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You, and me, and another Dom makes… 3? Dinah McLeod & Her Soldiers are in the Author Spotlight Today!

 Mm, mm, mm.  Why Dinah McLeod, you naughty erotic author, you sure know how to keep us on our toes.  

And Kaitlyn, your heroine, what will she do when she ends up with two hard handed, stern, disciplinarian doms to answer to?  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  She better learn to curb that sass fast, but maybe she likes their double brand of discipline more than she lets on? 

Let’s get right to the bottom of things in this HOT excerpt, shall we?


Shared by Her Soldiers
by Dinah McLeod

When both of them turned stern, scolding eyes to her, she began to shift from foot to foot, wishing that the ground might heed her silent plea and mercifully open to swallow her whole. She didn’t care if she lived out the rest of her life out in utter blackness, at least her poor butt wouldn’t have to go through a session with Sean’s paddle. At least, she’d assumed it would be Sean—the way Jarrod was glaring at her right now, she could no longer be certain who would be wielding the paddle.

“The worst thing is,” Sean continued without taking his eyes off her, “I doubt she even knows what she’s done.”

But before she could ask what she’d done—the last time she’d checked, all she’d done was told some girl she didn’t even know that she didn’t want to join some Army wives’ club—Jarrod was ordering her inside in a tone that brooked no argument.

She was on pins-and-needles, which was the only explanation she could offer for what she did next. When she walked up to the door and Jarrod began to open it for her, she swatted his hand away. She knew as soon as she did it, that she’d committed a big no-no, one of the cardinal sins of a submissive. You don’t ever bat away the hand of the man who holds—or would be holding—the paddle.

“I can open my own door,” she offered by way of explanation.

“So you can,” he remarked neutrally.

She should have known it was a trap, because the moment she turned to open the door she felt his large, solid hand land on her bottom in a firm, loud smack. “Ow!” she yelped, whirling around to glare at him accusingly.

“Just because you’re in trouble doesn’t mean you’re allowed to play the brat,” he scolded, his voice soft but firm.

She turned about-face and walked past him, holding her head high as though what he’d said hadn’t affected her, but inside she was shaking like a leaf. She’d heard him loud and clear. She’d done this dance with Jarrod more than once—heck, it was more like a dozen times since Sean had been deployed. Or twenty. Hell, she’d lost count. She had good reason to shake—she knew all too well how hard he could spank, how hard he could make her cry.

“You know the drill,” he murmured, right behind her, almost as though he’d read her thoughts. “Get inside, nose in the corner, skirt down.”

She whirled around to tell him that her husband was home, thank you very much, and that he could see himself out, but before she could she saw Sean standing just behind them. He was wearing the same no-nonsense look that was on Jarrod’s face and she had to wonder how he’d respond.

“You heard the man, get moving,” her husband barked at her when he saw her looking at him.

Her feet reacted to the stern order before she even had time to process the WTF of it all. Before she knew it, she found herself quivering in the corner with her skirt down around her ankles, wondering how she’d even gotten there in the first place.


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Book Description:

When Kaitlyn Green’s husband Sean is deployed overseas, he asks his best friend and fellow soldier, Jarrod Peters, to keep his wife in line while he is gone, even if that means taking her over his knee for a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking as often as he feels it necessary. Kaitlyn is less than thrilled by this arrangement, but despite her embarrassment at being treated like a wayward teenager she cannot help growing closer to Jarrod with each passing month.

Upon returning home, it doesn’t take Sean long to realize that while Kaitlyn remains deeply in love with him, she has developed strong feelings for Jarrod as well. Knowing that Kaitlyn is enough of a handful to keep two men busy, Sean discusses the situation with Jarrod and together they decide that the best solution is to share her completely.

Soon Kaitlyn finds herself being soundly spanked by two firm-handed men and then claimed by both of them at once. Though she is amazed by the intense pleasure which results from surrendering to their skilled, dominant lovemaking, Kaitlyn still cannot help wondering if she will truly be able to keep both men in her life forever. Can Sean and Jarrod prove to her that the bond between the three of them will hold no matter what?


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Thanks for popping by and sharing Dinah.  It's always a pleasure :)

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