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Claimed by the Warlord - Cover Reveal #HotAlien

Simply stunning!

I'm blown away by this gorgeous cover by Fantasia Frogs Designs.

Just a few weeks until the Warlord is released.

Mark your calendars...

Coming January 8th!!!

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Get the Leather Paddle. A Sexy, Spanky, Skype-y Excerpt from You Said Forever

Club Decadence, USA Today bestselling author Maddie Taylor's beloved contemporary series.
Get seven standalone romances under one cover and enjoy all the fringe benefits to be found in this very exciting, very exclusive club.


Meet former Green Beret Chief Petty Officer Rick Spencer, war hero, and lead investigator at Rossi Security, he's also a loving husband and dominant Master to his pixyish, playful, often misbehaving wife Regan. Her antics often get her punished, but in a way they both enjoy. This is an angsty, emotional story but one filled with love and romance, and quite a bit of kink

Enjoy this sexy, spanky, Skype-y excerpt

“So fuckin’ hot, Regan. Get the leather paddle.”

With flaming cheeks, she did as instructed.

“I want to see and hear hard strokes. Start with your right cheek. I’ll count.”

Video sex was nothing new to them. He had introduced her to it while he was serving overseas. It was exciting and always seemed wickedly salacious to Regan, which added to the thrill. It had helped keep them close all those years and eliminated the awkward reunions that often followed long separations. Stunned by the things he got her to do on camera, she awkwardly slapped her own ass with their round leather paddle. It was a pitiful first attempt and made a weak splat against her skin.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. That was the poorest excuse for a swat I’ve ever seen. Try again.”

“It’s not easy to do to yourself… Master.” She almost forgot and before she earned another ten, she tacked on the respectful title he often demanded while they played.

“Again, Regan.”

This time she changed the angle and the paddle connected more soundly, making a small thwack as it landed.

“Better, but it still needs work. These practice swats don’t count, so you’ll have to keep going until I’m satisfied with the sound and intensity. Don’t hold back on me. Your skin isn’t even pink from those first puny two.”

She repeated the strokes again and again until by the eighth attempt she was spanking to his satisfaction. She was feeling the bite of the leather now. Rick had her give herself five swats on the same cheek before moving to the other. The angle was different for the left cheek and took some practice. This time it only took her two swats before her technique met with his approval and she completed her ten with five more swats on the left cheek.

“Excellent. You have two very rosy cheeks, my beautiful girl. I hope you now have a better appreciation of how hard I work when I punish you. Not so easy is it?”

She rolled her eyes; he was so arrogant sometimes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

Startled, she looked back over her shoulder at his grinning face. “How do you know I rolled my eyes?”

“I know you better than anyone, babe. You rolled them, didn’t you? Be honest.”

“Well, yes, I did, but I didn’t think you would see and I certainly didn’t think you would guess.”

He laughed at her look of irritation. “Roll over on your back.”

He waited for her to get in position and then had her work the pink vibe into her sopping wet pussy. 

He often commented about how much his girl liked a good spanking; now he knew she even liked ones that were self-administered.

“I want you to raise your legs and pull them to your chest. Hold them together with your left arm while you give yourself another ten swats with the paddle. Your manners have been atrocious lately, and I’m not cutting you any slack just because I’ve been away.”

She hesitated. Was he serious? How humiliating! Of course, he had spanked her this way on several occasions. He called it the diaper position and she knew it would totally expose her plugged ass and pussy.

“Do you have something you want to say to me, sub?”

“No, Master. I just had an image in my mind of what I’m going to look like and it freaked me out a little.”

“No need to get freaked, babe. It’s just you and me. Now, are you ready to do as you’re told or should we add a few more swats to the tally?”

She pulled her legs into the awkward position and flushed as she heard his praise.

“Fuckin’ A, Regan. You are so gorgeous you make my hair stand on end. You have no idea how beautiful you look with your juices glistening on your skin, that pink vibe buried deep and your pink little asshole stretched wide by that big black plug.”

She heard him groan and could hear the faint sound of skin on skin as he touched himself.

“Have you got both vibes as high as they’ll go?”

“Yes, Sir.” She was taking in big gulps of air as she tried to focus on anything other than the two toys pulsating inside her.

Despite the humiliation factor, being so exposed to him through this scandalous online play really had her excited. Plus, there was always something about being ordered to follow his commands, his sense of confidence, of being under his control that compelled her to surrender all her inhibitions and accede to his dominance.

“Good girl. I want good, hard swats right from the beginning. Alternate between each cheek this time. You may begin.”

His dominant voice enthralled her and she willingly obeyed. From this position, she had a better angle and could control the paddle better, but they landed on her lower cheeks and the sensitive tops of her thighs. This was tender flesh, and the leather cracking against her tight skin created a stinging, fiery sensation that was extremely intense.

He scolded and required her to repeat any strokes he felt were less forceful than the others or if she paused too long between spanks. Praise and encouragement were offered when she applied them to his satisfaction. When she finished, her entire ass was burning and pushing her achingly toward climax.

“May I come now, Master? Please?”

“Not yet, Regan. I want you to keep your knees up by your shoulders, but spread those thighs nice and wide so I get a good view of that gloriously wet pussy when you come. Take the vibe out and work it over your clit. Ten minutes of that and I’ll let you come.”

She did as ordered and splayed her legs wide for his viewing pleasure. Her feet were up by her ears and she anchored her knees with her arms and torso. She spread her lips wide with one hand while she worked the vibe with the other.

As she looked between her legs, she could see Rick’s image on the computer screen. He had stripped naked and had rolled back in his chair enough for her to see he was busy working his cock in hard, fast strokes while he massaged his balls with his other hand. She could just make out drops of pre-cum on the head of his impossibly rigid length; she knew this meant he was ready to come as well.

“Spread those lips wider for me, Regan, and slide that vibe right onto your stiff little clit. Christ, you’re so sexy I’m dying here. I’m not gonna last long. Are you ready to come for me now?”

“Yes, Master! I need it. Please let me come!” Regan could feel the muscles of her pussy clenching as she longed to be filled. If he were here to slide right into her, she knew she’d go off like a skyrocket on the Fourth of July. “I can’t stand it anymore, Bear. Please.”

She was gasping for air, and a fine sheen of sweat had covered her skin when she finally heard those words releasing her. “Come for me then, my beautiful girl. Come for your Master.”

The room filled with the sounds of their pleasure: the buzzing of vibrators, the harsh panting of their breathing, and the moans and gasps as they both came at last.

After they had calmed down and Regan had been given permission to remove the plug and clamps, he waited while she cleaned up and slipped back onto the pillows. They were both satisfied and relaxed as they lingered over a long goodnight.

She flushed warmly over the things he’d had her do. He noticed and chuckled. “I can’t believe you can still blush after all these years and all the public scenes we’ve done at the club.”

“It’s different at the club. It’s just… I don’t know… it’s like I’m an actor in a play. When we’re alone – just you and me – it’s more intense because it’s so real, more personal.” She groaned and hid her face in her pillow. “Not to mention the things you come up with. I can’t believe you had me spank myself.”

“Just keeping you on your toes, babe. I recorded it too. When I get home, I want to watch you as you watch it. You’ll be as hot as you were tonight.” He smiled as her cheeks turned a vibrant red in embarrassment. “You are freakin’ adorable when you get shy.”

Then he turned serious.

“I love you, Regan,” he said. “And every time you gift me with your submission, it’s a truly humbling experience.” She could hear the emotion in his husky, gruff voice. “So, are you ready to sleep now, baby?”

“Yeah, I just wish you were here with your arms wrapped around me.”

“Me too, but I’ll be home soon. Remember, I love you forever.”

“Love you forever too, Bear.”

One of my favorite original covers 
because Jimmy Thomas 
is simply yummy!

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A Kinky Love That Endures the Test of Time - a Club Decadence preview

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Maddie Taylor's entire Club Decadence Series is now available under one cover...

That's SEVEN steamy, sinful romances all in one place!!!

In Faithfully, the prequel to the series which leads up to the opening of Club Decadence, we meet General Peter Davis and his beautiful submissive wife, Joanna.

They embark on a love affair that stands the test of time, from when Pete was just an army captain and fell in love with his Sargeant's 18-year-old daughter, through the raising of two kids, and multiple deployments.  It ain't easy, but Joanna is the perfect officer's wife. 
She loves deeply and keeps the home fires burning, but when she's had enough and lays down the law to her General Dom, oo-ee, the sparks fly.  


Here's a sexy, sultry, scintillating taste of Faithfully...

Pete pulled the car into the driveway of a large beach house and shifted into park. The house overlooked the point where Nahant Bay met with the Atlantic. The houses lining the shore provided just enough light to illuminate the sandy beach at night. It was a beautiful spot. 

“Whose house is this? It’s dark and doesn’t look like anyone’s home.” 

He got out of the car and grabbed a blanket from the trunk before opening her door and pulling her out. “We’re not here to visit. This is a friend’s house, and he has a private beach. Let’s go.” 

He guided her down the wooden boardwalk that led to the sand. “You can leave your shoes here. No one will bother them.” 

When she’d taken off her heels, he grabbed her hand and guided her down the stretch of sand to a secluded spot surrounded by dunes. The high mounds of sand and tall sea oats provided a semblance of privacy as the warm sea breeze swirled behind her. The waves broke languidly against the shore as the low-riding silver moon provided soft lighting in the long shadows of the beach. To Joanna, it was perfect and the world outside their haven ceased to exist. 

Out of breath from the eager pace he’d set, she stood by quietly watching as he spread out his blanket. She had no doubt what he had in mind. 

Settling in the middle of the makeshift bed, Peter held out a hand to her. “Come here, baby, I’ve got to have you now.” 

“Here on the beach?” She looked up at the dunes she couldn’t see over, then out toward the water. “What if someone comes along?” 

Although she was protesting, she stepped onto the blanket beside him. The low light of the moon was enough to see his pants were stretched tight in front, his rigid cock outlined clearly against the fabric, Peter impatiently tugged her down until she was straddling his thighs. Eagerly untying the belt on her wrap dress, he opened it, revealing her body to his eager gaze as if unwrapping a present. 

“No one will see. It’s late, it’s dark and this is a private beach. Now give me your mouth. I need to taste you.” 

She lowered her head to his and he took what she offered, his lips roughly parting hers, so his tongue could dive in and taste. 

After long minutes of frantic open-mouthed kissing, he let her come up for air as he trailed his hungry lips down her throat. When he reached the tops of her breasts, he released the front hook on her bra and groaned as her bounty spilled into his hands. 

‘Can I leave my dress on just in case?” 

“No, Joanna. I want to see all of you in the moonlight. Take it all off.” 

“But—” She yelped as his large hand came down firmly on her butt. It didn’t really hurt through the material of her dress and panties, but it startled her. 

“I want you naked. If you don’t quit arguing, I’ll have to strip you myself and will have to add a little color to your backside in the process.” 

Frozen, she stared at him. Was he serious? Would he really spank her? 

“Are you testing me, baby? It’s fine if you do, but the end result will be the same. You. Naked. Beneath me. The question is: Will your ass be sore when I grip it as I’m driving into you, or won’t it?” 

She squirmed in his lap at the thought of going across his muscular thighs with a bare, exposed bottom. Instantly, she felt her juices soak her panties and then watched as a wicked grin crossed Peter’s face. 

“I can feel your heat clear through my jeans, darlin’. Do you like the idea of lying across my lap, your naughty bottom upturned, and bared for my hand?” He slid the dress off her shoulders and let it slide down to pool over his legs. “I think it’s time you find out how it feels. I think I told you what would happen if I had to strip you myself, didn’t I?” 

Not waiting for a response, he moved her into position. She was stunned and still frozen as he placed her as he liked, as if she were a life-sized doll. 

“Let’s get rid of the panties, shall we?” 

His large hands twisted, and she heard the fabric rip as he easily ripped apart her tiny bikini panties. She felt his warm skin against hers and lost all sense of reason when he began rubbing her bare flesh. Aroused more than ever before, she arched her back, pressing her bottom into his hands. 

“You want me to spank you like a naughty girl, don’t you, baby?” 

Her answer was a whimpered moan in her throat. The heat of his hand left her and returned in a brisk swat on the lower curve of one cheek. An instant later, he landed another, this time on the other side. 
After the twin smacks, his palm rubbed in ever-widening circles over her tingling skin. 

“You want the excitement of me taking you in hand and heating your bottom with my palm.” It wasn’t a question but a statement. Two more swats fell, this time a little harder before the rubbing resumed. “While your skin gets warm and tingly, those sensations will spread to your pussy, making it warm and tingly, too. And wet.” 

Four smacks, two on each side followed his prediction. 

“Spread your thighs for me, Joanna. I want to slide my fingers inside you and test my theory.” 

He waited for her to obey, but after a few seconds without a response, he calmly applied more swats, crisper and with more of a bite than before. She sucked in a breath at the fiery burn he’d ignited. 

“Now, sweetie, I want you to remember how good this feels, but if you keep up the defiance, I am going to have to give you a bad-girl punishment instead of a nice, arousing, good-girl spanking before the hard fucking I had in mind to celebrate tonight. Do as I say, darlin’, and spread for me.”

Lying helpless and infinitely aroused over his lap, she could do nothing but follow his commands. Joanna spread her legs, shuddering a heartbeat later when his fingers slid over her wet folds. 

“That’s my good girl. But I want you spread wide, baby, so I can explore. Let me help.” His hands curled around her inner thighs and separated her legs so wide apart, she felt the ocean breeze against her hot flesh and groaned. Pressing her knees into the sand, she lifted her behind, angling her pussy to seek more of his touch. 

“Excellent. Now, just a few more so you know what I mean by a good-girl spanking.” 

Using a light brisk stroke, he proceeded to paint her entire bottom and thighs with a tingly heat. He smacked lightly with enough of a sting to arouse and elicit the desired response from her body. When she eagerly rocked into the swats, encouraging him to give her more, he murmured his approval. 

She almost missed it over the floating up from her chest, signaling how much she liked being his good girl. After applying about two dozen swats, he couldn’t take anymore and lifted her off his lap. Rolling her on her back, he disregarded the hiss from her lips as her tender skin rubbed against the blanket. Parting her legs, he ripped open his fly and released his heavy cock, driving deep inside her.

Peter’s deep growl of satisfaction pushed her pleasure higher. Wanting him to enjoy her as much as she very clearly enjoyed him. He slipped his hands under her hips and moved inward to palm her cheeks. 

As he looked down at her, his fingers tightened, eliciting a small startled squeal from her, as he firmly squeezed. “Do you understand the difference now, baby?” 

“Yes. Bad girls get spanked hard, but good girls get spanked wet and then fucked.” 

“Tsk, Tsk, such a naughty word from my good girl. We’ll work on that answer, but later. And bad girls get fucked, too. Right now, darlin’, your pussy is warm and wet and hugging me so tight, I need to ride you.” 

Like a true Texan he did ride her long and hard on the secluded beach, pushing them both to such heights they came apart in one another’s arms. 

Afterward, they held each other close, soaking up the romantic setting. For Joanna, it was perfect. The ocean waves crashing against the shore was their music; their special hideaway lit by the full moon overhead. It was a perfect start to their engagement and a sign of more good things to come.

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Club Decadence: Meet Master Dex. Quiet, cool, distant... he's not the same man without his Elena.

Now you can own all seven books 
for the amazing low price of $9.99.  
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AU →

Today's featured Decadence Master is Dex Russell. Not only is he an expert with the single-tail, but he's also the best bounty hunter on Rossi's staff and the managing partner for the club. But Dex is different since returning from the war. No longer the outgoing, gregarious, extrovert he once was, he is remote, cool and distant.

It isn't the war that plagues him, it's his personal past. It's the loss of Elena, his true submissive, the perfect counterpart to his innate dominance. Will he ever be able to put her behind him and move on? 

An NSFW, emotional, roller-coaster-ride of an excerpt from Little Light of Mine, book 3 in the Club Decadence series:

“Take me deeper,” he said in a strained voice as she worked him.
Concentrating on the underside with the point of her tongue, she then swirled around the head before doing as he ordered and sucking him deep. Her cheeks hollowed as she increased the suction.
He started to move his hips, gliding his hardness in and out of her scalding hot mouth.
At his deep groan of contentment, she warmed inside, remembering well how pleasing him made her feel. So intently focused on him and his response, her hands had stilled between her legs.
Tugging on her hair, Dex reprimanded, “Pay attention. Keep that vibe busy on your clit.”
She quickly resumed the slow circling as she stared up at him, so perfect and so hot, his gaze was between her spread thighs. Moving a hand to her breasts he flicked each clamp, in turn, keeping her on edge with the pleasure-pain. The other hand maintained a firm grip in her hair, guiding and controlling her head thereby allowing him to dominate her mouth with his hard cock.
As though he couldn’t keep it up much longer, he reluctantly pulled out of her mouth, saying in a rough growl, “Arms over your head, sub.”
Elena gratefully removed the vibe from her throbbing clit and raised her arms over her head where he relieved her of the toy. He then raised the table to about thirty degrees and clipped her wrists to the eyebolts hidden at the top. He returned to his place between her spread and restrained legs and paused for a moment, his eyes gliding over every inch of her.
His hand moved over his aching cock as he watched her, seeming pleased with the moisture that covered her skin and the flush of her face from the exertion of holding back her orgasm. His eyes dipped to her still clamped tits, before returning to her spread, sopping wet pussy. He slipped the broad head of his cock between her swollen wet lips.
She had so much honey that lube was unnecessary. She could hear the sound of her wetness, as he slid along her swollen skin, moving more of her moisture down to her ass, preparing her for his penetration. “I’m going to take this tight ass now, sub. Breathe deep, relax and take what I give you.”
Although she was anxious, she wanted him deep inside her. To feel him moving against her after so long was an answer to a prayer.
She begged him, “Yes! Please, Sir. Please take my ass.” She was sobbing she was so aroused.
Her hips twitched involuntarily and she arched toward him in anticipation of his entry.
“Please, I can’t hold out much longer.”
“You can and you will.” He pressed against her tight hole; the head slipped in with a little pop.
Her loud groan echoed throughout the playroom.
“That’s it. Take me inside. Clamp onto my cock with those tight
little muscles.”
“Yes, Master. Fuck me,” she begged.
Dex paused and landed a swat with an open palm on her outer thigh. “None of that now, sub.”
“Sorry, Sir.”
Elena tried to distract herself from the stretching discomfort in her ass. She breathed deeply and thought about the sting on her thigh. What a double standard. These Doms cussed like sailors yet couldn’t stand for their subs to do the same.
Granted, Dex had always been careful around her only occasionally letting one fly. He had been overexposed for years in the military after all. However, he took her to task if she did the same even in the heat of passion.
But wait, was he upset by the curse word or that she had forgotten and called him Master?
She was pulled from her thoughts as he continued his possession of her ass and filled her yet another inch. “Just relax, I’m about halfway in. Bear down a little and you’ll take all of me.”
His wide cock was abrading her tender tissues and she took deep breaths trying to relax her muscles enough to take him. From her vantage point, with the head of the table raised, she could see him working between her legs. When she watched him take the metal vibe out of his shirt pocket, it dawned on her then that he was still fully dressed. He had only opened his pants enough to take out his cock.
In the past, when he stayed dressed and she was naked, it made her feel more submissive. Tonight, it made her feel distant and separate despite the fact he was burying himself inside her.
The vibrations hit her clit and startled her out of her head.
“Your mind is wandering tonight. Pay attention, sub,” Dex ordered sternly and he frowned at her inattention.
“Sorry, Sir. It’s just that… ahhh!” Elena arched into the vibe at her
clit, which allowed Dex to sink the rest of the way into her ass.
“Glad to see you’re back with me.”
Her eyes flicked down to where they were joined, his huge cock stretching and filling her small space seemingly beyond measure.
“I’m going to move inside you now, sub. You may come anytime. I want to feel your muscles squeeze me while I’m buried deep inside you.”
“Yes, Master. Please, take me fast and hard.” When she felt him stiffen and stop abruptly, she realized her mistake.
She had called him Master again.
It came out intuitively because she would always think of him that way. However, they were no longer Master and slave. It was so obvious now that she had ruined that forever. Elena averted her eyes in a seeming act of submission when actually she couldn’t stand to look in his eyes and see the cold detachment.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” With her repeated apology, he resumed his domination of her body and began thrusting deeply again. Elena tried to rock against his plunging hardness, but the restraints limited her movement and all she could do was press her clit just a fraction more against the vibe. She was almost there and told him so.
“Come now!” He thrust against her again, relentless and unyielding. “Now!”
Elena was already gone and convulsing around him. Her clit throbbed and her ass pulsed, but her middle, her aching grasping middle, clutched at the emptiness; her pussy unfilled and left wanting even as her orgasm claimed her.
As her muscles clenched, gripping him tightly, Dex quickly followed her into climax, shuddering as he filled her with a hot burst of come. He shuddered, his head falling back, and he grunted, thrust deep once more. Usually more vocal when he came, she watched him through half-lidded eyes, feeling the heat of him inside her and the occasional jerk of his cock. She tightened around him, wanting him to stay there forever.
It wasn’t to be.
Too soon, his head came up and he opened his eyes. Scanning over her flushed face and lower to her where her chest rose and fell more rapidly than usual, he nodded.
Breaking contact, he slipped out, moving away to discard the used condom, then zipped himself up. Elena watched as he moved to the sink and wet a cloth. He returned to her and released her wrists. Assessing her status, he angled her face up to his and slipped his fingers down to her throat. “How are you doing, sub?”
Elena knew what he was asking as he checked her pulse rate. “I’m fine, Sir. I’m not flying, although I came close.”
Dex grunted in acknowledgment. “Still need the pain to put you into subspace, then? Tell me, do you still crave the whip?”
“Yes, Sir,” she whispered and flushed, thrilled at the memories that washed over her and embarrassed all the same. No one had ever sent her flying like Dex.
He nodded and then surprised Elena by removing her wrist restraints and handing her the wet cloth. Rather than performing the task himself as he’d done in the past, he was allowing her to cool her own face and neck. Sliding out an extension of the table, he released her ankles and lowered her legs, massaging them briefly to restore her circulation.
He took the rag from her trembling hands and went back to the sink, rewetting it with warm water. Handing it back to her he moved aside as he let her cleanse the rest of her body.
He returned a few minutes later with a blanket, signaled for her to sit up, and wrapped it around her shoulders. Next, he handed her an open bottle of water and encouraging her to drink.
Elena felt hot and cold at the same time. This was not what she had expected. He was too distant. The sex was hot, yet impersonal. As he stood at her side and watched her closely, she could read no emotion on his face.
“I am quite pleased with the scene. I think we should meet weekly for our play sessions, is that acceptable to you?”
Dazed and disappointed, she couldn’t think and could barely form coherent thoughts. She ended up echoing his words, “Once a week?”
“Yes, I have other obligations, classes, other sub contracts, etcetera and that’s about all the time I have in my schedule for now. I can free up some more time in a few weeks if we continue to work well together.”
Elena didn’t know how to respond. She thought there would still be something there. Some remnant of what they had in the past. Some glimmer of emotion, maybe even the love they had shared.
She had made a huge mistake. Obviously, she had decimated whatever feelings he once had for her, of that she was certain. He wanted her body but that wasn’t enough for her.
What would she do now?
“Elena? Will Monday’s at eight work for you?” His voice was cool and professional as if he discussed a business meeting, not another fuck session. “You don’t perform on Mondays, so I assume you’ll be free. We could play on Wednesdays after your sets, at midnight, if you prefer.”
Dex moved around the room straightening up, placing the used toys in the proper bin for cleaning.
Elena sat stunned, trying to gather herself enough to respond to him.
Trying desperately to come up with something to say, fuck you was on the tip of her tongue, so she said nothing.
“Elena?” Stepping up to her, he cupped her chin and angled her face up to his. He looked at her, gauging her condition. “Are you with me? You told me you weren’t flying, was that true?” His beautiful blue eyes searched hers.
“Yes, Sir. I’m just still in orgasm recovery,” she lied calmly. She didn’t know how because she was actually feeling totally devastated. “It took a bit out of me, is all.”
“Yes, it has been a while for you then, hasn’t it? Let me get you some chocolate which will help.” He quickly produced a piece of Dove chocolate and held it against her lips. “Take some time and relax. I have the room for another hour. Oh, I almost forgot.”
He crossed the room where his black toy bag lay and removed some papers.
“Here is a limit list that I want returned before our next session, say by Friday. I’ll need it to prepare for our next appointment.”
Still stunned by his rather business-like unemotional demeanor, Elena took the papers staring down at them blankly. “I have marked out the play and implements that are off limits for me. I want you to mark the rest with a yes, no, or willing to try. I am sure you have broadened your horizons in the time you have been gone, but I don’t want to make any assumptions.”
Elena frowned. She didn’t know Dex had a limit list. She quickly scanned the checklist noticing that the whip had been marked out leaving only crops, straps, paddles, and floggers under impact play.
“You don’t use your single tail anymore, Sir?”
“Of course, that kind of intense play calls for a great deal of trust and intimacy, however. I don’t include any type of edge play in an ROA arrangement.”
He stood before her then, the room was set to rights and she noticed he had his bag in his hand. Their time together was obviously at an end. “I’ll have Master Jason come up,” he consulted his watch, “in about forty-five minutes and give you a ride home.”
Elena stood and crossed the room climbing in bed in an attempt to hide from his intense gaze. “Thank you, Sir, but I have a ride with Ronnie from my band. Can I get back to you about our next—” she could barely bring herself to say it, “appointment?”
“Certainly, call me here at The Club. If you don’t get me, leave a voicemail.”
He pulled a card from his bag and she watched him set it atop her folded clothes. Just like a business arrangement, she was like any one of his clients. She realized she should be glad he wasn’t charging her for his time. She lay down on the big bed and curled up in a ball pulling the sub blanket still closer around her. Her back was to him so he couldn’t see her face.
“Are you all right for me to leave? I have to get ready for a client at 10: 30.”
“Yes, Sir. I’m fine.” She cleared her throat of the tears building. Begging silently, please just go before I break down. She swallowed and hoped her voice wouldn’t give away her emotions when she spoke again. “I don’t want to keep you.”
“Nonsense. Aftercare is part of the play if you remember.”
He approached the bed. She breathed deeply, trying to do so quietly so as not to give away her level of distress. She continued her silent plea; please go, please go, please, just go!
She felt his heavy hand against her shoulder and he squeezed. Elena closed her eyes tightly as tears escaped. She realized it was the first sign of affection he had given her.
Her mind reeled as she grasped the fact that he had never once kissed her, caressed her, or touched her in any way other than what was required for the scene. He hadn’t even used her name during the scene, just calling her sub. Devices had been used to stimulate her nipples and he had barely even touched her himself. Lord, he had even used a vibe to stimulate her clit.
Their skin hadn’t touched other than his fingers occasionally because he hadn’t even removed his clothes. A condom had covered his cock and she was surprised now that he hadn’t worn it while he used her mouth. He obviously didn’t want her touch because he hadn’t allowed her to caress or hold him in any fashion.
Oh God, she lamented, he must really despise me. Or rather he was indifferent and felt nothing for her any longer except as a sub to meet his sexual needs. She didn’t know which was worse.
“I enjoyed our scene, Elena, and will look forward to hearing from you about next week.” He removed his hand and she knew he stood there looking down on her. She implored him silently again; please go now, just go!
Outwardly she nodded and faked a yawn, soundlessly begging for him to leave so she could have her meltdown in private.
Finally, her prayer was granted, and she heard him cross the room. The door opened with a slight squeak before he said, “I’ll send Jason in to check on you in a little while.”
She nodded again. Her control was almost gone. She didn’t think she could keep it together another second longer when she heard the door close behind him. She lay there listening to make sure he was gone.
A minute passed, then five, maybe ten.
Only then did she finally roll onto her back and sweep the room with her tear-filled gaze. Thankfully it was empty because the tears began to flow unrestrained. She pulled her knees to her chest as a pain seared through her heart. This pain was worse than the broken ribs Luis had caused when he kicked her.
In a panic, she leaped from the bed and stumbled to her clothes. She looked at the card he had left; the words blurred as a large tear splashed on the embossed paper. It fell from her numb fingers as she realized she had to get out of there.
Tomorrow she’d call Sean and let him know. She wouldn’t be back.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Club Decadence: You won't find a club more exclusive than this.

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Here's an excerpt from Unbind My Heart, book 4, included in Club Decadence:

It features Lexie, a newbie to their world, and Jonas Mitchell, a cross between a dreamy All-American boy next door and an exhilarating Shibari Master.  Yum-mee!

 A crack, like the retort of a gun, echoed through the nearly empty room. The next instant, a blazing
fire spread across her bottom where his spank had landed.

“Respectful address; try again.”

“I’m a little scared, sensei.”

“Better. You have to learn to trust me, dorei. Do you?”


“You will come to realize that I am always careful with you. No more talking now, it’s a waste of breath. I told you that if you were ever in this position, the punishment decision had already been made. You will accept your lesson gracefully, won’t you?”

“Yes, sensei.

“Good girl.”

Taking a step back, he moved to her side. Her eyes were transfixed as she watched him swing the multi-strand whip. She tensed as the whoosh of the leather tails flew toward her skin. When they landed, it was a soft, gentle caress.

He grunted. “The ropes are obstructing my target. Let’s get rid of your matanawa, shall we?”

Lexie’s confusion at the vaguely familiar term was cleared up when he released the crotch rope in the back allowing it to fall freely until it hung from her waist in front. She wiggled a bit as the cool air in the room wafted across her warm, wet center.

“Let’s try again.”

Returning to his position at her side, he extended his arm and gave a flick of his wrist. The same whooshing sound preceded the flogger's caress. He continued, the strokes gradually coming faster, and a bit heavier. Soon he had the flogger moving in a circular motion with just the ends striking the taut skin of her bottom.

After several moments, he slowly changed the angle, moving from one side to the other. Soon he was alternating cheeks and thighs. The caress had changed from soft to stinging, but with no real pain. A pattern to his strokes soon became clear.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, thwap.

Three light strokes, then a hard one.

Again, the pattern repeated.

The last of the four was the hardest and stung like blue blazes causing Lexie to yelp. Instantly, his hand found her bottom. “Pink and warm, exactly what I’m aiming for,” was his murmured assessment before he resumed.

As the next stroke fell, she cried out, although it wasn’t from pain.

“What color are you, dorei?” He asked without a break in his rhythm.


As he continued the pattern, time seemed suspended. Heat built with the sting on her bottom and thighs while a burning hotness also stirred in her core. The feelings co-mingled and in her mind were difficult to distinguish. At last, she was unable to contain herself any longer and let out a soft sob. 

“Please, sensei. I’m sorry.”

The flogger stopped, and he stepped closer, his hand stroking over her skin. “Shh, I know you’re sorry and you’re taking your punishment so well. Think about what you did and remember this feeling so that it’s not repeated. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you ready to continue?”

“It stings.”

“Such is a punishment, or else it wouldn’t be effective, would it?” Crouching in front of her, he brushed his lips across her brow. Leaning back, he stroked the plaited handle along her jaw. “This is my favorite flogger. It’s made of deerskin, very lightweight and is just right for beginners. You’ll find that I haven’t raised a single welt or blister, only pretty pink skin. Now then, I want you to answer truthfully: is it worse than my hand?”

“No, your hand is much harder.”

“How about the wooden hairbrush? Is this worse than the brush?”

She shook her head as much as she could. “I guess I’m just a wimp.”

He chuckled. “More like your remorse over your slip of the tongue is magnifying the experience. In another situation, this baby will have you soaring.”

“I do feel bad about insulting Sean. I don’t know what came over me. My filter is usually more efficient.”

“This is how this works. You’ll take your punishment and we’ll move on. No further consequences or condemnation unless the behavior is repeated. So stop beating yourself up about it.” He kissed her once more and then gave her a wink. “Anyhow, that’s my job.”

She huffed a little laugh as he stood. “Carrying on then... If it gets too much, Lexie, remember your safewords.”

The flogging resumed, except he gave her tender butt a reprieve by focusing on her uppermost thighs. This brought the ends close to her exposed and vulnerable pussy, landing occasionally on her full, plump lips. Lexie let out a startled yelp, half way between alarm and delight each time the lash fell near her clit.

After heating up her thighs, Jonas again stopped and checked in.

Sweeping gently over her burning skin, his fingers moved to her smooth, wet lips and dipped inside. Lexie forgot about one fire to concentrate on another. She couldn’t hold back her groan. He stroked there for a few seconds as she whimpered.

“You’re very wet, Sunshine. Once we’re done here, we’ll see to our pleasure.”

In an instant, the flogger was back in action. The pattern forgotten, the flails fell more lightly as he brought them upward, connecting with the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Each stroke also brushed against her pussy.

He was right; the flogger had her soaring.

She felt the tightness building low in her belly just as a swipe landed a direct lick on her tingling clit. Her high-pitched moan split the air as Jonas concentrated on that particular spot, repeatedly flailing away.

The sensual torture too much to bear, Lexie came undone and cried out her release. She shouted his name as he found her bottom with his hands. Tender and inflamed, he spread her open as his fingers penetrated her spasming pussy.

Although she had just come, she longed for more, for what she truly needed— his hardness, possessing her, filling her, and making her complete. Jonas did not deny her. Before the clatter of the dropped flogger on the hard floor ceased, he entered her.

His hands clasped her hips firmly as he began to thrust inside. Soon, he was pistoning into her so hard that his skin, slapping against her thighs and buttocks, started up a reminiscent whapping sound.

Blessedly, no sting or discomfort accompanied this sound, only intense pleasure as he moved within her. As he rushed toward his climax, she was swept along. She could hear his heavy breathing.
Grunting exhales of air accompanied each powerful thrust as he touched deep in her core.

A throaty cry, along with Lexie’s toes curling as her body convulsed, signaled another mind-blowing orgasm was once again overtaking her. While she soared in the aftermath, she watched the mirror, fascinated by the beauty and strength of Jonas’ passion. His corded muscles rippled under glistening skin, flexing, and bulging with strain as he approached his release.

She watched in rapt wonder as his pleasure consumed him— a more beautiful sight she’d never seen. 

She felt him shudder against her as he came, his cock jerking and surging deep inside her, his head
thrown back as he released a strident roar.

Looking up at his handsome face reflected in the mirror, she was mesmerized by his blue eyes ablaze with passion. As they stared at each other, an awareness came to Lexie. They were perfectly matched, as if made for each other, their interests, their personalities, and their bodies fit together just right. 

Even their kinks were complementary.

If she searched the world over for the rest of her days, she knew she’d never find another man as perfect for her as Jonas.