Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Club Decadence: You won't find a club more exclusive than this.

It's more than just a kink club series. 

You get action and adventure, drama and suspense, 
and bad guys who make you so mad you could spit!  

Plus, seven unforgettable, swoon-worthy heroes,
and as many feisty, funny, fabulous heroines.
You'll want to put on your favorite little black dress and get margaritas with these ladies
 (or lemon drops ;) ).  

And did I mention the steamy, kinky, smoldering hot sex?!?  

Now you can own all seven books 
for the amazing low price of $9.99.  
An unbelievable $22 off the cover price.  

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Here's an excerpt from Unbind My Heart, book 4, included in Club Decadence:

It features Lexie, a newbie to their world, and Jonas Mitchell, a cross between a dreamy All-American boy next door and an exhilarating Shibari Master.  Yum-mee!

 A crack, like the retort of a gun, echoed through the nearly empty room. The next instant, a blazing
fire spread across her bottom where his spank had landed.

“Respectful address; try again.”

“I’m a little scared, sensei.”

“Better. You have to learn to trust me, dorei. Do you?”


“You will come to realize that I am always careful with you. No more talking now, it’s a waste of breath. I told you that if you were ever in this position, the punishment decision had already been made. You will accept your lesson gracefully, won’t you?”

“Yes, sensei.

“Good girl.”

Taking a step back, he moved to her side. Her eyes were transfixed as she watched him swing the multi-strand whip. She tensed as the whoosh of the leather tails flew toward her skin. When they landed, it was a soft, gentle caress.

He grunted. “The ropes are obstructing my target. Let’s get rid of your matanawa, shall we?”

Lexie’s confusion at the vaguely familiar term was cleared up when he released the crotch rope in the back allowing it to fall freely until it hung from her waist in front. She wiggled a bit as the cool air in the room wafted across her warm, wet center.

“Let’s try again.”

Returning to his position at her side, he extended his arm and gave a flick of his wrist. The same whooshing sound preceded the flogger's caress. He continued, the strokes gradually coming faster, and a bit heavier. Soon he had the flogger moving in a circular motion with just the ends striking the taut skin of her bottom.

After several moments, he slowly changed the angle, moving from one side to the other. Soon he was alternating cheeks and thighs. The caress had changed from soft to stinging, but with no real pain. A pattern to his strokes soon became clear.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, thwap.

Three light strokes, then a hard one.

Again, the pattern repeated.

The last of the four was the hardest and stung like blue blazes causing Lexie to yelp. Instantly, his hand found her bottom. “Pink and warm, exactly what I’m aiming for,” was his murmured assessment before he resumed.

As the next stroke fell, she cried out, although it wasn’t from pain.

“What color are you, dorei?” He asked without a break in his rhythm.


As he continued the pattern, time seemed suspended. Heat built with the sting on her bottom and thighs while a burning hotness also stirred in her core. The feelings co-mingled and in her mind were difficult to distinguish. At last, she was unable to contain herself any longer and let out a soft sob. 

“Please, sensei. I’m sorry.”

The flogger stopped, and he stepped closer, his hand stroking over her skin. “Shh, I know you’re sorry and you’re taking your punishment so well. Think about what you did and remember this feeling so that it’s not repeated. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you ready to continue?”

“It stings.”

“Such is a punishment, or else it wouldn’t be effective, would it?” Crouching in front of her, he brushed his lips across her brow. Leaning back, he stroked the plaited handle along her jaw. “This is my favorite flogger. It’s made of deerskin, very lightweight and is just right for beginners. You’ll find that I haven’t raised a single welt or blister, only pretty pink skin. Now then, I want you to answer truthfully: is it worse than my hand?”

“No, your hand is much harder.”

“How about the wooden hairbrush? Is this worse than the brush?”

She shook her head as much as she could. “I guess I’m just a wimp.”

He chuckled. “More like your remorse over your slip of the tongue is magnifying the experience. In another situation, this baby will have you soaring.”

“I do feel bad about insulting Sean. I don’t know what came over me. My filter is usually more efficient.”

“This is how this works. You’ll take your punishment and we’ll move on. No further consequences or condemnation unless the behavior is repeated. So stop beating yourself up about it.” He kissed her once more and then gave her a wink. “Anyhow, that’s my job.”

She huffed a little laugh as he stood. “Carrying on then... If it gets too much, Lexie, remember your safewords.”

The flogging resumed, except he gave her tender butt a reprieve by focusing on her uppermost thighs. This brought the ends close to her exposed and vulnerable pussy, landing occasionally on her full, plump lips. Lexie let out a startled yelp, half way between alarm and delight each time the lash fell near her clit.

After heating up her thighs, Jonas again stopped and checked in.

Sweeping gently over her burning skin, his fingers moved to her smooth, wet lips and dipped inside. Lexie forgot about one fire to concentrate on another. She couldn’t hold back her groan. He stroked there for a few seconds as she whimpered.

“You’re very wet, Sunshine. Once we’re done here, we’ll see to our pleasure.”

In an instant, the flogger was back in action. The pattern forgotten, the flails fell more lightly as he brought them upward, connecting with the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Each stroke also brushed against her pussy.

He was right; the flogger had her soaring.

She felt the tightness building low in her belly just as a swipe landed a direct lick on her tingling clit. Her high-pitched moan split the air as Jonas concentrated on that particular spot, repeatedly flailing away.

The sensual torture too much to bear, Lexie came undone and cried out her release. She shouted his name as he found her bottom with his hands. Tender and inflamed, he spread her open as his fingers penetrated her spasming pussy.

Although she had just come, she longed for more, for what she truly needed— his hardness, possessing her, filling her, and making her complete. Jonas did not deny her. Before the clatter of the dropped flogger on the hard floor ceased, he entered her.

His hands clasped her hips firmly as he began to thrust inside. Soon, he was pistoning into her so hard that his skin, slapping against her thighs and buttocks, started up a reminiscent whapping sound.

Blessedly, no sting or discomfort accompanied this sound, only intense pleasure as he moved within her. As he rushed toward his climax, she was swept along. She could hear his heavy breathing.
Grunting exhales of air accompanied each powerful thrust as he touched deep in her core.

A throaty cry, along with Lexie’s toes curling as her body convulsed, signaled another mind-blowing orgasm was once again overtaking her. While she soared in the aftermath, she watched the mirror, fascinated by the beauty and strength of Jonas’ passion. His corded muscles rippled under glistening skin, flexing, and bulging with strain as he approached his release.

She watched in rapt wonder as his pleasure consumed him— a more beautiful sight she’d never seen. 

She felt him shudder against her as he came, his cock jerking and surging deep inside her, his head
thrown back as he released a strident roar.

Looking up at his handsome face reflected in the mirror, she was mesmerized by his blue eyes ablaze with passion. As they stared at each other, an awareness came to Lexie. They were perfectly matched, as if made for each other, their interests, their personalities, and their bodies fit together just right. 

Even their kinks were complementary.

If she searched the world over for the rest of her days, she knew she’d never find another man as perfect for her as Jonas.

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