Thursday, June 18, 2015

N is for Newbie on the A-Z Challenge

Newbie (n):  A novice, one lacking in experience, in the BDSM/kink/fetish community, it refers especially to someone not experienced in kink.

In this excerpt from Master My Love, Valerie Thornton is visiting Decadence LA for the first time.  It’s also her first time in a BDSM club, ever.  To say it's an eye opening experience is putting it mildly.  Enjoy!

Master My Love
Decadence LA

Her tinkling laughter escaped and encompassed him.  He noticed that several other members heard and turned to look, charmed as well.  She seemed classy and refined although the leather outfit was all wrong for her.  His phone buzzed, a problem somewhere he was sure.  Checking the screen, he frowned and signaled to Samson. 

“I’m sorry, Valerie.  I need to attend to a problem.”  Samson stepped up then and Eric nodded toward her.  “Samson will watch you while I attend to an issue in the playroom.”

“I’m swamped, boss.  Terry called in and Marcia is late.  It’s just me back here.  I’m afraid I couldn’t give her all my attention.”  He gave her a once over, then turned to look behind the bar.  “She’s little; my naughty slave cage is empty.  I could put her in there in a pinch.”

Val’s cry of alarm and her hands flying to her mouth in shock prompted Eric’s eye roll… newbies.  The least little thing petrified them.  Being naked, restrained to a cross, and flailed with a flogger often didn’t faze them, but in a gilded cage, safe and secure while their Master attended to business seemed beyond the pale.  Go figure.

“Never mind, this is her first night and she’s skittish.  I’ll put the reins on her and bring her with me.”  Eric pulled the length of chain from his pocket and clipped it to her collar.  She gave a small whimper of alarm.  With a little tug, he brought her down from her stool. 

“You know the rule, subbie.  Unattached guest subs have to be tethered in the play areas.  It’s for safety, especially in your case.  We can’t risk you wandering off and freaking out.”

“It makes me feel so…”  She searched for the right word.

“Submissive?” Eric supplied.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, that’s exactly as intended.  Shall we go?”  

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