Friday, June 19, 2015

O is for Olfactory on the A-Z Challenge. Mm, mm, smells so good!

Olfactory cues and memories play an important role in both animal and human development.  It is believed smell plays an important role in maternal/child bonding after birth, as well as the basic animal instinct to seek and find food.  It also aids in identification,  communication, and sexual reproduction.  

Of course, today, we'll focus on this last one.

Smells, both conscious and unconscious can trigger arousal, which in the animal world are called mating behaviors.  We've heard about pheromones, these olfactory chemicals are stimulated by arousal and become a signal to the potential mate that its time to get busy.  In addition, there is a change in these chemicals during ovulation and menstruation, kind of like the female body's traffic light, green means go, etc...  

Studies have shown that many men are turned on by food smells particularly baked goods, like mama used to make.  LOL  So why are we women wasting money on expensive floral and musk scents when we can dab a bit of vanilla on and be good to go.  Even better, Cinnabon rolls liberally applied before going out will drive your man crazy and having him eating out of your palm, or elsewhere.  <wink>

Women on the other hand are turned on by leather, toothpaste, gasoline (WTF?), licorice and cucumbers.  Me, it would have to be cake.  Um, yeah...

In today's excerpt that is all about smells and arousal, its peaches that drives Rick Spencer mad with passion.   Hm... is anyone else hungry???  To bad Rick and Regan are thousands of miles apart and have to resort to an online video chat.  I wonder if they've ever invented that smell-a-vision I've heard joked about.  For Rick, that would certainly come in handy.   Enjoy!

You Said Forever
Club Decadence, Book 2

“I sure am glad I was able to get some down time tonight.  I missed that sweet smile, Peaches.”

Reflexively, she rolled her eyes; she really did hate that nickname.

“Did you just roll your eyes at your Master, Regan?”

His use of his title, signaled his playful mood, so she followed his lead.  “Yes, but you know I hate that hooker nickname, Master.” 

“Ah, but I love it.  It reminds me of the way you smell like fresh peaches.  Sometimes, when we’re in the shower, it smells so real I can taste the fuzz.”

“Maybe I should switch to something else and mix it up a little, something without a floozy nickname.”

“Don’t you dare!  I love that scent in your hair, on your skin, and that peach-flavored body lotion… yummy.  You know I love to lick it off you, especially that sweet peach-flavored pussy.”

That flipped her switch.  She tingled and moistened as she imagined his lips against her, his tongue lapping at her clit and then dipping lower into her drenched opening.  A groan slipped out.  Her eyes flew open at his answering chuckle.

“I know that sexy look.  Has your pussy been missing its Master, too?  Why don’t you slip out of those clothes and show me how wet you are.”

Her hands flew to her blouse and started to undo the buttons.  As she pulled it from her shoulders, she couldn’t help the blush that swept over her.  “Bear,” she started shyly, “we haven’t done this since you left Afghanistan.  I’m not sure I remember how.”

“No worries, babe.  It’s like riding a bike, just do as I say and you’ll do just fine.  Now take off everything...”


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