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Get the Leather Paddle. A Sexy, Spanky, Skype-y Excerpt from You Said Forever

Club Decadence, USA Today bestselling author Maddie Taylor's beloved contemporary series.
Get seven standalone romances under one cover and enjoy all the fringe benefits to be found in this very exciting, very exclusive club.


Meet former Green Beret Chief Petty Officer Rick Spencer, war hero, and lead investigator at Rossi Security, he's also a loving husband and dominant Master to his pixyish, playful, often misbehaving wife Regan. Her antics often get her punished, but in a way they both enjoy. This is an angsty, emotional story but one filled with love and romance, and quite a bit of kink

Enjoy this sexy, spanky, Skype-y excerpt

“So fuckin’ hot, Regan. Get the leather paddle.”

With flaming cheeks, she did as instructed.

“I want to see and hear hard strokes. Start with your right cheek. I’ll count.”

Video sex was nothing new to them. He had introduced her to it while he was serving overseas. It was exciting and always seemed wickedly salacious to Regan, which added to the thrill. It had helped keep them close all those years and eliminated the awkward reunions that often followed long separations. Stunned by the things he got her to do on camera, she awkwardly slapped her own ass with their round leather paddle. It was a pitiful first attempt and made a weak splat against her skin.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. That was the poorest excuse for a swat I’ve ever seen. Try again.”

“It’s not easy to do to yourself… Master.” She almost forgot and before she earned another ten, she tacked on the respectful title he often demanded while they played.

“Again, Regan.”

This time she changed the angle and the paddle connected more soundly, making a small thwack as it landed.

“Better, but it still needs work. These practice swats don’t count, so you’ll have to keep going until I’m satisfied with the sound and intensity. Don’t hold back on me. Your skin isn’t even pink from those first puny two.”

She repeated the strokes again and again until by the eighth attempt she was spanking to his satisfaction. She was feeling the bite of the leather now. Rick had her give herself five swats on the same cheek before moving to the other. The angle was different for the left cheek and took some practice. This time it only took her two swats before her technique met with his approval and she completed her ten with five more swats on the left cheek.

“Excellent. You have two very rosy cheeks, my beautiful girl. I hope you now have a better appreciation of how hard I work when I punish you. Not so easy is it?”

She rolled her eyes; he was so arrogant sometimes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

Startled, she looked back over her shoulder at his grinning face. “How do you know I rolled my eyes?”

“I know you better than anyone, babe. You rolled them, didn’t you? Be honest.”

“Well, yes, I did, but I didn’t think you would see and I certainly didn’t think you would guess.”

He laughed at her look of irritation. “Roll over on your back.”

He waited for her to get in position and then had her work the pink vibe into her sopping wet pussy. 

He often commented about how much his girl liked a good spanking; now he knew she even liked ones that were self-administered.

“I want you to raise your legs and pull them to your chest. Hold them together with your left arm while you give yourself another ten swats with the paddle. Your manners have been atrocious lately, and I’m not cutting you any slack just because I’ve been away.”

She hesitated. Was he serious? How humiliating! Of course, he had spanked her this way on several occasions. He called it the diaper position and she knew it would totally expose her plugged ass and pussy.

“Do you have something you want to say to me, sub?”

“No, Master. I just had an image in my mind of what I’m going to look like and it freaked me out a little.”

“No need to get freaked, babe. It’s just you and me. Now, are you ready to do as you’re told or should we add a few more swats to the tally?”

She pulled her legs into the awkward position and flushed as she heard his praise.

“Fuckin’ A, Regan. You are so gorgeous you make my hair stand on end. You have no idea how beautiful you look with your juices glistening on your skin, that pink vibe buried deep and your pink little asshole stretched wide by that big black plug.”

She heard him groan and could hear the faint sound of skin on skin as he touched himself.

“Have you got both vibes as high as they’ll go?”

“Yes, Sir.” She was taking in big gulps of air as she tried to focus on anything other than the two toys pulsating inside her.

Despite the humiliation factor, being so exposed to him through this scandalous online play really had her excited. Plus, there was always something about being ordered to follow his commands, his sense of confidence, of being under his control that compelled her to surrender all her inhibitions and accede to his dominance.

“Good girl. I want good, hard swats right from the beginning. Alternate between each cheek this time. You may begin.”

His dominant voice enthralled her and she willingly obeyed. From this position, she had a better angle and could control the paddle better, but they landed on her lower cheeks and the sensitive tops of her thighs. This was tender flesh, and the leather cracking against her tight skin created a stinging, fiery sensation that was extremely intense.

He scolded and required her to repeat any strokes he felt were less forceful than the others or if she paused too long between spanks. Praise and encouragement were offered when she applied them to his satisfaction. When she finished, her entire ass was burning and pushing her achingly toward climax.

“May I come now, Master? Please?”

“Not yet, Regan. I want you to keep your knees up by your shoulders, but spread those thighs nice and wide so I get a good view of that gloriously wet pussy when you come. Take the vibe out and work it over your clit. Ten minutes of that and I’ll let you come.”

She did as ordered and splayed her legs wide for his viewing pleasure. Her feet were up by her ears and she anchored her knees with her arms and torso. She spread her lips wide with one hand while she worked the vibe with the other.

As she looked between her legs, she could see Rick’s image on the computer screen. He had stripped naked and had rolled back in his chair enough for her to see he was busy working his cock in hard, fast strokes while he massaged his balls with his other hand. She could just make out drops of pre-cum on the head of his impossibly rigid length; she knew this meant he was ready to come as well.

“Spread those lips wider for me, Regan, and slide that vibe right onto your stiff little clit. Christ, you’re so sexy I’m dying here. I’m not gonna last long. Are you ready to come for me now?”

“Yes, Master! I need it. Please let me come!” Regan could feel the muscles of her pussy clenching as she longed to be filled. If he were here to slide right into her, she knew she’d go off like a skyrocket on the Fourth of July. “I can’t stand it anymore, Bear. Please.”

She was gasping for air, and a fine sheen of sweat had covered her skin when she finally heard those words releasing her. “Come for me then, my beautiful girl. Come for your Master.”

The room filled with the sounds of their pleasure: the buzzing of vibrators, the harsh panting of their breathing, and the moans and gasps as they both came at last.

After they had calmed down and Regan had been given permission to remove the plug and clamps, he waited while she cleaned up and slipped back onto the pillows. They were both satisfied and relaxed as they lingered over a long goodnight.

She flushed warmly over the things he’d had her do. He noticed and chuckled. “I can’t believe you can still blush after all these years and all the public scenes we’ve done at the club.”

“It’s different at the club. It’s just… I don’t know… it’s like I’m an actor in a play. When we’re alone – just you and me – it’s more intense because it’s so real, more personal.” She groaned and hid her face in her pillow. “Not to mention the things you come up with. I can’t believe you had me spank myself.”

“Just keeping you on your toes, babe. I recorded it too. When I get home, I want to watch you as you watch it. You’ll be as hot as you were tonight.” He smiled as her cheeks turned a vibrant red in embarrassment. “You are freakin’ adorable when you get shy.”

Then he turned serious.

“I love you, Regan,” he said. “And every time you gift me with your submission, it’s a truly humbling experience.” She could hear the emotion in his husky, gruff voice. “So, are you ready to sleep now, baby?”

“Yeah, I just wish you were here with your arms wrapped around me.”

“Me too, but I’ll be home soon. Remember, I love you forever.”

“Love you forever too, Bear.”

One of my favorite original covers 
because Jimmy Thomas 
is simply yummy!

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