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Escape to Paradise With Maggie Carpenter on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

It's the dead of winter, who wouldn't want to escape to a tropical paradise and have an adventure with a hot, take-charge alpha male?

Add a treasure hunt, danger, steamy sex and some serious spanks on a saucy young woman's behind, and you've got another Maggie Carpenter 5-star romance that you won't be able to put down.  

Of course, she is sharing a steamy excerpt with us today.

Thanks for being a regular on WWW, Maggie,  
We can't get enough!

(No Easy Task)


Cole Barrington, a sexy dominant and a movie producer with a reputation as a player, has been haunted by one particular young lady who unexpectedly tugged his heart strings during a five-day romp on a tropical island. Why she ducked his calls on their return he has no idea, and the question still shadows him.

Paige Brooks is a publicist, and when she learns she must accompany Cole to an annual charity event at the same Caribbean island where shed spent an idyllic week with him, she grits her teeth and clenches her fists. The man broke her heart. How can she possibly get through it?

Thrown together on a tiny seaplane, as they fly to the private island where the event is to be held, fate throws them an unexpected curve ball. Forced to land near a tiny uninhabited island, they suddenly find themselves completely stranded and alone. Their intense attraction soon fires their passion, and when theyre drawn into a wild treasure hunt, Cole must use his dominant skill to control the impetuous woman from the perils surrounding them.

If you enjoy a suspenseful romance starring a take-charge alpha male, and a feisty young woman with a sharp wit and impetuous nature, look no further than this panty-melting page-turner from Maggie Carpenter.

As Cole slipped her dress over her head, Paige rolled into him and urgently grabbed at the buttons of his shirt, but grasping her wrists he pushed her onto her back and pinned them on either side of her head.Weve got all night, he softly murmured, and Im going to make the most of every minute. Dont move.

Rising to his feet, he leisurely stripped, then returning to lie at her side, he slid her panties down her legs and popped the front fastener of her bra. As it sprang free he slid it down her arms and tossed it aside, then kneeling over her, he gazed at her in wonder; the huge setting sun was cloaking her skin in a golden glow.
Youre even more lovely than I remember, he crooned, then straddling her body, he sent his grasp back to her wrists, lowered his lips, and began kissing her neck.
That makes me crazy, she bleated. I love it. I love it so much.
I know, he purred, traveling his lips across her shoulders toward her breasts. I remember the things that make you crazy. Ive relived them many times.
She moaned in response, and as he drew in her nipples, sucking hungrily, she raised her chest to meet his mouth.
Remember what I said? he murmured, lifting his head and locking her eyes.
Ooh, dont stop.
Does that mean you dont remember?
I cant stand it, she complained. Remember what?
My promise to spank you. I promised when we were together before, and I promised you a few minutes ago. I think its time I kept that promise.
Youre going to do it now? she gasped. Right now?
Seems as good a time as any, he said with a wicked grin, and releasing her wrists, he quickly flipped her onto her stomach and yanked up her hips.
Oh, my gosh! What are you doing?
You do have an incredibly spankable ass.
I cant believe this! Why do I feel so—”
So what? he asked, smoothing his hand over her backside. So embarrassed?
Yes, and, ooh, I feel so weird.
Thats natural, but Ill bet…” he said, his voice trailing off as he slipped his fingers between her legs, uh-huh, youre soaked, and in a few minutes youre going to be even more soaked. Now keep still, and dont shout out like that again.
I didnt mean to, I was just shocked.
I know youve been craving this.
How could I be craving something Ive never had?
Now youre just being coy. I think Ill add a few extra slaps for that.
Okay, I have, she said quickly, but its weird and I dont know why.
There is no why. Its just how God made you, and Im the other side of that coin. Are you ready?
I guess.
Nope, I need more than that.
Good grief.
Are you ready?
Yes, Im ready.
Though her voice had been filled with trepidation, hed also heard excitement, and raising his hand, he brought it down with several quick slaps, not hard, but carrying a sting that would not disappoint her.
I said no shouting.
Here, bury your head in this, he suggested, reaching for her dress and handing to her.
You mean Ill need to?
You might. I wont spank you too hard, but its still going to hurt.
Unless youd rather I stop. Do you want me to stop, Paige?
Uh, no no, I dont.
Right then, roll up your dress and bury your head.
Though he didnt think her yelps or the sound of his smacking hand would carry around to the rocky point to Jacks ears, having her muffle her squeals in her dress added some extra spice to the moment, and waiting until she was settled, he began to land his slaps in an easy rhythm as he traveled his flattened palm across her cheeks. When she began to squirm, he moved his slaps lower, and after adding a few good swats to her sit spot, eliciting a series of mewling cries, he paused and ran his hand over her warm pink skin.
How are you feeling?
Please, will you touch me? she begged, turning her head to look at him over her shoulder.
That was not the answer to my question, he said firmly, delivering a solid smack to the center of her bottom. How are you feeling?
Ow, did you have to do that?
And again, he declared, landing another hard slap.
How are you feeling?
My ass is stinging, how do you think I feel?
I cant believe you just said that, he muttered, shaking his head and grinning at her nerve. Anything else?
Yes. I feel…”
Go on, everything. Tell me everything.
Cole, I love it. I mean, I dont but I do. I really do, I just dont know why.
We dont always need to know why we like something, now close your eyes and feel my hand rub away the burn. That was your introduction.





Award-winning and best-selling author Maggie Carpenter has published over fifty romance novels, and is the recipient of a number Spanking Romance Reviews awards spanning a variety of genres. Her readers describe her work as, romantic, funny, suspenseful, beyond a five-star read, exciting romance with a ton of surprises.
Her work includes a best-selling twelve-book contemporary cowboy series, Cowboys After Dark, (, a warrior fantasy trilogy, Warriors After Dark, ( contemporary love stories, and several Victorian romances. His Willful Bride was a #1 best-seller for several weeks and a BookBub Feature Deal. She is best known for her smart, witty, strong-willed women who bring unexpected challenge, mystery, and humor into the lives of passionate, dominant men.
Maggie has a history in show-business both in front of and behind the camera, but moved from Los Angeles to live in the Pacific Northwest to pursue her writing. She is an equine enthusiast who rides every day, and writes until the wee hours of the morning when her eyes close only because they must.

This author loves to hear from readers. You can contact her through her website: To sample her work for free, go to,




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Punished Wantonness with The Duke's Prisoner and Kallista Dane on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Today's Wicked Wanton guest hasn't visited for a while.  I'm glad to welcome back author Kallista Dane who has a brand new historical romance out for our reading pleasure, The Duke's Prisoner.  

I have to thank her for bringing along not only a wonderfully hot excerpt, but one that is educational too.  I often like to use the definition of a particularly interesting word from the blurb or excerpt in my post.  (Why? 'Cause its fun. I know I'm weird that way).  The fun word of the day is wantonness.  A yummy word, which brings up lewd images of lascivious, unrestrained sexual behavior, right?  

Imagine my surprise when I saw incontinence listed as a synonym.

Now, the nurse in me knows only one meaning for that word, so away I went to investigate.  

Incontinence is a noun that means lack of control. It could mean of speech, or of temper, but in this case, it refers to sexual appetite.  This is so much more fun than what I was thinking.  

Synonyms include: debauchery, lewdness, unrestraint, and yes, wait for it... wantonness.

So it seems I came full circle, and realized you do learn something new every day.  LOL

In this wonderful new erotic romance by Kallista Dane, Lady Arabella learns about wantonness through shameful climaxes, quivering desire, and a freshly spanked burning bottom. 
Lucky girl!  


The Duke's Prisoner
By Kallista Dane


Lady Arabella was only hoping for a little adventure when she persuaded her maid to take her place at a dinner party so she could explore Venice's famous Carnevale in defiance of her father's wishes, but then she came home to find her father murdered and her dream turned into a nightmare. To make matters worse, Arabella herself is accused of the crime and after a poor excuse for a trial she is condemned to the notorious prison of the Duke of Venice.

Just as despair threatens to overtake her, salvation appears in the form of Nicolo Sorenzo, the handsome young nobleman who spanked her soundly and then brought her to a shameful climax the previous night at the Carnevale. With the aid of a powerful government official, Nicolo has arranged for Arabella's release from prison, but the official's help comes at a high price.

In return for her freedom, Arabella will be required to pose for a series of scandalous paintings by Nicolo's mentor, a renowned artist. Each day, she will be stripped bare so that her helpless, virgin body may be teased unmercifully until she is left quivering with desire. Her wantonness will then be punished sternly, leaving Arabella with her cheeks blushing, her bottom burning, and her womanhood aching to be filled as her ordeal is captured on the artist's canvas.

Before long, however, Nicolo has fallen in love with Arabella, and his need for her becomes irresistible. Can he unravel the mystery of her father's death and clear her name, or will his decision to claim her as his own cost them both their freedom or even their lives?

Publisher's Note: The Duke's Prisoner includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


Even through her gown, the warmth of his palm seemed to soothe the fire on her bottom, turning it into a spicy sting. She closed her eyes and gave a tiny moan. As though suddenly becoming conscious of what he was doing, Antonio stiffened and stopped stroking her bottom. He moved his other hand to tilt her chin up and she felt his lips touch hers. 

Arabella had never been kissed. Eyes still closed, she sighed and melted into his arms. Antonio deepened the kiss, his mouth covering hers completely. She wrapped her arms around his neck. He took two steps forward, trapping her against the wall of the building behind them. She could feel the heat from the hard bulge at his groin. He rearranged the voluminous cape he’d wrapped around her body to cover them both, then he opened his mouth and ran his tongue over her lips.

The sound of the orchestra in the piazza dimmed, the laughter and shouts of revelers disappeared. After all the unfamiliar yet highly erotic stimulations her body had been subjected to in the past few hours, every thought flew from her head. Her lips parted automatically, allowing him to slide his tongue in. When he did, she moaned again.

He took it as an invitation to continue. The tip of his tongue explored her mouth delicately, setting off another round of thrilling new sensations everywhere it touched. Arabella shuddered as a wave of arousal poured through her. Antonio slid both hands down to her bottom, lifted her off her feet, and plunged his tongue into her mouth. 

His fingers dug into her stinging backside. Instead of pain, a shocking bolt of lust shot straight to her belly. He pressed her against the building and ground his hips into her, all the while capturing her mouth with his probing tongue. Her body responded with a gush of dampness between her legs.

Antonio groaned, as though he’d caught the scent of her arousal. He shifted his grip and hiked her higher, running one arm under the curve of her bottom so it rested on his forearm. Then with his other hand, he gathered up her gown in front until his fingers grazed her bare thigh.
Arabella felt as though a stranger had taken over her body. Perhaps it was the spirit of the woman she’d pretended to be—the wild, sensuous Donatella. Whoever it was, however it had happened, the prim, shy English miss was gone. Though she knew it was wrong, she welcomed his touch, hungered for more. She knocked his hat off his head as she fisted her hands in his shoulder-length dark locks, writhing against him.

His hand slid between her legs, long fingers working their way up the inside of her thigh. When they came in contact with her womanhood, the raw, rough noise he made inflamed her passion even more. His hand worked its way through the soft tangle of curls. One fingertip slid between the silky folds of her sex. Arabella cried out, the sound muffled by his mouth capturing hers. He ran his finger into the tight opening. Farther than she’d ever dared to venture on the few occasions when she gave in to wickedness, all alone in her bed late at night. As he did, his tongue delved deeper, claiming her mouth. The inner walls of her slick channel spasmed and she squirmed in his arms, desperate to take him in a little more.

Antonio obliged her. Her passage was slick and his finger slid deeper, stroking its way along. Another round of spasms welled up inside her, rocking her body. Arabella thought she’d die from sheer pleasure. His mouth left hers. He started kissing his way down her neck while pumping his finger in and out. Panting for breath, she wrapped one leg around his hip and opened herself to him.

The raucous chatter of a group of masked revelers nearby shocked her back to her senses. Her eyes popped open and Arabella froze. Dear heaven, what was she doing? Acting like a fallen woman, a whore, out here where people could pass only a few feet away from them. A sudden thought struck terror into her heart. What if Papa walked by? 

She began struggling in Antonio’s arms, pushing him away. “You have to let me go! I can’t—”

“Sssh.” He bent to kiss her again, sliding his finger deeper inside. “It’s all right. They can’t see us. Trust me, cara. I want only to bring you pleasure.”

“No! You can’t! I can’t!” Horrified, she struggled even harder. “I’ve never done anything like this before!”




USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Kallista Dane's romances have hit #1 on Amazon in Sci-Fi and Western categories, as well as bestselling lists in Historical, Contemporary, and BDSM Romance. She writes steamy love stories about strong, independent women tossed headfirst into danger and intrigue tangling with the hot Alpha males who appear in their lives to deliver a firm spanking when they expect it least and need it the most.

Kallista is happily married to her soul mate. He keeps her supplied with endless cups of cowboy coffee when she's writing and plenty of inspiration for her next naughty scene the rest of the time.

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Thanks for coming on today, Kallista.  Don't stay away so long!

Don't forget to mark your calendar for every Wicked Wanton Wednesday, but especially next week when my guest will be Maggie Carpenter who is going to take us someplace tropical.  

Have a totally wicked and wanton week!  - - Maddie