey? What is it?”

I couldn’t stop it. Tears fell down my cheeks, landing on the bear’s cinnamon-colored fur. He blurred, and I blinked back more tears.

“This is the bear my mom gave me. The exact same one. It was the last thing I had from her, before she… went away.”

“Oh, Bailey. I’m so sorry.” He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, pulling me against him. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Do you want me to take it?” He reached for the bear, but I shook my head, holding it close to me.

“No. I love him. It’s just…” I hugged the bear, tears starting up again. “I miss my mom. And I don’t want… I don’t want you to go away, because she did, right after she gave me the bear.” My words came out in a rush, mixed with sobs. Ian rocked me against him, his voice soft, murmuring wordless sounds against my hair.

“I’m not going anywhere, Bailey. I’m not going to leave you. I’m fine. Your mom was sick…”

He knew the story. She’d had cancer. But I’d been too young then to understand. I knew now, in my mind, what had happened. But in my heart, when I was a kid—and now, sometimes—I still thought she’d left me, that she’d been mad at me.

We sat in each other’s arms until the doorbell rang. Ian went down and took care of the pizza delivery. When he came back, I was still sitting on the bed. He sat beside me, and after a few minutes he picked up the hairbrush from the bedside table.

“Turn around.”

I shifted so my back was to him. While I cradled the bear, he brushed my hair. My mom had done this, and when we were first married, on a day when I’d been in tears over something, he’d picked up the brush and brushed my hair. I don’t know why it comforted me so much. Maybe it was how tight he clasped me, how he held me close. I felt safe.

We sat for a long time, until I was calm, until my tears and the fear of him leaving for no reason had passed. Finally he set the brush aside. I turned around, still holding the bear.

“Ian, make love to me. Please. I want to be loved.”


I set the bear on my bed, kissing its nose gently and leaning him against my pillow. I looked at it for a minute, this small stuffed bear that had brought up such huge emotions. Then I looked at Ian, this amazing man, who loved me and understood me.

“In our bed.”

He stood, holding out his hand. I took it, and he led me down the hall to our room.

It was dark, and we left the lights off, undressing each other slowly in the dark, feeling rather than seeing our way to bare skin, touching and kissing, each move slow and gentle.

When we were done, I curled against Ian, inhaling the scent of us together, running my fingers over the smooth skin of his chest. I felt the rumble of his voice beneath my fingers.

“Are you hungry? The pizza’s cold, but it’s there.”

“No. I’m good.” I was sleepy, content, and food wasn’t on my mind. “But if you are, go ahead. I’m fine.”

He slipped out of bed, and I pulled his pillow over, burying my face in it. It smelled of him, his scent, his aftershave. I nestled into the covers and closed my eyes, letting my mind wander, thinking about Ian, about our life together. And not for the first time, I thought about how lucky I was.

Well! If you want to know what happens then you have to pick up a copy of the book right? Check out the full blurb below!


Even though she is an adult with a full-time job, Bailey loves role-playing as daddy’s naughty little girl. Nothing is more fun than dressing like a teen and teasing her husband, who is always ready to punish her properly before pleasuring her more than she would have thought possible. When she discovers that he would like to tie her up so that she is completely vulnerable and at his mercy, she trusts him to keep her safe, even when he pushes her past her comfort zone.

But Bailey’s perfectionism makes her insecure about their relationship, and when she makes a mistake that disappoints her daddy she panics and wonders if she could lose him forever. Can he prove to Bailey that even when things get really hard, he will always be there for his little girl with the love, guidance, and discipline she needs?

Publisher’s Note: Bailey’s Little Adventure contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled Little Haven.

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Thank you for having me on your blog Maddie!

Great to have you, Summer.  Thanks for taking on “M” for me.  Got anything you want to share for N-Z?  LOL 

Good Luck with your new book.  I looks amazing. 

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