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Present Your Derriere for Punishment on Wicked Wanton Wednesday, You’ll Be So Glad You Did!

Who doesn’t love a story about a sexy, gorgeous, dominant hero, who’s got a touch of bad boy rebel in his blood and is quick with the hand to make you hurt so good? 


Yeah, I didn’t think any of you could resist Alistair Graham (great name).  The cover is hot, the hero is hotter and the story is going to melt your panties, so take it away Ashe, we can’t wait…

The Highwayman’s Lady
by Ashe Barker

Hi Maddie, and thank you so much for inviting me back over to your blog to give a shout out about The Highwayman’s Lady.

I’m really excited about this story, Gray is a hero I’ve been fantasizing about for a while now, and it just reached the point where he had to emerge. He’s a thief and a rogue and no one at all could mistake him for a gentleman, but I hope readers – and Imogen - will love him as much as I do.

Here’s the blurb…

After the death of her mother, twenty-year-old Imogen Bennett faces the prospect of being coerced into marriage by a scheming relative, but fate intervenes when a masked highwayman accosts her on the road. Desperate to escape the unwanted wedding, Imogen pleads with the mysterious, handsome rogue to rescue her.

Alistair Graham – Gray - is a proud Scotsman who rebelled against British rule, and since the defeat of the highlanders at Culloden he has taken to robbing rich Englishmen travelling through Scottish lands. He is no gentleman, but he is certainly not a man who would ignore a young woman’s pleas for help, and he agrees to do what he can to assist the beautiful girl he has waylaid.

Imogen finds herself drawn to Gray, and though he warns her that he expects a woman’s complete obedience both in bed and out of it, she cannot resist offering her virgin body to him. He takes her hard and thoroughly, leaving her utterly spent yet still aching for more, and when her shock at her own wantonness leads her to speak disrespectfully to him he bares her bottom and punishes her soundly.

A highwayman is no suitable match for a lady, however, and Gray fears that her association with him can only put them both in danger, so he makes her promise that she’ll tell no one about what took place between them and then ensures that she is delivered safely to the home of her honourable cousin in Kirkleven. Yet despite her best efforts to put Gray out of her mind forever, in her heart Imogen knows she will always belong to the man who rescued her, mastered her, and made her his. But will her highwayman ever return to lay claim to his lady?

Publisher’s Note: The Highwayman’s Lady is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


And a nice spanky excerpt….

In the months since we met I have somehow managed to quell any attempt on the part of my over-enthusiastic imagination to invent features for my masked rescuer. I could not have done him justice in any case – Gray is quite simply perfect.

His deep mahogany eyes and rich brown hair I already knew, but I could never have conjured up the straight, aquiline nose nor the sensual mouth which reminds me of the soft, lingering kisses he bestowed upon me with such generosity during the night we spent together. His lips part in a smile to reveal even, white teeth. His jaw is firm, and I detect the hint of a beard just starting to appear as though he has not shaved for a day or perhaps two. His countenance speaks to me of humour, and of passion, desire and dominance. I blurt out the first words which occur to me.

"You are handsome. I knew you would be."

His answering grin sets my quim to dripping again. "Thank you, but fair words will not lessen your punishment." He pats his lap, his requirements clear.

Stoic, I flatten my quivering lips and resolve to bear this as best I can. It will hurt far less than the whipping he originally intended and now he knows about the baby he will temper his punishment still more, surely. I stumble forward to lay down across his thighs.

"A little further over. Lift up your bottom for me. I expect you to submit to this and present your derrière for your punishment."

I wriggle forward and place my feet on the floor, my bottom angled over his knee and duly raised to receive the spanking.

"That is good. You may move, but each time you do I will stop spanking you and require you to return to this position before I continue. You will endure the spanking until I decide your punishment is concluded. I prefer you not to make a lot of din for the reasons I have already made clear, so if you wish I will gag you."

"No sir. I will be quiet." Such humble acceptance, such humility. What is it about this man which inspires my absolute surrender?

"You are a brave girl. I am proud of you."

His words of approval warm me and some of the tension leaves my body. Some, not all. I may be brave, I am pleased he thinks so, but that does not mean I am unafraid.

He lays his palm over my bottom and strokes me in large circular movements, first one buttock, then the other. I hiss again, the burn of the earlier leathering not subsided at all.

"Open your legs, Imogen."


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More about Ashe Barker:

I’ve been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. 

I still love reading, the hotter the better. But now I have a good excuse for my guilty pleasure – research.

I tend to draw on my own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to my plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.

I live in the North of England, on the edge of the Brontë moors. When not writing – which is not very often these days - my time is divided between my role as resident taxi driver for my teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, tortoises.  And a very grumpy cockatiel. 

I have around thirty titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and I have several more in the pipeline. I write M/f, M/M, and occasionally ring the changes with a little M/M/f. All my books feature BDSM. I write explicit stories, always hot, but they offer far more than just sizzling sex. I like to read about complex characters, and compelling plots, so that’s what I write too.

I have a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keep thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from me.

Let’s keep in touch. Here’s how to stalk me…

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You, and me, and another Dom makes… 3? Dinah McLeod & Her Soldiers are in the Author Spotlight Today!

 Mm, mm, mm.  Why Dinah McLeod, you naughty erotic author, you sure know how to keep us on our toes.  

And Kaitlyn, your heroine, what will she do when she ends up with two hard handed, stern, disciplinarian doms to answer to?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  She better learn to curb that sass fast, but maybe she likes their double brand of discipline more than she lets on? 

Let’s get right to the bottom of things in this HOT excerpt, shall we?


Shared by Her Soldiers
by Dinah McLeod

When both of them turned stern, scolding eyes to her, she began to shift from foot to foot, wishing that the ground might heed her silent plea and mercifully open to swallow her whole. She didn’t care if she lived out the rest of her life out in utter blackness, at least her poor butt wouldn’t have to go through a session with Sean’s paddle. At least, she’d assumed it would be Sean—the way Jarrod was glaring at her right now, she could no longer be certain who would be wielding the paddle.

“The worst thing is,” Sean continued without taking his eyes off her, “I doubt she even knows what she’s done.”

But before she could ask what she’d done—the last time she’d checked, all she’d done was told some girl she didn’t even know that she didn’t want to join some Army wives’ club—Jarrod was ordering her inside in a tone that brooked no argument.

She was on pins-and-needles, which was the only explanation she could offer for what she did next. When she walked up to the door and Jarrod began to open it for her, she swatted his hand away. She knew as soon as she did it, that she’d committed a big no-no, one of the cardinal sins of a submissive. You don’t ever bat away the hand of the man who holds—or would be holding—the paddle.

“I can open my own door,” she offered by way of explanation.

“So you can,” he remarked neutrally.

She should have known it was a trap, because the moment she turned to open the door she felt his large, solid hand land on her bottom in a firm, loud smack. “Ow!” she yelped, whirling around to glare at him accusingly.

“Just because you’re in trouble doesn’t mean you’re allowed to play the brat,” he scolded, his voice soft but firm.

She turned about-face and walked past him, holding her head high as though what he’d said hadn’t affected her, but inside she was shaking like a leaf. She’d heard him loud and clear. She’d done this dance with Jarrod more than once—heck, it was more like a dozen times since Sean had been deployed. Or twenty. Hell, she’d lost count. She had good reason to shake—she knew all too well how hard he could spank, how hard he could make her cry.

“You know the drill,” he murmured, right behind her, almost as though he’d read her thoughts. “Get inside, nose in the corner, skirt down.”

She whirled around to tell him that her husband was home, thank you very much, and that he could see himself out, but before she could she saw Sean standing just behind them. He was wearing the same no-nonsense look that was on Jarrod’s face and she had to wonder how he’d respond.

“You heard the man, get moving,” her husband barked at her when he saw her looking at him.

Her feet reacted to the stern order before she even had time to process the WTF of it all. Before she knew it, she found herself quivering in the corner with her skirt down around her ankles, wondering how she’d even gotten there in the first place.


Buy Link:


Book Description:

When Kaitlyn Green’s husband Sean is deployed overseas, he asks his best friend and fellow soldier, Jarrod Peters, to keep his wife in line while he is gone, even if that means taking her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking as often as he feels it necessary. Kaitlyn is less than thrilled by this arrangement, but despite her embarrassment at being treated like a wayward teenager she cannot help growing closer to Jarrod with each passing month.

Upon returning home, it doesn’t take Sean long to realize that while Kaitlyn remains deeply in love with him, she has developed strong feelings for Jarrod as well. Knowing that Kaitlyn is enough of a handful to keep two men busy, Sean discusses the situation with Jarrod and together they decide that the best solution is to share her completely.

Soon Kaitlyn finds herself being soundly spanked by two firm-handed men and then claimed by both of them at once. Though she is amazed by the intense pleasure which results from surrendering to their skilled, dominant lovemaking, Kaitlyn still cannot help wondering if she will truly be able to keep both men in her life forever. Can Sean and Jarrod prove to her that the bond between the three of them will hold no matter what?


Author contact:

Thanks for popping by and sharing Dinah.  It's always a pleasure :)

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A Double, Double Feature Starring Maggie Carpenter on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Today, on Wicked Wanton Wednesday, with twin acts and a duo of spanks, we have a double, double feature to tempt and satisfy all you erotic spanking fans, courtesy of Maggie Carpenter and A Promise of Passion.  

Add to that, a yummy French hero (my absolute fav) and oo la la, what more can you ask for, n’est ce pas?


Let’s dive right in with a divine spanking excerpt, oui?

Hurrying to the side of the bed she hastily straightened the covers, though why she wasn’t sure, then grabbed a pillow for her head, and had just settled over the mattress when the bathroom door opened. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Dominic stepping towards her. He had a towel tied around his waist, his hair was still wet and mussed, and droplets of water were sparkling on his chest hairs. He looked like a sex God, and a shiver rippled down her spine. He didn’t smile or speak, but ambled over to her and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Up and over,” he said firmly.

His voice had that ultra-seductive tone that used to make her knees weak, and barely breathing, she shifted her body over his lap and buried her face into the pillow.

“Your derriere is as spankable as it ever was,” he murmured as he smoothed his hand across her naked cheeks. “I know you need this. It is in your nature to need this, and tonight at dinner you will enjoy the meal even more because you will be sitting carefully.”

Lifting his hand he let it drop with a solid smack, then carried it to the opposite side, pausing to watch the rise of his pink handprint on her white skin.

“It has been too long since your bottom was red and hot, but you know that.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, wriggling as his hand resumed its work, slapping in a steady rhythm, moving from cheek to cheek.

“Never mind, I am here now, and I will make sure you get what you need.”

Increasing the force of the smacks, he began landing three at a time, then moved his palm to warm her sit spot.

“OW, ooh, Sir, that…ooh, that stings.”

“Of course,” he said casually, “you must have the hot sting or there is no point. You would be disappointed.”

“Ooh, Sir, you can stop now,” she bleated, squirming against his hold.

“No, no, you do not tell me this,” he scolded, lifting his leg to rest behind her knees. “If you talk this way I must fetch my crop.”

“Sorry, sorry,” she said quickly. “I’ll behave.”

“After dinner, when we come back, I think perhaps this is when my crop shall make its appearance. I think you need just a brief visit.”

Vivien dropped her head back into the pillow, and let out a low moan. She’d forgotten how it felt, the deep sense of vulnerability, the heat his hand carried, how each slap had its own fiery kiss, and as the spanking progressed, so did the burning sting. His accent was thickening as he continued, and it seemed to underscore what he was doing, but even as the prickling pain coursed through her skin, she was filled with gratitude, and a warm flood of moisture was flowing between her legs.

“You are a lovely red,” he declared, pausing his hand. “Six more on each cheek, slowly, so you will remember it is me who says when I will stop, oui?”

“I’ll remember,” she bleated.

“I will start here, where you sit down,” he said, softening his voice as he trailed his fingers across the crease where her thighs met her bottom, “then here,” he continued, cupping her flesh on the lower third of her buttock, “and finish here.”

His hand was resting on the center of her cheek, and he rubbed for a moment, lovingly traveling his caress over her backside.

“That feels so good,” she murmured.

“Yes, but now it is time for the finale,” he decreed.


Buy link:

Act One

Saved by Submission

Supermodel Vivien McKay is engaged to Robson Parker-Jones, a wealthy British Viscount. Does her heart stop when he kisses her, or goosebumps spring to life at his touch? Not exactly, but she has decided such thrilling delights live only on the pages of romance novels, until he introduces her to the artist he has commissioned to paint her portrait. Suddenly her world is turned upside-down.

His name is Dominic Dubois, and staring into his dark, mesmerizing eyes, she feels a burning blush cross her face, and a strange sensation in her stomach. Dominic is equally captivated by the beauty in front of him, and the sparks firing between them are impossible to ignore.

When he tells her that to paint her, he must know her, she is thrilled that she can spend time with him under the guise of the portrait. Little does she know that Dominic harbors a taste for the darker side of erotic passion, and when he senses she may have secret submissive yearnings, he feels compelled to show her the truth of her nature.

Robson, however, is not a man to be crossed, and Vivien has committed to
a future with him that offers a lavish lifestyle only a fortunate few enjoy. Can she turn her back on such a prize, and what will happen if Robson discovers the artist he has hired, is falling in love with his fiancé?

Act Two

The Dominant’s Dilemma

It has been almost a year since Vivien has been in Dominic’s arms, and standing in the airport terminal waiting for his flight to arrive, she can only hope the magic they once shared will still spark between them.

Dominic is arriving with hope in his heart, but he is also carrying some exciting news, news that could bring Vivien back into the glamorous world she was forced to leave behind when tragedy struck. It comes from Gustav, the hot, young designer who rocketed her to fame with his Spank Me Now clothing line, but the opportunity also involves one of England’s wealthiest citizens, Harry Harrison, a man known to do whatever it takes, to get what he wants.

Will Vivien decide to interview for the job? If she does, she’ll be competing against a supermodel, a fiery woman who goes by a single name, Alana, and Alana is as scheming, manipulative, and as underhanded as Harry Harrison himself. Dominic knows his spanking hand will be necessary to keep Vivien in check, especially around a provocative spitfire like Alana.

Harry Harrison, no stranger to the world of BDSM, is more than capable of handling the difficult diva. He owns a Chateau in France, dedicated to the dark side of passion, and when he meets the haughty model, he finds himself imagining just how it would be to have her under his control.

Will Vivien and Dominic be able to rekindle their love? Will Alana seek to cause trouble between them? Does Harry Harrison’s harbor a hidden agenda, and if he does, what is it, and who does it involve?

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In The Author Spotlight with Good As Dead By Christina Mandara

Winner of the best blog guest ever: Christina Mandara.  

Her graphics are gorgeous, her posts easy as pie, and her excerpts are always sizzling HOT!  

What more could a blog hostess ask for?  

Athlete man with a lot of internal force

Good As Dead


Six people want her dead.

Lainey Hargreaves has a secret that she must keep at all costs. It’s a secret that could change the face of the earth, forever. But not all secrets can be kept, and when hers begins to escape, she is certain that death will follow.

There is only one person that can extricate her from the mess she finds herself in. A vampire.

Mercer is that vampire. His quick, analytical brain will give them a head start against her assassins, but even he isn’t confident of success. He needs to discover what Lainey is hiding, unravel her secrets, and earn her trust. She will need to learn to obey his every order without question if they are to stand a chance of success.
And the best place to start? In the bedroom, of course. All women find him irresistible. All women except Lainey, that is, and she’s going to fight tooth and nail to deny the bright red spark that blooms between them.

She’s going to lose.


"You will do as you're told." 

He yanked on the curl he had captured and she had no choice but to stare at his mesmerising gold eyes. Swallowing at the invisible lump in her throat, she tried to force her head away from his dangerous gaze but could not break his hold over her. She wanted to roar in exasperation, for this mess could rival the Minos Labyrinth. She felt helpless and frustrated. They were two emotions she had very little experience with and she preferred it that way. 

 “Or what?” Lainey tried to bite back the retort but it was too late, the damage was done. When the vamp looked down at her, his eyes were rapidly darkening and his face was contorting with anger. She swallowed hard knowing she’d pushed him too far. Instinctively trying to back up, the wall was unforgiving and she smacked her head against it. His head was coming towards hers yet there was not a thing she could do about it. Wanting to scream, all that came out of her mouth was a pathetic little squeak. 

He didn’t stop until his forehead rested against hers, his breath blowing heated little flutters against her lip. Her pulse immediately rocketed into orbit and her senses fled. She was only aware of his tempting soft lips, and a great urge to kiss them. For a second, she had a strangled moment of indecision, unsure whether she was willing her body to remain still or urging it to close those last few millimetres separating her mouth from his. Still stranded in torment, he smiled at her as if he knew the inner struggle she was having, and finally made the decision for her. 

Pulling back abruptly, he put some distance between them by slamming both of his outstretched arms on either side of her head. It made her jump. Eyes which had licks of red and orange flames resting in their depths connected once again with hers, and although he was a little further away this time, it didn’t make him seem any less intimidating. 

“A nice punishing kiss would probably keep you in line for a couple of days, I think. Should I bruise those soft sweet lips of yours and train them to worship mine? I have a feeling though that once I get a taste for you there’ll be no going back. Then again, seeing a lovesick doe-eyed look in those eyes wouldn’t be so bad. What do you say?” He unleashed the full power of his smile upon her and whilst there was no warmth behind it, Lainey got the message. 

“No,” she whispered, immediately understanding what he had threatened. “I’ll do whatever you say, no questions asked.” She could not be bitten under any circumstances. 

He huffed out a breath, and slowly removed his hands from the wall. Lainey sighed with relief as she had a little breathing space back but something akin to disappointment washed through her veins, and it horrified her. She could not feel this way, especially anywhere near a vampire. 

“Well, I guess that spoiled all my fun for the evening,” he said regretfully. “But it should make the next couple of days rather interesting because at the first sign of disobedience, I’m claiming my kiss, Miss Hargreaves. Are we clear?” He raised an eyebrow and gave her a lopsided grin. 

Lainey shuddered. “Crystal.” 


“Who are you?” There was a hint of fear in her voice. 

“My name is Mercer.” 

“Mercer who?” Lainey pushed her hands against his chest and he backed up a little bit, allowing her a chance to examine him.

“That’s all you need to know."


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A Scolded, Scorched Seat and His Rebellious Bride on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

Erotic sci-fi authoress extraordinaire, Morganna Williams, joins me today to share a little taste of her newest addition to her bestselling Ramelian Bride series. 


Chomping at the bit? 

All atingle to get your alien spank on??? 

Phew! <squirming in my chair> I know I am. 

So, without further delay, lets get to a scintillating sample from His Rebellious Bride.


She wanted him inside her so badly, Maggie followed him willingly to the bed when he freed her mouth and stepped back, but instead of tumbling her down on the mattress, he sat down and tumbled her across his strong thighs.

“No, Jackson! You can’t do this!” she cried out in alarm.

His hand clapped loudly off her upturned bottom, the sound echoing around the room. “Watch me, little girl. This round little ass and every other part of your body belongs to me. So I will punish and love you as I see fit. I can’t believe you kept this from me for eight years! Eight years, Maggie! Do you think I would have allowed you to suffer a moment of that time if I’d known?”

Maggie gasped as his hand fell hard and fast over her bottom again and again until it felt like he’d lit a fire that wouldn’t soon be extinguished. When his hand began to clap several times in a row off the exact same spot she started to yelp. Then he tilted her further over his knee and brought his hand down ten times in a row harder than before on her left sit spot; she could no longer hold back the tears. The scorch in her seat was beyond compare. When he moved to give the right side the exact same treatment, she fell limp over his lap, accepting the punishment as she cried out all the pain of the last eight years—all of them spent alone when she could have had a loving mate.

Jackson hadn’t scolded her for leaving him aching. He’d simply scolded her for suffering when he could have relieved it. He was truly bothered that she’d ached alone rather than telling him so he could fix it.

Maggie was still crying when he lifted her to straddle him; she gasped and arched her back as he impaled her on his waiting shaft, taking her to the hilt with one sure thrust.

They both cried out at the intensity of their joining. Maggie moaned with need and began to rock desperately against him as her body stretched to accommodate his girth and length.

“This time I’m going to go hard and fast, baby,” Jackson groaned against her neck as he grasped a sore bottom cheek in each hand and began working her up and down on his shaft.

“Jackson!” she yelled as her body tightened around him then convulsed delicately in his arms.

“That’s it, baby, come all over my cock,” he said as he began to drive up into her spasming channel while he slammed her down to meet him and emptied himself inside her with a low growl.

Jackson stood with Maggie in his arms, their bodies still joined, laid her down on the bed, and began to pull slowly from her body until just the head of his cock rested inside.

“No! Don’t leave me!” Maggie cried, grasping at his shoulders.

“I’ll never leave you again, Maggie-mine,” he said softly, looking down into her bright green eyes as he sank slowly back inside her grasping heat.

Buy Links:


Nineteen-year-old Maggie Treenan, the youngest daughter of a human mother and a Ramelian commander, is certain that her brothers’ best friend, Jackson Marks, is destined to be her mate. Unfortunately for Maggie, however, Jackson sees her as nothing more than a sweet but silly girl, and when she throws herself at him to convince him otherwise she only manages to earn herself a stern scolding and a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking.

To make matters worse, his chastisement triggers her mating fever just before he leaves Earth to return to his post with the Ramelian Guard. Heartbroken and overwhelmed by her unmet need for the man her body knows full well is her mate, Maggie spends the next eight years running a biker bar, riding motorcycles, and doing her best to forget about Jackson.

When he returns to Earth at last, it doesn’t take long for Jackson to figure out what has happened. Realizing how difficult it must have been for Maggie to live for all those years with the fierce, inescapable lusts of her mating heat—lusts that only he can quench—he sets out to claim her properly and make things right as soon as possible.

But Maggie has grown into a feisty, headstrong woman, and Jackson soon realizes that taming her is going to be no easy task. He will need to be loving, but he will also need to be firm, even when that means punishing her thoroughly for her stubbornness. Will his rebellious mate learn to submit, or will she find herself spending most of her time with blushing cheeks and a bottom that is sore both inside and out?

Publisher’s Note: His Rebellious Mate is the third book of the Ramelian Brides series, which began with The Commander’s Mate and continued with The Commander’s Daughter. It is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thank you so much for hosting me Maddie!

Anytime you’ve got hot spanko aliens to feature, Morganna, I am your gal! J