Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to the world of Club Decadence.

In the introductory prequel to "Captain My Captain" and "You Said Forever", Captain Peter Davis and Joanna Beckett first meet in 1979. Although nine years her senior, Captain Davis can't resist the bright, funny, and incredibly sexy Joanna; after a whirlwind romance, they marry and begin a thirty plus year marriage which ultimately leads to the founding of the exclusive BDSM Club Decadence with some of Davis' men.

But Davis and Joanna have obstacles of their own to overcome. How does a domestic discipline marriage, started in the 1970s, grow and change through the years? And will their marriage ultimately survive Davis' commitment to his special-ops military career?

Publisher's note: "Faithfully" is a prequel to "Captain, My Captain" and "You Said Forever." Like the other books in the series, it contains erotic BDSM elements in a domestic discipline marriage.

Meet the Doms of Club Decadence. 

 (Club Decedance Book One) Special Forces Captain Tony Rossi is back from Afghanistan and ready to settle into civilian life. He has his business affairs in order and is now ready get on with the personal business of Megan Sinclair. Kept apart for 15 years by distance and circumstance, those barriers no longer exist and Tony is ready to claim his woman. Will she be willing to accept his belief in a traditional relationship where the man is the head of the household? What about his part-ownership in the local bondage club? He is determined to win her no matter the obstacles that get in his way.

Megan, for her part, has loved him since high school but believes he just thinks of her as a cute, kid sister. When she realizes that Tony is interested, it's a double-edged sword. As an independent business woman can she conform to Tony's old fashioned beliefs and demands and be spanked? Can she bring all her secret fantasies to life and submit?

(Club Decadence Book Two) Special Forces Chief Warrant Officer Rick Spencer is back from Afghanistan and ready to reacquaint himself with his wife of 3 years. But something is wrong. They have loved each other for a decade but have never really lived together. Now they must learn how to live as ordinary couple, as ordinary as an old fashioned traditional relationship can be.

Regan, for her part, has been an independent woman with her husband oversees. Now she must hand the reigns back to her dominant head of household. And what about her secret? Can she trust him or could it ruin what they were trying to rebuild. Can she ask him to make that sacrifice?

In book 2, we return to Club Decadence for more BDSM fun and games. We meet up with old friends as they continue their journey through DD relationships. And we delve into the intrigue and danger as the ex-Green Berets of Rossi Security work to rid their home state of Texas of the insidious evil of a Mexican drug cartel. Rick must keep her safe, even if that means spanking her to keep her safe from herself.

This romantic and at times heartbreaking story contains non-consensual and consensual domestic discipline and spanking, including mild BDSM elements.

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