Friday, September 6, 2013

Where there's a spark...

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This week we go back to Club Decadence 
The series continues with my upcoming release 
Little Light of Mine Club Decadence, Book 3
Release Date:  September 14th on Blushing Books

This is Dex and Elena's story. I've been told by my beta readers that it is a tearjerker so have plenty of Kleenex ready! Once in love and engaged, this D/s pair had it all. However, fate intervened and tragedy struck, separating them irreparably.  Or so it seemed...

Setting the scene...

Dex is back to the states, the Special Forces training invaluable to his post-military career in private security with Rossi Security, Inc. He and the team continue to fight the insidious Mendoza Cartel's infiltration into Texas.  This time with unsanctioned black ops under their former leader, General Peter Davis (Faithfully) In this scene, Dex and Elena are reunited but not as a couple, as partners. Elena is doing some undercover work for Rossi and Dex is in charge of her training.  No... Not D/s or Master/slave training as we'd hope, but weapons training for her undercover freelance spy role.

There is still a spark...  Can it be re-ignited and become a flame once again?  
Let's hope so.  
Enjoy a little snippet from  Little Light of Mine

"If I remember correctly, a spanking always settled you down and helped you regain your focus. Let’s go.” Dex grabbed her hand and pulled her off the shooting range and into the observation bay. 

Pulling out a chair from against the wall he sat and patted his thigh, “Assume the position, Elena.” 

She stared at him in shock; it had been two years and he wanted to spank her? Was that a good idea when he was still so angry? She knew she deserved it as she had deliberately provoked him with her attitude today. She was confused by it all. 

“I’m waiting, pull down your jeans and get over my lap. The longer it takes the longer you will be ass up over my knee, so I suggest you do as you’re told.”


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