Saturday, June 13, 2015

J is for Juices on SatSpanks and the A-Z Challenge

There are plenty of spankings in Second Time Lucky, but for the life of me I couldn't think of a spanking related J.  So you get a sex scene today.  Do you mind?  <snicker>  I know better.  

J is for Juices today for both SatSpanks and the A-Z Challenge.

In this scene, Sean is deployed in Afghanistan and Mara is modeling some new lingerie by video chat.  The scene includes what follows.  

Caution:  Words in the snippet may be extremely hot and are meant for an adult audience only.  

My 8 line snippet:

His mouth was watering at the thought of her warm, sweet honey. “Put your fingers in your mouth and describe for me in detail how you taste.”

She paused, glancing back with a startled expression.

“Hesitation will earn you a spanking.”

Her lashes fluttered once before her wet fingers found her mouth.

“Glide that wetness along your lower lip, first.”

Shimmering fingertips slicked along her bottom lip, leaving it shiny with her juices.

“So damn hot, baby, now, lick it off for me.”

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