Friday, June 5, 2015

C is for Crop on the A-Z Challenge

The crop.  

Not for the faint of heart or definitely not for newbies.  It is a triple threat for spanking enthusiasts and the BDSM inclined.  Here’s why:  

Intensity:  A versatile tool, under a skill hand it can range from mild playful swats to severe punishing strokes.  The sting is like nothing else.

Marks:  From lovely red marks the size and shape of the flapper, to more severe welts and bruises if the shaft comes into play.

Sound:  The whooshing sound as it cuts through the air can increase the intensity of a punishment by titillating the heart of a sadist and adding a psychological impact (fear, exhilaration, heart stopping anticipation) for both the top and the bottom.  Shh...  it ain't quiet, so be careful not to wake the neighbors.  <wink>


In You Said Forever, Rick and Regan have been together for 10 years, neither are newbies or faint of heart.  Both have agreed to a D/s relationship, which includes discipline, which to some might seem severe at times, but to them is just right.  Here's a little punishment scene with the crop...

The crop landed with stinging accuracy on her ass and she yelped, startled at the first blow, even though she was fully anticipating it.  Swat after swat began falling slowly, methodically, one after another.  He used only the rectangular flap at the end, which created a stinging sensation as it made a loud slapping noise with each strike on her taut skin.  Of course, since this was punishment, Rick made sure to increase the intensity and by the sixth stroke the burning heat made it clear this was not a playful sensual spanking.

She kept an internal count and knew he stopped at twenty to reassess her skin condition.  He was a strict Dom but always cognizant of her safety.  An expert disciplinarian, in ten years he had never broken her skin and unfailingly made sure to provide the appropriate aftercare, applying lotion, oil or Arnica cream to prevent bruising and promote healing and she loved him for it.

A squeal escaped her lips when he applied a wicked slap to her upper thigh. “Got your attention back, did I?  Am I boring you, slave?”  He landed another burning swat against her sit spot. 

    Truly, Regan liked a good spanking, as 
much as the next sub, but she was no masochist. Those really hurt.  “No Master, I swear I was just thinking about how you always take such good care of my skin.”

“Mm, yes, your beautiful silky soft skin.  It’s exquisite.  Especially the soft, silky cheeks of your ass.  I love how it turns from white… to pink… to a deep rose when I spank you.  You’re a deep rose now, Regan.  You know I would much rather dole out orgasms than punishments, don’t you?”  He caressed her slit with the wicked crop and then slid the shaft of the crop between her wet lips.  The tantalizing caress made her arch her back and she leaned back into it as much as the restraints would allow.  “You get so wet from a spanking, even a harsh one.  I know that you always enjoy it, babe.  That’s why we’re perfect together.  We have matching kinks.”
“I do love it when you spank me, Master, but I prefer erotic ones over the punishments, too.”

Two more hard swats landed. “Then stop all this impulsive and secretive behavior, Regan.  It’s like you do these things to provoke me.”
“I don’t, I swear.  Please, not so hard.”

“This is punishment, it’s supposed to hurt.  No differently than all the other times in the past ten years.  It’s so you remember your lesson.”  Two more landed in the same place, one over the other on her left sit spot.

Hissing, she gritting her teeth to keep from cursing.  “Master, I’m really sorry.”

“I’m sure you are, Regan.”  Two landed on the opposite side. “You’re always sorry while in the middle of a spanking.”  The final two swats of the crop were applied firmly to each thigh.


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